Changing Lives (Sound)

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it was only a raw wave of sound, but it managed to change the destiny of so many young spirits.

Magical Sound

Gentle waves of sound are flowing through the air. There are no more reasons to feel angry or to worry about the troubles of the world. A young heart began to beat with happiness. That strange sound transported him to a new place, where there was not a single thing to be afraid of; for a moment, everything was perfect. But things weren´t always was so easy as going to an website and downloading the songs we liked.
Long years had to pass, and so many young souls had to leave before the young hearts could be able to enjoy a sound that reflected the problems of the younger generations. Nobody expected it to arrive, but it came, changing radically so many lives. It was sound, only sound on its purest form. Raw, pure emotion that made every single person feel like a part of something bigger. On a dirty bar or a beautiful concert hall; in the end it was the same. Places crowded with people hungry to discover a new reason to keep following the beat of the sounds created by the performers. Musical notes arranged with dexterity. Such a little thing, yet so powerful. A curious invention that made every single lonely soul a little bit more hopeful. On every single concert, the only thing that really mattered was getting lost in the magic of the moment. There was no use in worrying about trivial matters, like school or the problems with the coworkers. The only important thing was shaking the stress away, liberating ones mind and body to be able to fully enjoy a chance to be in perfect communion with one thousand souls. Little revolution disguised under the veil of something as simple as a music concert.
On a very distant place, a young dreamer smiled, just after playing a classic rock song on guitar. Another life has been changed forever.

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author avatar Carol Roach
4th Mar 2015 (#)

great story

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6th Mar 2015 (#)


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