Challenges of India as a Developing Nation to be a Developed One

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This is the article saying about the major challenges of India to be a developed country. it may help you as a reference for writing your class notes

Challenges of India as a Developing Nation to be a Developed One


In the global economy India is still considered as a developing country. at the same time India playing a vital role among other country. according to the former president of India Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, India is achieved growth in terms of GDP and other factors. But India is not a developed one. in the vision of A.PJ. Abdul Kalam “vision 2020”, he argued India will be the greatest country or will become number one economy in the world.

Any way India can be a developed country. India is not achieved development even we already achieved growth in many fields. The fact between development and growth is that India facing many challenges. That widen the disparity between growth and development. So, India should overtake them, then only India can be a developed country.

What are the challenges India facing ?

Since India is a largest country in the world both in terms of geographically and in terms of population, there is existing many complex problems. Actually these issues can not over take easily and shortly. It will ake time. India can achieve development only through following some strict policies to avoid or to overtake these issues. Gradually India can be a developed country.

Here listing some of the major problems existing in India.

I – Poverty : It is the big issue facing by almost all the developing and underdeveloped countries. When we deeply analyze India, we can see that, some people are wasting foods and drink items, at the same time on the other side showing poor people are crying for food. I t can not overtake easily. So, India can overtake this issue gradually by following and introducing many poverty eradication programs.

II - Unemployment : It is another issue all over the world irrespective of developed and underdeveloped countries. This is also creating another issues like poverty. This issue can overtake by giving technical education and programs for self skilled employees. Because many self skilled employees are unemployed. The government introduce many programs for the development of human capital.

III – Child Labor : Child labor is another issue creating more challenges for India. It is causing for many other problems. It can overtake by introducing and implementing laws against child labor.

IV – Corruption : It is the issue suffering by most of the countries. This is caused to block the planning and the functioning of the government and society. It can avoid by formulating laws and introducing model punishment against those conducts corruption.

V – Health and Sanitation : Sanitation is also a great issue. Lack of good water, air and environment etc. causing the creation of health problems. Actually this can be solve not only by a single person but also with the support of all.

V – Education : Education is very very important to be developed. Through education the human capital and human quality can increase. Now, India is suffering the low literacy rate (below 70%). In India the right for education should be the right of fundamental rights not in theory but in practical also.

VII – Women Disparities : Women disparities is a great problem in India, especially in the educational field. A country can be a developed one only the human capital is developed irrespective of men and women.

Further, India facing so many other issues like rural development, unwanted social beliefs like caste system, untouchability etc. India can not become a developed country easily. It will take time and efforts. But India can …………


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th Jun 2013 (#)

India is a democratic country in the sense citizens have voting rights. But the leaders elected are selfish by playing caste politics - they get to power and forget those who elected them. For democracy to be successful there should be rule of law and that is lacking in India. Only when the younger generation steps in will the welfare of the people improve. The present lot of politicians carry old, cumbersome, historical baggage that should be unloaded and discarded - siva

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author avatar icv
5th Jun 2013 (#)

thanks for your valuable comment

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