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We have just returned from a holiday in the Lake District. Read on to find out what we thought of it.

Carol's Blog from the Lake District

We made a sudden decision to visit the Lake District, and booked ourselves a hotel in Croswaite for the first week of September. Looking online I found one called Damson Dene. It boasted of lovely views and a good restaurant, as well as an indoor swimming pool, and as I had heard that the weather can be rainy, it seemed like a good idea to fall back on, if the weather was very wet.

The day we left Kent was warm and sunny, which is usual, so I travelled in shorts and t shirt, and I had packed our tennis rackets because we might have time for a bit of tennis too. However, as we travelled through several counties, we noticed as we were getting nearer to C umbria,the sky was getting darker, and by the time we reached our hotel, it was pouring down. My husband got the car as close as he could to the reception area, then opened the door for me to run quickly in. I was expecting to be greeted with surprise at my choice of outfit, but apparently it happens a lot with holiday guests.

The staff were always warm , friendly and helpful, and I am happy to recommend this hotel to anyone, except for one small thing, our bedroom was not very big, so my husband's idea of living out of his suitcase wasn't going to happen, we had to share the wardrobe, which was only small. It was a small shower as well.

Many hotels nowadays don't have a bath tub, or you have to share one, but the swimming pool had great showers, the water was nice and hot, and they were spacious, and we also found that having a swim about 5 o'clock was a good time, as most other people were not around.

The swimming pool was a good size, and the water warm, there was also a sauna and a gym, although we never used the gym, but others did. So every afternoon after our swim, I showered and washed my hair, before changing and going downstairs for our evening meal.

The dining room had big picture windows looking over the gardens, which were very attractive, with a lake, and a bridge over it, and this was the home of many mallards. The hotel is famed for their tameness, every morning they came up on the windowsills to greet us at breakfast, and they did very well from everyone with tidbits. One guest remarked to the waiter that they looked hungry, but his reply was, " They might look hungry, but they are very well fed." The sacks of duck food in the vestibule bore out his statement.The hotel is also dog friendly, with plenty of room to walk your pet in the grounds.

Out and About

We were there for 7 days, and only 3 of them were sunny. Even on those days, as we travelled, some spots of rain came down in areas we visited. But we didn't let that stop us from enjoying ourselves.

We visited Lake Coniston, where Donald Campbell tragically crashed in Bluebell. We also visited Windermere and Keswick, there were queues of people to go on the pleasure boats regardless of the weather, they were stalwartly waiting, all decked out in boots and macintoshes, and then you saw the holiday makers, who were determined, no matter what the weather was doing, to spend their day in shorts and t shirts, of course we are not cold we are BRITISH!

We managed to play tennis 3 times that week by dodging the showers, finding tennis courts was not that easy, but we did, where there's a will, there certainly is a way! We also did a lot of walking, there are many towns in the Lake District that are set at the top of a hill, so going up is a challenge, and coming down, a relief.

One very rainy day found us visiting the Lakeside Motor Museum, that was cars and motor bikes through the ages, and it was very interesting to see how the motor car developed, and to realise just how much easier we have it today. The style and shape of cars years ago was very elegant, and to see cars of such a great age, lovingly preserved, and on show to everyone is fascinating.

Remembering that cars did not go that fast, and roads were not very crowded in the beginning makes one realise how different life was in those days. We all take our modern cars for granted, they have so much now with electric windows, stereo radio and satellite navigation , all at the touch of a button.


At the end of our week, we travelled to the North East of Britain for a couple of days, which enabled us to take a different route home. The sandy beaches there are beautiful, and we also visited a restaurant that is located and built inside a cave, it has lighting, so it's not dark inside, with splendid views of the sandy beach. Outside, on a sunny day, you can sit at a table overlooking the sea, it's very beautiful.

We also visited The Beamish Museum. The ticket is available for a year, as it's impossible to see everything in a day. It shows life as it was many years ago, we travelled by tram, and walked along the 1940s inspired high street, visiting the shops, and the houses , which were furnished in keeping with Edwardian times, with people dressed accordingly, explaining just how different it was to visit the dentist then, and a view of all his instruments displayed, with a demonstration of how they worked. It wasn't surprising that many people left the room quickly. There was also a solicitor's office, with an old fashioned black telephone on prominent display.

We also visited the colliery, and the railway station, many original signs were still displayed everywhere, and the atmosphere of going back in time, and treading the cobbled streets was very interesting. We ended up in the chip shop, eating wonderful chips, which were cooked in the old fashioned way. They were delicious, and I didn't dare ask what they used, as I certainly didn't want to count calories that day.

We spent over five hours there, also visiting the little church built for the Colliery workers, and their families, and the village school. Sitting at the desks with the inkwells gave me a flash back of my school days, modern schools look so different now, and I enjoyed the feeling of nostalgia.

We are holding onto our tickets in case we can visit again in the next year, but its a long journey. We didn't get to see the farm yard, but what we did see was very interesting and educational. Now wonder it's a popular place for school visits.

Our journey home to Kent was good without any traffic holdups, and when we arrived the sun was shining. But later that night the rain caught up with us. But it didn't last long, unlike the rain at Cumbria, which seems to be a normal occurrence. But even the rain and mist can be forgiven, because when the sun reluctantly emerges from behind the clouds, what a beautiful place it is. If you pack your boots and a waterproof coat, you will be prepared for every eventuality.
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author avatar LOVERME
28th Sep 2017 (#)

Beautiful experience lovely snaps I waste time composing poetry
So i posted snaps of Moccasin Village and Buddha comes home to Canada ...
so many have read it ....
seen it and shared my snaps
.. I am yet to post one of a beachy one
then later as autumn
then may be if I can dig deep...
all about NEW YORK
I loved it so much

But lost my camera in the snow
a few years ago
I wonder whether I have snaps as I wont to
Will give it another thought later Ma'am

Should I congratulate you for the star
Pete's should give you a MOON
Good noon
He's a busy man you know
what moon he will ask me I know

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author avatar Carol
28th Sep 2017 (#)

Thank you Loverme for visiting my page. I will pay yours a visit.

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author avatar LOVERME
28th Sep 2017 (#)

let Pete's moderate two now in Q Thanks Ma'am

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
19th Oct 2017 (#)

Sorry to be so late in catching up with you dear Carol . but, I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your wonderful holiday in the Lake District . It sounded as if you had a happy time from beginning to end .
I pray all is well with you and your family ?
Many blessings to you
Stella ><

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author avatar Carol
19th Oct 2017 (#)

Thanks very much Stella, yes we are all fine many thanks, hope you are too. xx

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
23rd Oct 2017 (#)

I am , thank you .

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author avatar Maureen Hibbert
15th Nov 2017 (#)

Thanks for the very informative round up of your holiday Carol you certainly made the most of it.I love Cumbria and the Lakes and have some very special memories of family holidays there.I must commend your resilience regarding the weather
I also share your enthusiasm of the Beamish Museum which is quite close to us.pleased you
Had such a lovely time!!!

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author avatar Lesa Cote
8th Feb 2020 (#)

Thank you for the great post! You can visit

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