Catch Up Part 2

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A carry on from my last entry where I got fooled into an abusive relationship with someone I should never have even met.

Catch Up Part 2

Okay, so in my last entry I'd just moved back in with my abusive ex, when I moved back I found my best friend living with him as she'd been kicked out of her parents house and he so 'kindly' offered for her to stay. Nothing was going on between them though as she quite frankly can't stand the sorry bloke.
Me and this girl never got on well in high school but living together we were forced to get along. We ended up being so close, it was great having someone to talk to, and it meant that with her around he didn't hurt me as much.
Things happened and he screwed us over, he moved out and left us with the lease and the debt, she then moved out with a new boyfriend. I was on my own again.
I took on the flat because I couldn't stand to go back into homeless, so knowing full well that I couldn't afford it, I signed my name on the lease. I got into quite a bit of debt as you can imagine and got served with an eviction notice. I was hysterical.
So I had nowhere to go, and by chance I'd just gotten a new job. It was there I got talking to one of the regulars and he introduced me to the idea of flatsharing, I had no idea that people did that kind of thing and was intrigued. He came back in a week later with a long list of websites, I had a look, and within a week had moved out and into a flatshare. I don't know what I'd have done if it wasn't for the kindness of that near stranger.

I'm going to stop this entry here, because after this, my life starts getting better and better. Please read my next entry, Catch Up Part 3, A New Life to read on.


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