Captain Solomon Dirkson Griffith File: Entry 1 - Separating The Wheat From The Chaff

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Hitting the ground running, Captain Solomon Dirkson Griffith doesn't mince his words as he castigates bemused humanity for its tendency to take as gospel the word of the "authorities" that have lorded it over them, especially organized religion, instead of self-evident realities lending credence to cosmic truth . - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez


Copyrighted and published by: The Federation of Free Planets, Rania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, Reni Sentana-Ries, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and the Sentana-Ries Publishing Co.

"Captain Solomon Dirkson Griffith is twenty-six years of age and is the youngest Captain in the Fleet. The tenth son of Captain Herman and Melanie Griffith, Captain Solomon Dirkson is the brother of Captain Sampson Griffith..." - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

January 19, 2014 4:00 pm

3:40 pm

Uthrania: Captain Solomon Dirkson Griffith. My name is Captain Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, and I will be working as your scribe today as befits a Captain of my Rank.

Captain Solomon Dirkson Griffith: “Pleased to meet you, Captain Uthrania Galiac Cortez, Sir. Ah.. Sentana-Ries as well. I am sorry, Sir.”

Uthrania: Captain, my brother General Captain James Galiac Sananda has briefed me a little about you. May I share this briefing with our readers?

Captain Solomon Dirkson Griffith: “Well, a dime to a dozen would I have expected as much from Lieutenant Commander General James Galiac!” (Captain Griffith moves around in his chair with a sheepish look on his face. – Rania)

Uthrania: Permission, Sir?

Captain Solomon Dirkson Griffith: ‘Permission granted, ‘little duck,’ as your brothers and closest friends call you. Now we’re even!” (The Captain smiles at me. I offer a congenial smile back. – Rania)

(Captain Solomon Dirkson Griffith is twenty-six years of age and is the youngest Captain in the Fleet. The tenth son of Captain Herman and Melanie Griffith, Captain Solomon Dirkson is the brother of Captain Sampson Griffith. An icon already at such a young age, the Captain sports a green-tan outfit with a feather at the brim of his hat; wears ankle length boots of a near brownish-medium tan hue with Captain’s stripes all along one side of his collar and grayish silver toes with the officious pick dots inside the metal. Thick light blond hair, blue/green eyes and being of a slight build, the youngest Captain is a force to be well reckoned with. Captain Solomon Dirkson is highly respected by all Senior Officers, and I am pleased for the opportunity to serve with him. We wait until the four o’clock hour. – Rania)

4:53 pm

Meet Also Lieutenant Commander Jared P. (Patrick) Jones

4:56 pm

Captain Solomon Dirkson Griffith: “Captain, I would like to introduce you to a General, Lieutenant Commander Jared P. (Patrick) Jones who accompanies me on most missions due to the tenure of his relationships with other extraterrestrials, for the information of our readers; other cultures and races. And the General whom we brief our brothers and sisters in the efficiency of the rank of Captain is best known for translating different or diverse Oracles. So all in all we are a two-man commanding team, and as such the General is as listened to as am I, well versed also in the eptimand of all glossaries, the man is a walking encyclopedia and I am well versed in many editions myself.

“My brother Sampson Griffith is a fine and well in-tuned man who plays the glockenspiel, and I the harmonic and trumpet, though the crew wishes I played nothing. (The Captain cocks his head to the right side with another sheepish cockeyed grin on his face, and in a most genteel manner does Captain Griffith continue. – Rania)

“In any case, here comes the General now, lass.”

General Lieutenant Captain Jared P. Jones: “Captain Uthrania, I have heard so much about your work – both, scribings tomes and otherwise; your tendence with the Galiac Fireflies on missions which are almost ‘unmentionable.’ And you are married now, I also hear. Is that so, lass?’

Uthrania: Yes, General. I am. Most happily! (I offer the General a beaming smile. – Rania)

General Lieutenant Captain Jared P. Jones: “Now, officiating today at the helm is our own Captain Solomon D. Griffith as I like to call him for short, and since the commentary has been, well, we could say …a little bit short with intros rather long, we need to get on with it. So …Captain Griffith would you like to begin, and I will just stand by with my drink of coffee latte and watch, wait, unless you need me.” (General Jared P. Jones retires to the back and rests his torso against the wall with one hand holding up his tumbler of coffee latte. – Rania)

Captain Solomon Dirkson Griffith: “Ready, Uthrania? Captain, Sir? Please call me Dirkson. All senior members do. Nobody is able to hear us in this cubicle, so it is all right.”

Uthrania: Indeed Sir. I am ready to proceed. (The Captain shifts himself in his chair, ready to begin. – Rania)

Captain Solomon Dirkson Griffith: “I speak plainly and bluntly at the best to the least of times and the subject matter I wish to delve shortly into, for time is getting late for my scheduled dinner habit, happens to be: ‘The foundation of truth and where truth begets you.’ Please put that down as a title, scribe, Uthrania, for me, please.

The Foundation Of Truth And Where Truth Begets You

“Alright. Now there seem to be a multitude of truths out where you are living, people, aren’t there?

“For instance, you have cosmic truths, or so you think you do, given to you by those hoary ones who believe all starships are unidentified flying saucers when most of you now know that we ALWAYS IDENTIFY OURSELVES. More than you do yourselves for that matter.

“And the reason why I say this is tantamount to crisis impairing your good judgment when it comes to warring over land and minerals which do not belong to any of you anyway, INCLUDING the first inhabitants of the land, this earthen plane, we named Angorius.

You see yourselves garnished with truths offered up by religious establishments, and you wonder why your lives go awry. That is simply because in order for lives and lessons to be conquered you need the right formula, and when you know the right formula no one will be able to deceive you, and truth, my people, works directly in an instant to an overnight clause just as a precision surgeon’s tool will gain credence over the instrument of desire inside the person when a lung has to be removed or an eye needs repaired.

“It is always the formula which one needs for every diverse situation, OTHERWISE you are groping in the dark.

Warfare Is High On Your List Of Priorities!

You really still do live in the dark ages, people, for perfunctory are your realms of eyeless chakras, and this all due to the fact that you still have no certain idea or ideal of how to set up a proper economic system and make it run and work for you.

“How do you expect to gain popularity with the people, gents and ladies of the high board of reckoning, when you INSIST upon enlisting people to fight in your horrible and reckless wars for your own gain to their subservience to their own Capital punishment delving into your system, for not to lace their boots up but to keep your hats from falling off astern over the side and down under the gullet of your own pension plan?

“People of earth, you all, ..well, most of you, not all, amaze us up here in the starplanes vastly - for you are pawns, and seldom do you even realize it!

“Instruments of the devil is one phraseology which most of you will one day understand, but you know little of those who run you ragged into the ground!

And You Never Learn, Do You?

“Now, Jewish people, you think you have the carpetbag all in place, but the Hellions will sacrifice you upon their altar if you even think to creep out of their hole. Not so? Ask the underling Jews in Russia? Prussia? No difference. Look at your history and just see who sews the buttons on fastened backward throughout historical content making you believe in your synagogues one thing, and then amissing the text of another in full sequence.

“For if you were ever able to find the truth of your own situation yourselves, by ‘_od’! you would lace them all over with the cyanide of their own filthy solution!! So come into the ships before all lateness transpires, little college and university students, for the whiplash is just about to begin and the race to the finish line is one which irates none, for the just cause we will win hands down, and then where will it leave you?!

“Captain Jerome Greek Rutherford in his study said to me today, that if the eye of the storm hits Israel it will be solely for the reason that the ‘pawns’ did not behave.

“Wretched is life when universal truth is not applied because the greatest fault does still lie with the people whose only purpose of each incarnational quest upon their lives and lessons is to reach the place of Nirvana – the lesson house where all truth lies itself wide open for each soul to instrumentally observe, and if something does not work out for you, people, and you ask yourselves and wonder why, it is simply because you do not understand the Oneness of the whole, and as such are still separated from the creation by soul-mind which we up here always observe and intrinsically do follow, allowing ourselves no product of dis-behavior which would bring tantamount upon ourselves the chaos which you so often reach and mire yourselves within.

“Ku Klux Klan, out with the rain! Good Night, and prodigals remain on high alert – the Ships are back and ARE MANNED.

All In A Day's Work

“Good Night, fellow seekers and Good Day. Thank you, Uthrania Seila, Captain of the Fireflies and Melots of the Galiac Team, and pleased to meet you, Jamie, and Reni our editor, and close off, or tie off all channel mentionable frequencies for us please, Rania.”

Uthrania: Aye Sir. Forsythe Ten Off 4. Hemmingrave 17.6. Captain Waldorf please leave Luzon 12 and 13, the off-line channel open for General Frank Herman Griffith. Ten to Twelve Pacific Mountain time, Okley Six. Tying off Formount 12.6 dash 4 at High Command for youngest senior member Captain Solomon Dirkson Griffith. I am Captain Surveyor of the Galiac Team Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez signing out at 4:43 pm

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

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