Celebrating success

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“Remember to celebrate success” – a sentence you might have heard a few times throughout your life. But what does celebrate success actually mean and how does it help your motivation and time management?

Celebrating success

“Remember to celebrate success” – a sentence you might have heard a few times throughout your life. But what does celebrate success actually mean and how does it help your motivation and time management?
Reaching a personal goal can be very difficult. Very often we set serious goals in our lives and those goals require effort, dedication and hard work. Besides that, the whole process of reaching personal goals is not always “an easy sail”.
We often need to overcome serious obstacles and reaching a goal or a milestone takes time. If your goal has been ambitious, the process of getting there will definitely have required some sacrifices.
From an overall perspective, celebrating success is about acknowledging a good effort and performance. Good leaders remember to acknowledge and praise great performance and effort by employees. The reason for this is mainly to motivate, so why shouldn’t we remember to keep ourselves motivated by acknowledging good performance and effort?

Why did you reach your goal or milestones?
Many people fail to achieve their goals because they are afraid of success and the risks that success might bring. They don’t want to exit their comfort zone and the habits they have developed over the years. Bad time management is one thing some people unconsciously do and bad time management is often used in order to keep things as they are (without accepting changes).
You will only reach your goals (assuming they are ambitious) if you put in a great effort. The right mindset, focus, smart time management and motivation are some of the key factors.
Motivation is one of the key factors in reaching goals and motivation can only be kept in the long run, if effort and results are acknowledged. As you might see celebrating success can become a catalyst to a great circle of motivation and results, but be careful to celebrate your success the right way.

How to celebrate success?
No matter if we are talking about business related goals, personal or professional goals celebrating success can mean a lot. But what does celebrating success exactly mean? And why is history open to ongoing and changing interpretations? Every success should be celebrated and rewarded adequately. This celebration should provide a feeling of happiness and joy that can give you strength for the challenges in the future.
So how should you celebrate your success and make sure that you feel happy about your accomplishment. This is the part where people are often different due to personality and personal preferences.
For some people the “celebration” would be to just stop up and think of the things accomplished. For others a present (new clothes, a nice meal or something similar) to themselves is a great way to celebrate. A third group of people would like to share their success and celebration with others. You need to find out, what motivates you and which kind of celebration brings you the most joy.
Every phase of reaching a goal is important. That is why I also recommend celebrating the success of reaching milestones. It is important though that proportion between the success and the celebration are reasonable. If this is not the case, celebrating success might end up having the opposite effect of what you want.

How can celebrating success be demotivating?
Celebration should have some limits. All you want to accomplish through the celebration of success is to feel good and to find inspiration and motivation for the future.
Celebrating a milestone heavily, while being close to the actual goal, can take your focus away from what is most important. Therefore celebrating such a milestone should probably be kept very simple.
As you might have gotten from the above, celebrating success can actually be a difficult thing to master. What I always keep in mind though is, that the important thing is to acknowledge great performance and effort – especially your own.


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