Chapter II : In His Viens

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Flashbacks. These so reminds me of how I am before. When it's easy, I'll do anything to turn back the hands of time and correct everything. For some reason, this becomes my outlet on love frustrations, painting and writing my dreams again.

In Deep Thoughts

Last night, it was an interesting dream. What was I doing yesterday to come up with such dream or come up with that certain story plot? I mean i haven't seen any movie similar on it. I have no idea.

Let's see, all I can remember is that my cousin hand me her phone. She says her friend wants to talk to me so I got the phone and talked to him. It's not really clear or I can't really remember what we're talking about and I can't even remember who he is, I don't know or met him yet. I'm having the feeling that he likes. He's implying that and he wants to know me better. My cousin's just staring at me scrupulously and I'm puzzled.

In my dream, the next thing happened that happened is a scene of three girls walking under a heavy rain and in an instant, I was one of them struggling to see a place to stay for a moment until the rain would stop. We are all wet now. We were looking for a place to stay just for the mean time. I'm not sure why but it seems that we are going somewhere else but there are no other structures except for an enormous edifice that stands with might. It's more of a temple, a Parthenon-like structure with a Chinese red tint. A few meters away on its side before getting into the main temple,s bare ground stands a wall. It's made of common stones layered delicately fine. If I'm not mistaken it's twice as tall as an average human being. To where I stand, I can see five men taking their time and sharing a laugh under the heavy rain. Three of them were leaning on the wall and to the two seems to have their own share of laughs.

As we draw nearer the temple for a rain shed, someone tapped me at the left shoulder. I look back in sudden and standing behind me is are two beautiful women. There is no sense of familiarity. I can't recognize their features either. I just know there beautiful. They seem to be both in there mid 20s, maybe because of their fairness. She tapped me once again and said, "You can come with us inside". Because of her kindness and our situation, I smiled back and followed them. It's pretty weird yet relieving that I accepted her offer to come without asking my fellows if they'll come with me too, but they just did.

Approaching the temple. I looked back on the huge wall and to my surprise, all eyes were were stuck on me, as if they're cautious or something really odd. They look curious. There's this one guy who stands on the farthest left stared at me with the most piercing stare. He's undeniably gorgeous like the other guys with him, but he has an air of mystery. If I'm not mistaken, he stands about 5'11 to 6 feet and if it's not because of the pouring rain on his skin, I can tell his beautiful like a lady, with his fair complexion although he has an ample body of a male, not looking at his male figure I'll be deceive if he's not talking manly or by merely looking at his face. He has a the blackest hair due to the rain, and I assume it's medium length if it's dry. He has define brows that equally frame his deep seated gray piercing eyes., more like Pierce Brosnan or Richard Gere, sexy. That made him quite familiar to me.

Then, a flash of memory came to me. I don't even have any idea of what it's relevance why I dreamed of that too. It's just like a scene of a party of foreign people. That made me felt a bit insecure about my height. Even if we're of the same age, they're pretty much physically mature. That makes me an Asian. The party, people were beautiful. Men and women were mingling, dancing, making a cheers under the hazy disco beat. What am I doing there? I don't know either, I can't even see myself.

I realized I was in a huge doorstep. I had a wrong idea about the pillars' colors. I thought it's just painted with red, but it was actually a red wood, a trunk of a huge tree made as pillar. They're amazing. I never saw such tree as that yet in reality. It's all part of a big dream.

Now this guy, with his friends were really weird. They seem to hate us as if we've done something wrong. Not really the hate look on they're wearing, it's a sort of being indifferent. That's what I feel, like an outcast, unwelcomed. They seem uneasy to have me around, to have us around except for the two ladies who were really kind to us.



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author avatar Denise O
2nd Dec 2010 (#)

Dreams can be made up of 1000's of different little snipets you have witnessed or heard about in your
I love to dream.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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