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After enjoying a great year, I finished off 2017 in quite a different way. Read on to find out more.

Carol's New Year Blog 2018

As I look back at 2017, it is with a sense of fulfillment. Twenty Four years ago, I wrote my first book, it was inspired by my very brave son, who had to battle to survive a lot of illness, as well as being autistic, which made life very hard for him.

As Phil can't speak, I spoke for him. I knew that in spite of everything he had been through, his warm hugs and smile that could charm the birds from the trees, meant he was happy. The title of the book is MY LIFE IS WORTH LIVING! Because of family commitments, I was not free to go out and sell it, but 4 years ago, that all changed, and there has been great interest in a book that details the trials and tribulations of a child, and his family, facing autism.

This book means so much to me, as it's our personal story, and I find myself now with just a few hardback copies left, thanks to my customers at Craft Fairs and Club Talks. So next year it's going to be reprinted in paperback, which furthers my aim to raise more awareness of autism, as it will reach a much wider audience.

My Events last year.

I was busy from April onwards, even fitting in a week in a popup shop at Horsham, which went very well.. My Club talks went well too, and I am now filling up my diary for 2018. The subject of my talk is INSPIRATION, and I explain how I became an author, I also talk about when we were raising Phil, and how attitudes have changed over the years, even though there is still more work to do.

My new book last year was THE POWER OF LOVE, the story of a pregnant unmarried mother in the 1960s, who finds out her son is autistic, at a time when mothers got the blame for the condition for " neglecting" their child. Laura, the child's mother fights to have her son accepted for who he is, rather than who society expects him to be. It is a story of triumph over adversity, and hopefully families with an autistic child will find it heartening to read.

It sold very well, as did my other books, EVIL WOMAN and REVENGE, the sequel. Many people like thrillers, and those two books are particularly dark. This is my 4th year of going out among the public, and having done my end of year calculations, it was my best ever. My sales were up by 35%, which was very encouraging. Maybe some of this is due to the fact I now have 2,400 likes on my Facebook page.

December 2017

Everything was going so well until Christmas 2017. Early in December I had been selling my books on Herne Bay Pier. I was also booked for the final day of Winter Wonderland, 23rd December.

The week before we had spent 3 days at Wolverhampton, visiting family and also seeing the local panto. I also managed to fit in an interview, and came back feeling really refreshed, and ready to complete my final events I spent the weekend at Faversham, and had a great two days and high sales..

But during the last week before Christmas I developed a sore throat and a cough. I bought some cough medicine from my local pharmacy, but I started to feel much worse, and took to my bed. I was thankful that I had organised all the Christmas cards, and wrapped the presents some two weeks before, and I hoped by resting, I would be fit for when my family came for Christmas dinner.

It wasn't to be, my partner was alarmed about me, and called an ambulance, and after examining me, the paramedics took me to hospital on Christmas Eve. It was a huge shock for me and my family. In the past I have always been very fit and robust, every year I have a flu jab, and I also had a pneumonia jab, which I was told would protect me for my lifetime. But none of this made any difference, I was treated for 5 days for pneumonia,and my family spent Chistmas Day at my bedside,

I am home now, and recovering, we are yet to do Christmas, but as soon as I am fit, we will. Of course i never made it to my last event on the pier, but there is always another time. For now I am grateful to be recovering, I am resting, and doing what I enjoy the most, writing.

Hopefully I will be fit and well when everything starts again in March. I don't find selling books arduous, I used to work in a shop, and love the interaction with customers, and have many friends amongst the other Crafters.

I have an exciting year dawning, with ONE MOMENT OF MADNESS out in April, and MY LIFE IS WORTH LIVING! being reprinted. I have the best family in the world, they truly care about me, a great partner, and true friends, so right now I am counting my blessings, and looking forward to 2018. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE XX
My thanks toYoutube and Deborah Goddard for the video, some of the images are my own, and one is by Laurenbythe sea.

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I am a proud mother and grandmother, and an author. I have had 7 books published. My hobbies are walking, swimming, and playing badminton. I try to raise more awareness of autism with my writing.

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author avatar Carol
10th Jan 2018 (#)

Thanks for the star Peter

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author avatar LOVERME
11th Jan 2018 (#)

You have also been the AUTHOR of Wiki's Day sometime this week
I pray the Lord brings more happiness and success in your life's ways
as you are an
INSPIRATION by yourself

I have seen at worlds airports and malls
ladies busy reading even though alone
your books kept them company.
Many draw energy off
you as you have faced the worst
In your forthcoming book to pen a verse,
to guide young gals to save their skin from dangerous men who leave em when they're needed most.
The only constant in this world is CHANGE .
There was a poet lady who listened to me
and in her book published a poem composed by me

This is a poetry about a young gal
who carries an un-wed young guy's kid ...both were teens,
scared he is and wants to run So she says

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author avatar Carol
11th Jan 2018 (#)

Thanks so much Loverme, as usual I am playing catchup on here. That is a lovely poem, you should publish it! Your words are always so encouraging! x

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author avatar LOVERME
12th Jan 2018 (#)

I have just seen Pete has moderated Thanks hope more will read you too

if you suggest
I may compose one
for your new book

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author avatar Carol
13th Jan 2018 (#)

Oh that sound s wonderful Loverme.

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author avatar LOVERME
14th Jan 2018 (#)

but not desired it's understandable Ma'am

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author avatar Carol
15th Jan 2018 (#)

Loverme you are most welcome to write a poem about my new book. x

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author avatar LOVERME
16th Jan 2018 (#)

Thank you Ma'am...
May you be kind enough to just give a ''gist'' of your intended book in a paragraph.
You may post it her I shall come back and see..Feeling elated.KINDNESS

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author avatar Carol
16th Jan 2018 (#)

Hi Loverme, here is the synopsis
Tragically orphaned at the age of eight, twins Rachel and Diana share identical looks but not personality.

As they grow up and become more independent, the studious and quiet natured Rachel is alarmed when dramatic and attention seeking Diana meets travelling gypsy Jake at a fair, but it is she, Rachel, that unexpectedly falls madly in love with strikingly handsome Neil Morris, whilst Diana has a feeling of foreboding about the relationship and does not like or trust Neil.
Diana's flatmate, Clare, has recently had a miscarriage and is desperate to replace her loss, and when Diana finds she is herself pregnant after being raped, she agrees that Clare can adopt her unwanted baby. However, when her daughter is born there is an immediate bond and Diana decides to keep baby Ella, much to the dismay of Clare.
Events take a very dark turn when baby Ella is stolen from the hospital, with the last sighting being that of a nurse taking her out of the maternity ward. . .
Whilst Diana immediately assumes Clare has taken the baby, it soon becomes apparent that her twin Rachel has vanished without trace and the baby's father, who now has a new partner called Anna, also seems a possible line of enquiry for the police.
As time passes, Diana is left devastated at the abduction of her baby and she desperately misses her twin sister to confide in. She is surprised when her first love Jake turns up as one of the detectives and wonders what the future will hold - will she ever find out what happened, in that one terrible moment, to baby Ella?

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author avatar Carol
16th Jan 2018 (#)

Forgot to say release date is 6th April, the book is available from me direct and also from Amazon in both hardback and kindle form.

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author avatar LOVERME
16th Jan 2018 (#)

shall revert soonly ma'am

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author avatar LOVERME
17th Jan 2018 (#)

Flame of Madness

Distraught, a pair of lovely twins
at the crucial age of eight are orphaned,
not an unusual occurrence,
where tragedy is interwoven
far ahead between birth, life, joy and death

Intellectual, sober and quiet Rachel
but exploitive out going Diana
is so very exceedingly sexual

Rachel is alarmed
when dramatically seeking Diana
meets at a fair, traveller gypsy Jake,
but Rachy instantly unexpectedly falls
madly in love with the
strikingly handsome Neil Morris
whom Diana detests
and she has a premonition
about the new relationship

Clare, her flat mate recently had a miscarriage
then suddenly Diana realises
that she is carrying a rape child
she is happy to transport the one yet to arrive
for good to her friend’s need and care

But no mom can ever part with her new born
so naturally Diana decides to keep
her baby girl, Ella

Since destiny is an unknown bluff
someone steals the baby from the hospital
yeah the nurse
was last seen with the infant...

Diana’s curtain of suspicion falls
Obviously on Lady Clare
but what is worse
her twin sister who was her biggest confidant
has also vanished
along with the baby’s rapist pop

Then something unimaginable happens
as Jake, Diana’s first love
turns up as one of the detectives
She is surprised
but then will Jake do justice

Wonders what the future will hold –
will she ever discover
what happened, in that
one terrible moment, of Madness
to baby Ella

All need wonder...
The ROSE Loverme

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author avatar Carol
18th Jan 2018 (#)

Wonderful Loverme, a great poetical synopsis. Many thanks x

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
13th Jan 2018 (#)

dear Carol ..
Just popped by again to say hello to you ... and to wish you a very happy and prosperous 2018 .
I am glad things are picking up with your book sales , but I am sorry to hear you have been so unwell . I pray you are on the road to full recovery now .
God bless you throughout the coming year .
love Stella ><

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author avatar Carol
14th Jan 2018 (#)

Dear Stella, thanks so much and a happy New year to you too. I am getting stronger now thankyou. xx

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author avatar LOVERME
19th Jan 2018 (#)

message for you from Siva ma'am
Thank you Carol, I do visit here almost everyday and aware you are still posting.

I have been commenting only on Loverme posts while I think of the halcyon days when we were so happy together here. The payments were minimal but when it amounts to nothing it is natural many bolted for the door.

This platform is great and I do hope this site can revert to paying again and that was what was promised to start with - lifetime payment! siva

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author avatar Carol
19th Jan 2018 (#)

Thanks Loverme for bringing Siva's message over. I used to follow his articles of wisdom avidly. x

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
22nd Jan 2018 (#)

congratulations dear Carol on your being the Star of the day wonderful you are going through much adversity but staying so true to the beautiful and wise woman that you are...blessings and much love...

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author avatar Carol
23rd Jan 2018 (#)

Thanks so much Carolina, I hope you are good, haven't heard from you in a long time. Do you still write on Wiki? x

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author avatar Lesa Cote
8th Feb 2020 (#)

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