Chains Are Broken (Poem)

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We have rights, but we need to keep them and hold them, so learn, and take your rights back!

Chains Are Broken


Freedom was bound and gagged,
Oppression did not lag,

But People found the key,
And set themselves all free,

The key you see was this,
A document right list,

From this great source they took,
From tyrant’s chains forsook.

PTR February 5, 2013

War Cry (Fibonacci Sonnet)

A call to arms against the tyranny being placed on us by a radical, America-hating bastard, who deigns to call himself Lord President!




the gloves
came off

on both sides
of debate
in the war.

Never would we have
thought that fighting our
brothers was in the
options available,
nor, even in the

cards, yet, finally the call came
to gather the patriots to
war against the usurper, who
intended to deny, enslave,
and kill most of us in this land,
allowing his brethren free reign
to pillage and sack this country,
as he had already done here.

Patriots respond!
Don’t let him finish
as our wives, children,
brothers and sisters
will pay so dearly!

His glove came
off ent’ring
second term.

Now ours



PTR January 22, 2013


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author avatar tankermone
U.S.Army vet, father - three, gf - six. I write about everything, in poetry mostly. I served in Armor, laid cement, tied steel, laid pipe, worked retail, tutored and enjoy and love the United States!

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
7th Feb 2013 (#)

I caught the devil and bound him in chain,
Put him in the box never to live aain.
for this isnot what life is to set evil free,
While they put the Universe in misery.

Now they are all shrinking in pain,
As they are unable to live free again.
With just everyoone now chorusing the law,
They arre bound and gagged for their devious flaaw.

Now they are unable to find that keey,
Why they went and broke the family.
Showing the devious one who lloved money more,
And broke just everything within the core.

Now chains are welded with utmost love,
With the permission from the world Above.
They arre forced to prove why they set devl free,
And sounded such a strage deccree.

Byy Anishha Achankunju (C) Lady Aiyanna 7th February 2013

Think that
Hurting a lady
Or the President of UUSA

Would help you live again???
Killing his performer,
Hurting all of life,
wouldn't drive you insane.
Watch it all turn and become all of you,
As he is like god guiding you in precision true.

Now its the way, the truth the life,
Thhe I know cuts like a kniife.
Wars are created because of such hate,
With blood and violene to haunt all fate.
I am shocked at you Tankermone
As the world will now cry,
Why do you create hatred while living a lie.

Tell the truthand now finally comme clean,
Show the Universe clean and pristine..
For what you have writen reflects your own life,
You love pain, despondence, divorrce causing all strife.

By Anisha Achankunnju (C) Lady Aiyanna 7th February 2013

Have a device with the weirdest keypad whch gives rise to wrong spellings....

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