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I recently visited my American family in Charlotte. Read on to find out more about it.

Carol's Blog about Charlotte, USA

During last autumn, I was planning to make a visit early this year to visit my American family. My eldest grand daughter, now has her own children, Rosie my 3 year old great grand daughter, and Natty, who is 1 in April, my great grandson. But fate intervened when I was struck down at Christmas with viral pneumonia and pleurisy, and had to spend time in hospital.

When I came home, at first I felt very weak, and was not sure I would be recovered enough to make the trip. But after a month I began to feel much stronger, I returned to swimming and badminton, and then booked the trip.

Becky and Nate have recently moved from California to Charlotte, which as far as flying is concerned is much easier. Its a direct flight from Heathrow, and takes just over 8 hours. After a bit of a traumatic journey by car to the airport, during which the traffic flowed very slowly, and at one point our driver stopped to say he had a flat tyre, we took off on time, and arrived in Charlotte at the expected time.

Nate met us at the airport, where the temperature was noticeably warmer than the drizzly damp conditions we had left behind us. The journey to their house was some 35 minutes, and when we arrived, Becky stood at the door with Rosie and Natty. I was so excited to see them all, and when we were shown to our bedroom, there was a banner the little ones had made with a bit of help from mum, to welcome us.

The Next day

The next day we didn't feel like doing too much, but as the weather was quite warm, we took a walk, first of all to see the horses that Rosie loves so much. Then we went into the children's playground. Both Rosie and Natty loved the swings, and as for us adults, we became children again when we discovered a big ball, and we were attempting to score goals in the high net above the playground. It took me back to my schooldays, when I was in the netball team, and it was great fun.

In the evening, after the little ones had gone to bed, we watched THE CROWN on Netflix, which I enjoyed very much. We only saw part of the series during our stay, so I have to find a way to watch the rest of it in England.

On Wednesday we went for a look around the shops, and the weather was getting warmer and warmer, so out came our shorts, as we had packed for every eventuality. Apparently the weather is like this in Charlotte, it can swing from very warm temperatures back to snow and ice in a matter of hours, but for our stay, it was just like summer.


On Thursday it was really hot, and we we set off for Wilmington, a 3 hour trip in the car to enjoy the beach for a couple of days. We stayed in a really nice holiday complex, a lovely big room overlooking the beach, with a very comfortable bed, a bath tub and fridge, everything that we needed.

Becky and the children stayed next door, and we were joined by her father, who is my son in law. We spent the next couple of days soaking up the sun, and dipping our toes in the sea. It was too cold to swim, but I did see a couple of brave punters attempt it. The waves were breaking with quite a force, but it didn't deter Rosie or Natty, they loved paddling in the water. We helped Rosie to build a sandcastle, and her granddad added one with a moat.

In the evening we ate out at a restaurant that had many Mexican dishes. I had a tuna burrito , which was very tasty. It was busy, many people enjoying the sudden arrival of such mild and dry conditions.

On Friday, we had to regretfully leave the beach behind us, and travel back to Charlotte. Later that evening, my other grand daughter Ashley arrived, with Joey the dog. Joey is 9 years old, and a well loved family pet. For the next couple of days we enjoyed taking Joey for a walk, I am still missing Leo, who died last year, and Joey gave everyone a turn on the sofa for a cuddle.


On Saturday we had the party for Rosie's birthday, which was actually not until Tuesday. But weekend is the obvious choice when you have to work during the week. Nate's parents cooked a delicious Persian meal of Chicken Beef, Rice, and Yogurt sauce, with a salad. Rosie had chosen an icecream cake for her birthday, and she had great fun blowing the candles out.

It was really nice to catch up with them and Becky's other grandmother, we had quite a chat, to catch up on all the latest news and happenings. Its always difficult when you live in a different country, to keep abreast of everything, and I must say I am grateful to have facebook to keep me up to date too with photos, and chat when you need it.

Sunday and Monday

On Sunday we were taken to a painting group. Bearing in mind that art was my worst subject at school, I was under the impression we would simply be painting an object or scene. You can imagine my consternation when I got there and found out we were starting from a blank canvas.

Well I did my best, and I have even bought my effort home with me, if nothing else, it holds memories of a happy day spent with Keith and my lovely granddaughters. I think everyone else did a good job, Keith particularly created a wonderful sunflower. There were some really good artists there, I was very impressed with their work, but in my case, I guess I should stick to writing.

On Monday we went for a look around the shops whilst Rosie was at play school. In the past we found shopping in America was much cheaper than England, but now it seems to be the other way round, although we did find a really nice soft blanket, which was much cheaper than you would get in England.

Tuesday was Rosie's Birthday

On Tuesday we celebrated Rosie's 3rd birthday by firstly having lunch out, and then going swimming. She is completely fearless in the water, as Becky, just like her mother before her, has put both her babies into water right from the start, so they don't develop a fear. Rosie swims with armbands, but it wont be long before she has no need of them. She jumps in, and never minds being dunked.

Natty isn't one yet, but he also loves the water. He laughs and splashes all the time, and is happy to go under water and bob back up without the slightest protest. The baby pool was very warm that day, and far bigger than British ones, so it was possible for all of us to take a turn in swimming up and down.

Wednesday was our last day, as we were flying home that night, so we made a quick trip to the dollar store in the morning, and then late afternoon found Nate driving us to the airport.

I was very nervous about the flight, as there was thick snow in England. Our pilot took some time to land, as there was thick fog, and snowflakes falling, but I have to say he made a splendid job of it with a very gentle touchdown.

I have come home recharged from my holiday, it was lovely to enjoy some sun, so unusual for February in Charlotte apparently, and it vanished, when we came home, so we were very lucky. My only regret was we didn't get to see Katey, my middle grand daughter, as she couldn't make it from California at that time. However, I am sure there will be another occasion. I have taken home with me a lot of happy memories, and feel privileged to have seen my great grandchildren during my lifetime. My thanks to everyone who made our holiday so very special, I love you all. xxxx

My thanks to Youtube for the video, the pictures are our own

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7th Apr 2018 (#)

Thank you for sharing this lovely account of your trip with us dear Carol .
The children looked gorgeous .
Many blessings
Stella x

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Thanks so much Stella for reading it.

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