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Blazer and Sis help Benny wash her father's car on a warm January day.

Washing The Car

it was a warm sunny day in January, typical on the island. Blazer and his sister were helping Benny wash her father's car. Sis was wearing a new white bikini. Blazer held the hose while Sis sponged the car. She bent over to soak the sponge in a bucket of soapy water. Blazer couldn't resist. He turned the hose and hit her backside with a stream of cold water.

Sis screamed loudly and jumped. She turned around, Blazer sprayed her chest with the water.

"Blazer you dwerp!" she said. Sis was soaked. her bikini clung loosely on her body and her fur was dripping. Blazer laughed.

"You think this is funny?" Sis said walking over to her brother. Blazer took a few steps back. Sis shook the water off her fur which made her bikini top slip off. Blazer closed his eyes.

"Sis," he said "Your bikini is partly off."

Sis covered her chest with her arms and turned around to fix the top. Blazer steeped back with his eyes closed and fell into the plastic pool. Benny walked around the car and laughed.

Blazer sat in the pool looking at Benny "So you think this is funny?" he asked standing up. His fur was covered in suds and soaked. "Here let me clean you off," Benny said.

Benny took the hose and sprayed the boy. Blazer picked up some sponges and threw them at Benny.

Sis picked up a bucket of dirty water. she dumped it on her brother's head. "Oh, now you gonna get it," he said trying to reach Sis.

Blazer grabbed Benny's bikini top and pushed her into the pool instead. Her bikini top slipped off. She laid on her chest in the pool trying to cover herself.

Sis stopped spraying water on Blazer and went to the pool to help Benny, Blazer took the hose and sprayed Sis with water. "Blazer stop," she said holding her hands against the water. but he smiled and kept spraying water on her chest and face.Sis screamed and fell into the pool on top of Benny.

Blazer laughed."Here let me help you," he said extending his hand. Sis took his wet hand and pulled him into the pool.

Benny's father came outside to see what the screaming was about. He saw water, towels, sponges and soap everywhere. He looked down at the three teens in the pool. Benny tried to cover her chest with her bikini. Her father had a serious look on his face.

He knew they were having fun and smiled.
Benny's father looked at his car "I don't know which is cleaner," he said "you three or my car." he laughed.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
25th Jan 2015 (#)

Sounds like an upbringing for incest to me. Would never wear a bikini even if you pay me a billion dollars. Moreover my brother and myself are of decency as we were brought up that way.
Did you do that to a female whom you called sister or as a brother undressed your sister and chastised her modesty???

Well I am sure your parents would be proud of you. Its not my style or upbringing and sorry tis is done in poor taste.

Must be from the APAC regions of the world but I am from NZ but my household isn't such....

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