Cause of Death: Marzeus

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They arrive home at Tower Hills. Marzeus gets out of the van and goes to Tower Mansion. In there, Mom is sitting by her computer.

Cause of Death: Marzeus

"Good you're here!", starts mother as soon as she sees him, and goes on to explain her umpteenth computer issue. Sometimes Marzeus thinks that people born before 1950 should really find simpler toys than modern computers to play with. He wants to tell her about his situation now.

Mom is insistant. She wants answers to some problem Marzeus barely hears. He needs to think fast. Mom explains her problem and asks what to do. Marzeus's answer "Sorry, I really don't know" simply doesn't cut it.

Finally he gets a word in. He tells her about the dogs finding a warthog, and Specter and Weener wanting to eat it.

"Mom, do you want a warthog?" he attempts desperately to save the warthog, thinking that maybe Mom will want a live warthog as one of her pets. Then they'll have to save the warthog's life!

She doesn't.

"But I don't know if your father probably might..."

Zac is on the phone to Father. This time he is hoping that Father will say Specter and Weener can't do this now, since it is work time and the both of them are employees of Father's.

But, Father instead says it's ok for them to slaughter the warthog, as long as they give him one of the warthog's butts. Delicious meat according to Father.

It's obvious, there's no way around it - Marzeus is officially the cause and instrument of an innocent being's death.

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