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It has never stopped amazing me how what would be, but an old alley cat can become family and loved so much,

At the Crazy House

At the Crazy House

There’s a snake
In the toilet
Telling lies and making a stink
While a fly
With twelve legs
Seems to be lost on the mirror.
While up in the dirty clothes bedroom
The cat has got the dog by the tail again
And the wife is stuck in the middle.
They’ve been going around in circles
All morning
And there is no chance
Of them coming to terms now…
And wouldn’t you know it
There’s not a drop of coffee
Or cat-nip
To be found
In the whole damn house.

Our House

Our House

We have four cats,
two of which
simply adore my wife,
one who spends all his time
with those who have food,
and another bossy little nip
who spends all her waking hours
with me.

She hates it when I write

Maybe she’s right?

Cats in a Box


they just want to be warm- - mostly
you know- -not that under the covers
kind of warm- -but it’s okay
when it’s all a cat can get,
but that moist- -steal your breath away
kind of warm,
that warmth that only comes
face to face- -when they cuddle up
to you
on cold winter nights
now that’s the ticket they think.

can take care of themselves
you know- -if they have to
but they would rather
find someone they can trust- -someone
who is kind and gentle- -someone
they can really purr up to
being somewhat careful- -as they are
when they chose just who it is
they give their affections to- -not just anyone will do.

prefer someone
with a big house
with lots of open space
and big bright windows
to watch birds through- -and to let
the sun in on winter days
so they can have a warm place
to dream when there is nothing better
for a cat to do, or chase
before breakfast
is served

Fat Boy

Fat Boy

The old grandpa of 21 years
Has grown deaf now.
He wanders the house
Searching for his meow.
He is lost in his silence
Crying his lonesome song
To emptied walls
Searching for just one more pat
On his old tattered head
To keep company with
While he listens for God
To call him home……………………..picture of Fat Boy


Credits....Photos by J. Sant


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I have been writing since the beginning of time it seems, not because I want to write, but because I have too. My favorite form of writing is poetry, all kinds and types of poetry.

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author avatar Margaret Michel
13th Aug 2014 (#)

Very cute! Love the cat pics!

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