Change: Love it or Hate it but cant ignore it

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Change is something which cannot be avoided. It is important to accept this fact and make best possible decisions in order to make change positive in nature.

What is Change?

The process of becoming different is defined as change by Wikipedia. This makes each every aspect of us and environment around us to be dynamic. What we feel/observe is not same as in the past or in the future. There are several changes which we can observe while others we can’t observe; all this depends on the rate at which change is taking place and our sensitivity to a particular kind of change. For example, sun is not going to remain as burning ball of fire of hydrogen; it will change to a white dwarf star but it will take billions of years for us to observe it.

8 to 18

Change in our thinking with time can be quite an interesting phenomenon. In my case, a drastic change in thinking occurred over a decade from the childhood age of 8 to the teenage age of 18. During my childhood, comfort and enjoyment without bars and poor understanding of life was prevalent. It was the time when I believed that mouse can sing. It was the age for me when money, patience and health had no meaning for me. Anything which was tiring, monotonous and boring would be opposed, whether it is going for walk, saving money, sitting around and engaging in talks. In short, carefree and thrill in my life was the norm. It was also the time when fear of elders was present in the mind and no engagement of argument of any kind is done even if I’m right. The thinking was dynamic, which got reversed with time.
A sense of maturity was developed and importance of money, patience and health seems to be understood by me. I started spending lot more time hanging out with friends rather than playing games. Sense of independence and decision making ability allowed me to make my point in front of the elders.
Change is constant rest everything is dynamic, which is discussed in next article.


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9th Mar 2012 (#)

Very good article change is something that happens to us sometimes we can't control it but we can control how we respond to it.

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