Catching up, on the last few days, well actually a week or more

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I've been busy, and have been through a lot in the time since I was here last. This is an attempt to catch up

"Make new Things Happen" by Jerry E Smith, 11/30/15

Autumn is a time when things often look bleak, but change your perspective,
And what you might see is beauty, discover a sense of mystery, you might,
Just might, become aware of the web of life of which YOU are an integral
Part. It is all a great wheel turning. One thing leads to another, and this
Is just as it should be. It is easy to fall into the trap of depression, of
Feeling sorry for yourself, feeling bad for the things that are now
Gone, but if you turn that around, the things that are now gone,
Have just made room for more wonderful things to come. New
Experiences, new loves, new children, new jobs, new homes
New possibilities abound. Don’t dwell on the past, don’t be
Filled with remorse for things done, or not done; just go
Out there and MAKE NEW THINGS HAPPEN, for you
And for your loved ones and friends. That is what
Life is all about; creating new memories, new
Joys and sharing them with those in your life.
Jerry E Smith, 11/30/15

"Just Be" by Jerry E Smith, 11/29/15

Please know that you are as pristine as the new fallen snow. You
Are a clean slate, beginning fresh each day. You have no past to
Drag you down, unless you let it. You need not worry about
The future; it will happen whether you worry or not. Why
Waste the mental energy? Why sap your joy from the
NOW, worrying about tomorrow? Why do you use
Up your time being concerned what other people
Think about your hair, or what clothes you are
Wearing? Just, Be, Happy. Just BE; be who
You are, be yourself. If others don’t like
It, fine. Let them live their own lives.
You…live yours; live it fully, live it
Deeply and share the joy you
Find along the way with all
Those people who are so
Worried about what the
Others think. Just BE.
Jerry E Smith


Autumn, Positive Energy, Positivity, Turning Around

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I play piano and sing for the Elderly in care facilities in Atlanta for 8 yrs. I am also a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) I work for a home care agency now, as a patient transport.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
7th Dec 2015 (#)

Wonderful sentiments my friend
God bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar Jongleur
7th Dec 2015 (#)

Thank you Stella Michell. ♥

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