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this is a short story about a guy who tries to blackmail a girl but someone else tries to save her.

catch me

During our literature class,I noticed a sparkle in Farooq's eyes.This gesture was not a usual one,his eyes always glinted whenever the "target" was ready to be shot.His usual "targets" were girls whose every feature was appealing.However this time it was slightly different.This was due to two reasons;Farooq had never faced something like his new "target and the "target",Amna was well trained in skipping tight corners!
Farooq tried every tactic,but she always mananged to duck away.he never missed his chances but Amna used to flee like a doe,whenever she sensed the raised arrow of the hunter.With the passage of time Amna was seen with Farooq.this was very surprising.Everyone tried to talk to her about the grave mistake she had done,but she refused to talk about it.Since I was not her friend,so I couldn't talk to her too.I thought Amna could not do this,something must be wrong.On this very notion,I decided to spy on them and if I could,then I will definitely help her.
I started my inquiry from Farooq's roomates.All they said was known to everybody.From this I gathered that he never told anyone the whole truth.As I was about to leave,I spotted him.I hid behind a nearby cupboard and then followed him.First he went to a shop,where he rented a car.Then he went straight to Amna's house,where she stood waiting for him.I chased them in my motorbike.Perhaps once or twice Farooq noticed me,so I had to change route.His car stopped in front of a bar.
They went inside the bar and with them I entered too.Just as they wobbled through the crowd,someone wolf whistled at Amna.She ignored this but an uneasy expression camouflaged her face.He went to buy her a drink.As he reached the booth,Amna went out.Above all the din,Farooq's reply was audible to me."Had to blackmail her,she's not easy!"He then went out and called out to her "Honey are you coming inside or do you want the information to be passed?"after saying this he tapped his pocket and chuckled.She gave him a scathing look but went with him.The problem was not solved until the last moment,when he took out a packet of white powder from the same pocket!Obviously I guessed that they were drugs.
Now the story was complete.Amna only came with him because he blackmailed her about the drugs.Only problem would be if Amna had taken those drugs.I followed him to the "rent a car" shop.There he punched a salesman breaking his tooth.He did this because he had no money to pay.
Next day,I relayed this story to my friend because Amna was seated behind me.I made sure,she heard correctly about Farooq's act in the shop.I hinted this too "Breaking a permenant tooth is a police case".After the dismisal,Amna went straight to Farooq's room and threatened him that she would inform the police if he ever tried to blackmail her.He asked her "Who told you this?I'll kill him." Without a reply she went out.After her,I got up from my hiding place with a satisfied smile,but this time the sparkle was in my eyes!


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