Captain Sampson Griffith Files: (Unit 3) - Lessons On The True Evolution Of The Species

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Did we humans evolve from apes as the evolutionists have us believe? (Or were the diverse races on Earth descended from Adam and Eve, as the creationists/religionists insist, no matter how illogical?). Let's listen to Captain Sampson Griffith debunk both myths and explain how it all happened. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

" ... In the first place, the monkeys and apes and chimpanzees and homographs of long ago resemble the same you have upon your earthen plateau today, do they not? Of course, and they are not much different now than they were then, so they could hardly have been said or spoken of to describe ‘evolving’ into men or women or child any more than it can be said of the human man today who vastly de-evolves in his or her mind, to regress improportionately into monkeys, apes, and the like." - Captain Sampson Griffith

September 4, 2013 6:00 pm

5:27 pm

Uthrania: On stand-by for Captain Griffith, Lieutenant Silvroy.

Lieutenant Silvroy: “The Captain will not be on the bridge for another ten to fifteen minutes, Captain.”

Uthrania: Thank you, Lieutenant. (I leave my seat. – Rania)

5:45 pm

Lieutenant Waldorf: “Captain Sampson Griffith on the bridge, Sir!”

Captain Sampson Griffith: “Thank you Lieutenant Waldorf. Glad you could join us, Sir. Good Evening, or rather Good Day, Uthrania, er, Captain Uthrania Seila.”

(Captain Sampson looks at his watch on his left wrist. The commanders always clock in time by Angorius time Pacific Mountain which lies in the format of my time zone for relaying purposes.

The captain is dressed in a lily blue kaki primrose shirt with a lattice of fawn buttons down both sides of the front and middle. Sporting tall black highly polished leather boots, the regular uniform is donned ‘after the normal sabbatical break. Captain Sampson is just back from a meeting with his lady friend, Samantha Günter of Royal repose and sports a blue/brown kaki trouser with finite stitching up the outside of both pant legs. Soon the uniform of the Federation will again be worn. A leather strapping furnishes the outside layer of both high-topped boots with the familiar silver hard toe with miniscule pink dots. These will all make sense later. Oh, the captain is ready to go into dictation
. – Rania)

Captain Sampson Griffith: “Well, as much as I would like to begin early (looks at his watch) I also like temperance with starting on time. So please break, Uthrania, until such time as has been formally designated by myself.” (The Captain rises from his chair and walks toward the coffee dispenser. – Rania)

Uthrania: Aye, Sir. Back in six minutes of my coordinated time. (Captain Sampson briefly glances toward me and slightly nods his head. I rise and leave my chair. – Rania) 5:53 pm

Origin Of Diverse Species

5:59 pm

Uthrania: I am back, Sir.

Captain Sampson Griffith: “Alright, a history lesson today as compiled and presented to students nationwide upon all paradisiacal federated planets by the Corporals of Federated Union and Scientific Studies. Major 1F”

The conglomeration of ties from this world Angorius by ourselves, many diverse races of other worlds, has its origins in Alphus 6, 6, 14, 12 and Unit Seven, in that order. The Pleiades, Andromeda Section 7.8 and 12.10 is also transmitted by Specter Wave well through the oceanic waves on your earth of Angorius through our monitoring the whale measurements of all seismic activity.

“Their siren waves within their endorphins emitting a loud sonic higher pitch sound severs not the unifying endorphins of the dolphins as well, and we constantly measure oceanic (the captain pauses and wipes his nose with a blue and white hanky – Rania) seismic activity using the range in which the frequencies deride the accumulation of noise underneath the ocean floor continually on an override basis.

Propagation And Evolution Of Lower Organisms

“Beside the whale manifestation the Dutch people on earth Sector Four Angorius have well enlisted their fauna to almost extinction throughout the ages, and the Netherlands have been little better. But they are a fine example of how exactly your earth of Angorius became populated with all forms of interesting documentation on our fertilization process of the reseeding from other planets through a ‘mobilization’ of air spores of both, animals to migrate, and interestingly enough to evolve into different species as time allowed for this. BUT THIS DID NOT HAPPEN TO MANKIND! MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT!

The haply migration of cells spawned from one species to another was a gallant mistake on our parts. But why did we say this? It was an elevated response to quickly set up the environment and procreation began. In order to cover parts of the earth system properly, we, what we call ‘spawned’ both, our animal section as well as fauna.

“The eels and fish were last to accumulate, and that was simply due to the fact that many test cases had to be calculated in order to match the water content with the survival of both fish and fauna deep under the sea bed. It was like growing plants above the sea, which you would find on the land bed or mass.

Darwin Got It All Wrong

Then we miscalculated the astronomical effect played on the hybrid land animals, and some migrated deep into the oceanic waters and bred with fish with fins, and tadpoles became toads, and reptiles walking the earth became large eels and ugly as hell, so to most literally describe them. Snakes who originated with legs became monstrous sea monsters and over the centuries lost their ability to procreate into the size they used to encapsulate and some became smaller water reptiles, or snakes.

“So, thus the beginning of evolution. But let me tell you exactly now how the scientists of the earthen world Angorius miscalculated through lack of information of how ‘cave men,’ so to speak, seemed to appear and how your scientists and evolutionalists got it all wrong.

In the first place, the monkeys and apes and chimpanzees and homographs of long ago resemble the same you have upon your earthen plateau today, do they not? Of course, and they are not much different now than they were then, so they could hardly have been said or spoken of to describe ‘evolving’ into men or women or child any more than it can be said of the human man today who vastly de-evolves in his or her mind, to regress improportionately into monkeys, apes, and the like.

Human DNA's And Non-human's Don't Match

Are we not telling the truth here? Of course! We know better of that which happened as we were the ones who put them there in the first place!

“Continue please, Captain.”

Uthrania: I have not left, Captain Sampson.

Captain Sampson Griffith: ‘I see. Now most scribes take sabbatical on me and they never come back, and that is because I have wiped them from the slate of ever working beside me again. But you are a regular Captain of the fleet and as good in your word as they said you were. Thank you, and now let us waste no more precious time and continue.”

Uthrania: Aye, Sir.

Captain Sampson Griffith: “So we will conclude this summary, or episode, for all those who prefer to think of our lesson in those terms.

“So how did the so-called ‘cave men and women and their childs immigrate from one form to the other? This is a great equestrian question. Is that the right word, Captain Uthrania?”

Uthrania: I do not think so, Captain.

Captain Sampson: (Clears his throat) ‘The DNA faction P Rubin B RS-4 12, is a heated example in notoriety among your evolutionists who try to match the DNA of these ‘ultra’ creatures with a faction of our human genes. And we tell you, this will just not work, gentlemen and lady scientists, and the reason why it will not work is the same as the sasquatches, they would all deform and die. In other words, their very structure of organs would not be compatible.

On Cloning And Hybrids

(Note: Example of activity in the infamous Blinkensop as spoken about in the first five books by the captains and commanders. - Rania)

“Oh, you think not? You think we are joking, because of your experiments with the hens roost as well as the duck ‘brain’ material and the sheep cloning? Well you just try to breed the molecules and atoms of hens to sheep and see then what you get will just not survive. And likewise would an ape or a monkey mixed with the hybrid genes of the human being even at your stage within your own reincarnational level not survive the night.

‘Good Afternoon, as you say down there, and Good Evening and Good Night, Jamie. Please son, get some sleep and don’t stay up all night talking to your wife Rania. (The captain smiles secretly and begins to rise. – Rania)

Captain Sampson Griffith: “Tell Reni when he has arisen to please be extraordinarily careful with the editing of my words. I don’t like any mistakes. That is another thing which I just will not tolerate.

‘You all have done a fine job here tonight, gentlemen, and au revoir!”

(Captain Samson is speaking to the twelve Lieutenants. The Captain rises and leaves the helm board. Lieutenant Waldorf sees him out. He walks behind the Captain, stops, stands at attention, and salutes closing the door behind him. Captain Sampson returns, nods toward me and speaks asking me to tie off all channels to Apex 3 Nautical 5 Section 12. Turns around and walks back out the door. – Rania)

Uthrania: All channel tie-offs engaged. Apex 3 Nautical 5 Section 12; Symington, please close off all channels to Apex 4, Andromeda Q. Forsythe, please close off Pleiadean channel Zero X and Platypus 09. Thank you, gentlemen.

Captain Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez of the High-in-Flank Galiac Team Swat 14.9. Out at Pacific Mountain Time Planet Angorius, Ryley,
Alberta, Canada, on the American Continent NWCentral Time 6:43 pm Adieu

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

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7th Sep 2013 (#)

Evolution is an amazing thing, denying it is ignorance and fear

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7th Sep 2013 (#)

Thank you, Mark, for the moderation and the star once again.

There is no denying, or mistaking, that evolution took place but only with the lower form of animals, not humans, Mark.

Your opinion on the matter is much appreciated. Have a great day!

Jamie and Rania, and Reni

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You are welcome, again, Trillionaire.

Rania and Jamie, and Reni

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