Chapter Four Choices and Accountability

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Sometimes we make a wrong choice in our lives, having no idea what the results of that choice could be. It could end up affecting those around us, even to the extent of future generations. When my grandfather decided to drink to solve his problems, I am sure he had no idea to what extent and consequences that his family would have to suffer.



Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. Revelation 3:20

When dad was young, he listened to Memere and always carried his Bible wherever he went. He met his bride to be for the first time when she was fifteen and he was nineteen. He joined the military for two years and was stationed in Germany. When he completed his duty, he was a totally different man. He had taken up drinking and smoking. He began dating mom and they decided to get married despite their different religious backgrounds. Mom was Catholic and the ninth child born into a family of ten. She was not close to them and we never had much contact. Nine years after their marriage, they realized their need of help beyond their own strength, as Memere was always sharing her faith and praying. Dad stopped drinking and smoking, and they made their commitment to Jesus, joining the church. They had a few years with God in the center of their relationship and home became more loving. We were happy going to church as a family. My older sister was six and I was four. However, as time passed, it was getting more difficult for dad as two more babies had arrived, and we were never very quiet. Dad couldn't handle it.
When he found a job working at Fairmount Foundry, welding, he met people there who were not Christians, and he started to hang around with them. They asked him to go places and drink. If he said, “No,” they'd say he was henpecked and did everything his wife told him to do! My dad didn't want to be known as that! He started to go with them, and we all stopped going to church as a family. Sometimes dad's brother, David, took us and we had fun-filled afternoons with Aunt Terry, Uncle Paul and our cousins.
Drinking was such a curse in our family. One day my mom, twelve year old David and Sandy's wife were going to a little variety store to pick up some items, and had decided to take a short-cut to get there. As they were walking, they heard some children talking about a man in the woods. They were all very upset, thinking the man might be dead! They told David to go and check what it was all about. He was hesitant, but not wanting to appear fearful, he ran into the small wooded area across the street from where they lived. He found a man dressed in overalls like his father wore. Yes! It was his father, and there right beside him, was the hated bottle. He quickly ran to tell them. They were shocked, turned around, and ran as fast as they could to tell the family. It looked like he had become drunk again and probably had a heart attack while trying to make his way home.
A few days prior to this incident, Pepere had come to Memere before going to work, and had told her how sorry he was for what he had put her and the children through all these years. He acknowledged he was the one in the wrong. He told her he loved her, and went away that morning shaking his head and saying, “I am so sorry.” He knew the truth, and how God wanted him to live, but the rejection of his family was too much for him. In the end he just could not get away from the bottle, no matter how sorry he was for everything. At fifty-eight, he ended his days alone, drowning his convictions with alcohol.

Memere's New Love!

Several years after Pepere's death, Memere married a man who seemed to offer the hope of a better life than what she had before. He promised he would put her son David through college to prepare him to become a minister, but it didn't happen. George turned out to be not what he seemed. Bitterness grew into hate in the heart of my dad towards his new step-father and one day after work he decided he'd go and see them. Of course he paid a visit to the local bar first and was drunk when he arrived at their place. Thank God, no one was there at the time because my dad broke in through a window and went crazy! He threw all the furniture he could pick up over the porch railing of their third story apartment. Something evil had come over him and given him strength he never had before.
We did not live far from Memere's apartment, and when dad did not come home that night, mom sent my older sister and me to look for him. It was getting dark and my sister and I were laughing. We weren't feeling concerned as dad not coming home was familiar to us. We arrived at Memere's apartment and knocked on the door, but no one answered. We went to the porch and found the window broken! Well, being young and not understanding the danger, we climbed in. We walked around the kitchen and seeing nothing unusual, we climbed back out and went home to tell mom what we saw. The darkness kept us from seeing the furniture and stuff sprawled all over the lawn.
We later learned that my dad had been asleep in the living room and the police told my mom if we had found him and disturbed him, we might have been killed. They also told her my dad needed mental help, but she refused to believe what they said, and nothing was ever done.
Through all this, God was watching over us. My older sister summed up what we went through in a very accurate light. She said it was like living in two worlds: one foot in God's and one foot in Satan's. Thinking of it that way brings back to my mind a vivid picture. Memere had related to me a dream she had while she was staying with my parents. She saw my father sitting in his chair smoking, drinking and watching TV. Jesus was standing outside the window, looking at my father with big tears running down his cheeks.


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