Catholicism Embraces Socialism

Phil Jellerson By Phil Jellerson, 18th May 2014 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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It is quite clear that Catholicism is, at the core, a religion of socialism. Is socialism a tenet taught in the Bible? This article explains.

Socialism is the World's Religion

Below is a response to this article

Any doubt that socialism is a tenet of Catholicism has been erased by recent comments and pleas by Pope Francis. He is urging the rich countries to give their wealth to the poor countries thereby creating universal economic equality. Does this not sound like the penal policy of President Obama and his liberal looters who are extorting by taxation the rich to give to the poor?

Where do Pope Francis, President Obama and all socialists get the foolish idea of a society in which there is neither rich nor poor – a world with one economical level – EQUAL? That economic concept is socialism which CANNOT work. Many of them would tell us that socialism is the message of the Bible and Jesus Christ. Anyone that believes that does not understand the Bible.

Pope Francis in an apostolic exhortation spoke of “The Joy of the Gospel.” By his statements, both verbal and written, the Pope sees the gospel of Jesus Christ as a social gospel rather than a salvation gospel. That would make Jesus a socialist and the church's mission one of socialism, right? What a perversion of the gospel that is! What blasphemy!

Worse than the socialistic agenda of Catholicism and secular rulers of the world is the adoption of the social agenda by Christians. The spurious socialistic gospel is infiltrating many NT churches and Christian ministries. Once solid Bible preachers, evangelists and missionaries are falling for the heretical social gospel. This insidious humanistic gospel is creeping into well established Christian denominations and organizations (the SBC included).

LISTEN. The Gospel of Christ has nothing to do with socialism (social equality, social justice or social anything) and Jesus was not a socialist. It has everything to do with the salvation of lost souls in all societies. The true gospel extols the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ which saves those who believe. The mission of the church is not to correct social ills or inequities. Jesus clearly laid out the church's mission in Matthew 28:18-20 which is to advance the church by bringing lost souls to salvation.

In I Corinthians Chapter 3 Paul warns Christians of a penalty (loss) for spreading the social gospel. Our works will be tried by fire before the Lord Jesus Christ. If our works have eternal value we'll receive reward but if our works are temporal (worldly) we will suffer loss. The social gospel is a false gospel therefore any words or works on behalf thereof will be burned in the judgmental fire resulting in eternal loss.

I plead as Paul did. “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord...” II Cor 6:17 Don't be deceived by the errant social gospel. Stand fast with the gospel of salvation. Remember, our divine mission is not to improve society but rather to advance the cause of Jesus Christ and His church.

Thank you for reading and GOD BLESS


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