Chapter 2: All About Gans

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Gans is also referred to by M.T. Keshe as the "sun" or the power source or the plasma in the zero point energy reactors and new medical applications. This article relates my personal experiences over the past three weeks with gans production.

The Living Gans

What I ended up doing is putting gans in a small glass jar, I keep on the desk, stir it every few hours, then pour off the clear water from the top very slowly. Take a turkey baster and remove the bottom 1/2" from a larger "brew" of gans then add it to the small collection jar. Eventually the gans becomes "slippery" and all the same texture/size. Some black particles are accumulating on the bottom, the idea is to keep stirring it and breathing on it (sing pray speak "love") adding CO2 and N, to make "popcorn" out of it so that the precipitate is white or green. Eventually in time it does become pale green like sea water. The bigger jars (recycled honey jars washed clean) sit facing morning sun on my kitchen counter. I "feed" them before putting them with warm salty sugar water back after "milking" the new gans out. In this manner, about half an ounce or so roughly per day can be created. The more you breathe and stir, the more you get and the more refined it gets. Each time I wash a dish near the main gans jars, I acknowledge them and I thank them for their service. I think it helps to put the gans on a kind of "altar." Take photo of what you love, be it person, place, and favorite objects and focus your positive attention on the gans by putting it on an altar which has got a few of your favorite items or reminders of what you love. This will charge up the gans with your highest intentions.

Once one lets go of labels it does not really matter what inspiration is, be it human, dog, ghost, spirit, sun, flower, but it does all end up in the gans. The more elements present in the gans soup the more receivers there are, the more antennas there are, the more pixels you will end up with in your ultimate transmission, is the way I see it. Open your mind. Tell your judgments to hush up.

(girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, snow flakes that dance on my nose and eyelashes...)

Think Good and it Will be Good

You don't have to have a Jesus on a cross unless that is what you love the most about being human on earth. It can be a flower, a poem, a crystal, a photo of your lover. It is important to pray/send good energy to the gans. If you argue, cry, throw tantrums, play angry sounds, violent movies (news will do) then the gans will become polluted with this lower vibratory frequency from the surroundings. This is why I believe our teacher told us to use elements with more mass than Cu. It is equally important to keep at least the gans production rooms very free of anger, drama, yelling, noise, etc. They are magnets. If we surround them with our hopes, dreams, love, desire for world peace, they replicate and broadcast that. If you tell your gans, "make love not war" it will do that when you sleep, when you take out your garbage, when you leave for a few hours and come back, it's there doing it. But if you surround the gans with misery, you get back what you put in.

"Aish Tamid" is the eternal flame, in Jewish synagogues it is symbolized by a light bulb or a candle over the Torah cabinet. This is a way of saying we are fragments of one flame, we are sparks of light. Below the spark is a lower dimension, or density where the spark manifests as Torah, or guiding principals, or what M.T. Keshe calls "higher emotional body" something like that. And below the Torah, the people, the body of mankind, the material plane.

Ayurvedic cooking talks about balancing "doshas" and one of these is fire. Balance in the body by making a food that balances the imbalance, very similar to healing with plasma.

Tai Chi, sun-gazing, acupuncture, all have the goal of balancing "Chi" or fire in the body. Yoga and chiropractic do the same by dissolving or moving physical obstacles which represent the materialization of negative emotions, they are the "body" created by ideas that have not been developed...essentially each time we focus on an obstacle, we create a small physical representation of it...that has to be "stirred" back into the gans of the body-mind complex it has to be digested. Once it is, energy flows unimpeded in both directions and communication is always instant, magnetic...whether we tune into it or focus on it is another matter.


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