Cat Worries: Expecting Others to be Responsible for Pets

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This article is a blow by blow depiction of a very stressful experience of worrying about my cats when I had to leave it up to others to care for them. Sometimes it is just not easy not matter what you do.


All my life I have strived to be a person of my word. If I said that I would
do something I made sure that I would do it. Somehow or other I have not been successful in instilling this value in my son. In fact, my son is very different from me. I wonder though, is this a reflection of a broader phenomena; one in which young people today are far less responsible than the generations before them?

I am not that old that I cannot remember having a good time and worrying about boys as being my main concern in life. Yet, I did think about other things in life as well. I was always concerned for the underdog, social justice issues, political wrongs and more.

Meeting Mo

I have been working in call centers since I have graduated in 1999 before I was able to work in my field as a counsellor/therapist. Montreal is not a good city in which to find careers these days, but it is a city where you can get a call center job at the drop of a hat. Fortunately for me, the call center that I presently work for pays rather well. Though was not the job of my dreams it was a job that I did for many years.

It was here at the call center that I met Mo, a very impressionable young man. We could converse on topics of importance, unlike the other young people at the call center who only seemed to be able to talk about boys, girls, sex, drugs, music, or where to buy the most stylish clothes and accessories.

Mo was a very sensitive young man who was an artist in his own right. He was working for the call center until he could get his big break in his own field. Mo was also very health conscious as are many people these days.

Mo was a very sensitive young man who was an artist in his own right. He was working for the call center until he could get his big break in his own field. Mo was also very health conscious as are many people these days.

I had recently started a small business in the health care industry. I was able to enlist Mo and I am happy to say that he is thoroughly satisfied with the products. Mo does not have a telephone so he had to use my cell phone number as his number for the company's files.

By now you must be wondering; but what does all this have to do with cat
worries? Trust me, all will be revealed to you in due course.

My cats

I lost my cat, Tao, the year before on June 17, 2002 and we were without animals until Christmas. My son adopted a beautiful Himalayan that we called Seti, and a beautiful Persian named Nimrod (Rudy) from the animal shelter. Both of the cats are young males. And my son wanted so much to have a female to mate with them.

It wasn't long after that that my son came home with another stray, a beautiful black cat that we call Sheba. Steven tells me that Sheba walked out of nowhere on a cold winter night and practically jumped into his arms. How could he say no?

On the day before Mother's Day, Sheba had a litter of five kittens, and Steven was the midwife. He had to delivery the first kitten. Sheba was scared. She did not know what to do and the kitten was struggling. Steven pulled the kitten out, broke open the sack, and washed the kitten in warm water (all this of course with the information obtained by the emergency after-hour veterinarian). He had to stay with her until she delivered all five kittens. Sheba was just too scared.

Because of the whole birthing event, Steven has bonded with these kittens far more than any other cat that we have ever had. But we were now faced with eight cats in the house. Unfortunately, before the kittens were even weaned, we lost Rudy, our beautiful Persian. He just seemed to have vanished in thin air.

We mourned for Rudy. Steven has still not gotten over the loss. However, we still had seven cats to occupy our time. I started a campaign to look for new owners for the kittens. Mo was gracious enough to accept two male kittens, which he named Bruce and Dave, after Bruce and Dave Banner, better known as the Incredible Hulk. Of all the kittens, Bruce and Dave had been my favourites.

Mo just adored his two kittens as I knew he would. Shortly after acquiring them, Mo asked me if I would mind taking them in sometime in September if his vacation from work was approved. He wanted to go back and visit his parents in New Brunswick, and of course he could not leave the kittens alone.I immediately said yes.

In August (2003) I was diagnosed with diabetes and was off on sick leave. I didn't think any more about cat-sitting until Mo called from work to ask if we were still on. We had agreed that the end of the week I would pick up the kittens. But no time was set for the pickup. He said that he would call back and confirm.

The fiasco that followed

Now if you remember, Mo does not have a telephone and he had to use my cell number to enroll in the business that I am doing. So there is absolutely no way to contact Mo!

I soon found that my plans would have to be changed for Friday. I had a full day, starting with blood tests and activities with my boyfriend. I managed to call another young man with whom I worked, and asked him to relay the message to Mo. We would have to make the date for the pickup on Saturday. I wanted Mo to call Friday night, anyhow, and make the arrangements with Steven, as I would not be home.

By now I should know better than to rely on my son's dependability, for when I got home last night (Friday), Mo had called. Steven answered and did not even take a message. He did not tell Mo to call back or to call the next day to finalize the plans. Mo was also leaving the next day (Saturday) as well.

Worried about the cats

Though I was somewhat disgusted with Steven, logic dictated that Mo would call the next day.

Now Saturday, the day that Mo is leaving for New Brunswick fell upon us. Mo called about 3 p.m. I consulted with Steven and he said that he would meet Mo at the metro (subway) station because he is unfamiliar with the city of Cote St. Luc, and didn't want to get lost. That was fine, Mo agreed to meet him at 7:30 at Plamondon metro station and they would both continue on to Mo's apartment where Steven would pick up the kittens and return home.

At 5:30, Steven went out to do some grocery shopping for me. This was an errand that should not have taken more than an hour. But at 6:30 I called his cell phone to remind him to come home. He needed to be on time to meet Mo. My son told me that he had forgotten about the time and he hadn't even gone for groceries yet. He was palling around with his friends. The alarm bells started to ring in my mind but I still hadn't smelled smoke.

By the time he got home and talked on the phone with yet another friend, it was after 7:30. He told me to tell Mo if he called that he was on his way and to give Mo the cell phone number. To add to the confusion, Mo and Steven have never met before so Mo was looking for a guy with a cat carrier and Steven was looking for a guy with a hat that has the number 47 on it.

Pollyanna that I am, I think all is well with the world. Oh to be so naive!

At 8:45 Steven called me to tell me that he couldn't find Mo anywhere. He asked me if Mo called and of course the answer was no. Steven asked me if I knew Mo's address. I did not. Steven asked me what to do next, so I told him to wait there until 9:00 since that was the time that Mo was scheduled to leave for New Brunswick. I would try to look for Mo's address somewhere.

I could not find the address anywhere. I had only gone to Mo's apartment once to deliver the kittens. I had written the address on a piece of paper that I must have thrown out since.

Will these poor cats die in the house alone with no one to care for them?

I was in the kitchen when the phone rang and I did not make it back in time to answer it. When I did check the messages it was Mo. He called to say that he had waited an hour and a half for Steven at the metro and he could not find him. He couldn't wait any longer so he went home. He said what he would do is leave the keys in the mailbox and Steven could just go in, take the kittens and lock the door behind him. But the most important piece of information he left out. He didn't give me his address!

I called Steven and of course he didn't answer his cell phone! I am now in frenzy.
We don't know Mo's address, his door is wide open, and two little kittens are there and will starve to death because their owner is not coming back for three weeks! Forget about the smoke, at this point in time, the alarm bells are sounding and the fire is full blast!

Okay enough of the panic; I had to think logically. There had to be a way to salvage this situation. It then occurred to me that I could call Dennis, my enroller for my business. He should have Mo's address. So I called Dennis, got the information and called Steven back. But guess what? Steven still didn't answer. Finally, after several attempts Steven answered the cell and told me he is just minutes away from home; our home!

I said, "I told you to stay put until 9:00 and I have been calling you since 8:50."

"Oh well," he said, "I am home now."

Steven came home, relaxed a bit, and at about 11, he went out again. This time he was armed with Mo's address. However he still didn't know the area and he didn't have Mo to meet him to show him where to go.

As I was writing this piece, I have to inform you that I just got another call from him. He was at the metro telling me that he looked everywhere and he can't find the bus stop!

I was not even going to think what the rest of the evening would bring; I have had enough cat worries for the night! Steven will eventually find his destination and when he gets home we will have our little discussion about dependability. When Mo gets back, we will have a discussion about responsibility and how that also entails calling more often when you don't have a telephone and leaving your address when you expect somebody to pick up your kittens.

Fortunately it all worked out in the end.

All photos are taken from the public domain
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12th Mar 2015 (#)

Very good work! I must appreciate your works and skill!

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12th Mar 2015 (#)

Oh dear I am so glad your mishap worked out in the end. Thanks for sharing .

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12th Mar 2015 (#)

WOW! So pleased that it all worked out in the end. Blessings.

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12th Mar 2015 (#)

What a story! Kept me on the edge of my seat. Sure glad all turn out okay.

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