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Last Friday we travelled to Southport for an author event. Read on to find out more.

Carol's Blog from Southport

Last Friday we travelled to Southport, a place I had never visited before, for an author event. But first we went to visit some dear friends whom we had not seen for many years. We had only planned to stay for an hour, as we didn't want to be to late arriving at our hotel, but with so much time to catch up on, we ended up staying for 2 hours. How could we not when we were made so welcome, with sandwiches, tea and cake to help us on our way.

So we rejoined the famous M25 at midday, our faithful sat nav told us we would be there at 4.30pm, and as it was such a hot and sticky day, I was looking forward to a swim in the indoor swimming pool before enjoying a nice evening meal. But I had forgotten how slowly the traffic moves on the M25, and our journey was slow. My ever optimistic partner remarked. " Never mind, once we get on the M6, we'll speed up." so my confidence was restored.

But the M6 was even worse, road works all along the way ensured that we went for no longer than 100 yards before the brake lights in front of us lit up, and we all slowed down. We watched the minutes tick by, and then the hours, absolutely helpless, I wanted to take a break, we both did, but that would delay us further, and I was so looking forward to that swim.

But by 6.30pm we had to take a break, and then we went off the motorway and took the back roads for the rest of the journey, finally arriving at our hotel at 7.30pm. We just managed to get the last spot in the car park, and went inside to book in.

At Reception

We were tired, hot and sticky , as well as very hungry, but as soon as we arrived at reception, my heart sank. Instead of being greeted by a friendly receptionist, we saw a young woman with a dirty blouse on, she had a foreign accent, so it was difficult to understand her, and she was in the middle of an argument with a would be guest.

The aggrieved lady was complaining that she had booked a room with a 4 poster bed, but been given one with twin beds. No matter how much she tried to explain she had stipulated her requirements when booking, the receptionist just said in a very bored voice, that she knew what she wanted , but it was not her personal fault that the booking had not been right. They continued to rage at each other, whilst us weary travellers propped ourselves against the counter, trying to be patient until it was our turn.

Eventually the customer demanded a refund, and it was given to her, but having to do this had put the receptionist in a very bad frame of mind. When we asked about the swimming pool, it had closed at 7 o'clock, and as for eating, the dining room had been closed since 6.30pm, and there was no food to be had on the premises.

We trudged wearily to our room, it was up a flight of stairs, along a corridor, down some more stairs, and at the end of another corridor. Along the way, we nearly tripped over a bucket, which contained very suspicious looking liquid, if I hadn't known better, I would have thought some one had used it as a commode, and then left it outside their door to be collected.

We flopped wearily on our beds, but then after a cup of tea, decided to go out for walk and get something to eat. We passed a very nice looking ice cream parlour, and then a Wetherspoons, which was full, several pubs with very loud music and karaoke going on, but no-one seemed to be interested in eating. Was it going to be impossible to get a quiet meal anywhere?

The Result

Eventually we were too weary to walk any more, and we saw a takeaway fish bar, so I suggested we get fish and chips and sit on a bench to eat it. The men serving there were obviously more used to cooking doner kebabs, as the fish was overcooked with hard batter, nothing like the beautiful fish and chips we enjoy in Herne Bay.

We comforted ourselves with the thought of a nice ice cream on the way back, but of course, to add to our misery, when we walked down the road, the ice cream parlour was closed. When we went back inside the hotel, we enquired about the breakfast, as the price had not included it. The receptionist spent ages searching on the computer, as she wanted to charge us everything again, and I had to remind her we had paid in full whilst doing the booking.

She then went on to say that we might prefer to breakfast at the hotel where the author event was taking place, as " Our breakfast isn't great." I was filled with horror, as we didn't want to go out for breakfast in the morning, but it turned out that the breakfast was fine, but certainly the receptionist wasn't, as she didn't even want the bother of taking the money for breakfast. As for our wake-up call because we had no alarm clock with us, forget it, we asked, she wrote it down, but it never happened. I have never been to a hotel before where the receptionist was so bad in every way, and I hope I never will again. I am not going to say the name of it, but I have to wonder how they survive with someone like that to greet you.


The rest of our break went smoothly. I enjoyed the author event, sold books, and met new friends. The journey back was in stages, going out for dinner with a close friend in Wolverhampton, then visiting family in Worcester. We stayed the night at High Wycombe on the last night, and then got home about 11 am on Tuesday morning.

The traffic was bearable on the way home, and the first thing I did when I got home was to go into the sea to cool off. With all the sunshine we have had, the water was warm, and I was determined to get my swim, one way or another.

Visiting Southport was a very pleasant experience, I am putting the experience of the female Basil Faulty behind me, what else can I do? If our experience has given anyone reading this a laugh, well at least I have achieved something. Happy Days everyone. x
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author avatar Carol
I am a proud mother and grandmother, and an author. I have had 7 books published. My hobbies are walking, swimming, and playing badminton. I try to raise more awareness of autism with my writing.

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author avatar LOVERME
6th Aug 2018 (#)

It's always a treat to read you Maa'm
So often we have all experienced rainy days
and no umbrella
I recall once in a distant village no township
we were very hungry
newly married
no hotel open
one hotel guy saw our plight he was going to have the last leg of the chicken he thought young couple and said
we will share
then he changed his mind
and was incredibly polite
be a guest couple young ones
Seeing you two
I have my kids in mind
be guests of mine
he charged nothing
but did hug us
with a paternal accent

So life has many kinds of folks and persons
with us we took his smiles
and till today
we see him daily
was he an alien
O must be really

Congrats ma'am
I learned last week
you were the daily author

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author avatar Carol
8th Aug 2018 (#)

Thanks so much Loverme, for your poetic comments. I will visit your page.

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author avatar LOVERME
8th Aug 2018 (#)

Thank you ma'am you are a light
a perpetual ray
of encouragement remember me
as I fade away into oblivion of time
today tomorrow or just any day some day
one day
may not be far away
oblivion is everyone's home... has been ever since
shall always ever be hence ....
be it dark or din
shining bright like twilight the sun has to set each day
let some sleep and some awake
so the sun keeps on rising always
ma'am may you also shine like the sun
star today
a moon may you become some day
the world can't live on darker nights alone
the world must smile along your pathway
till the sun finally fades away

have a blessed day
all do that for you say

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author avatar Carol
10th Aug 2018 (#)

Beautiful sentiments, many thanks

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author avatar Fern McCostigan
26th Jun 2019 (#)

Hello Carol as talented as always and another amazing feat!, remember me? Fern the Wine guy by the way I have a new profile as the old one was deleted, cheers!

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author avatar Carol
26th Jun 2019 (#)

Hi Fern, nothing is being published on her any more, sadly.

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author avatar Carol
26th Jun 2019 (#)

I have followed you Fern

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author avatar Tranquilpen
19th Oct 2019 (#)

Hello Carol, Congratulations with those books! I'm still stuck with my first one, a true story of a mother's love, courage and perseverance in the Mozambican war of independence. Perhaps I need to get a few pointers from you. Lol. Regards, Andre~Tranquilpen

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author avatar Carol
20th Oct 2019 (#)

Lovely to hear from you, and good luck with your new book.

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author avatar lisa
12th Jan 2020 (#)

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