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Poem about how people choose the wrong careers and the devastating effects it has on others due to poor performances and abuse of power.


Positioning me,that's not my stop,
Cant see the T.V,my arms flop,
I thought you were a care assistant,
You don't see me I'm non existent.

Wheeled across the room to a table,
Still you don't care,so I've been label,
But I have always been persistent,
You look through me,I'm non existent.

Feeding time for you's a choir
My mouth is full you force in more,
I close my lips become resistant,
Ignoring me,I'm non existent.

Toileting time you cannot stand,
I wont perform to your demand,
My mind always be consistent,
You curse at me I'm non existent

You put me to bed,my body you roll,
Gives you power to be in control,
Forcing me round your so insistent,
You treat me like I'm non existent.

You leave me now,I'm in the dark,
"Get to sleep", was your last remark,
I close my eyes things seem distant,
I'm drifting now I'm non existent.

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