Chapter Thirteen Oh My! Life in the Big Blue Bus!

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What a change the LaPierre family was about to encounter! Would we stand the test of faith that we will need to get us through? Little did we know that it would be six long years before we could make another change. God help us!

The Bus


Great peace have those who love Your law, and nothing causes them to stumble.
Psalm 119:165
(Even living in a school bus!)

Oh my, life in the bus. Where do I begin! Aaron was six years old and Tim was four when we moved in, cat and all. We were still in Connecticut. It was around March. We drove the bus to a nearby campground. The snow was gently falling and it was very cold. Our little gas heater did not have any gas in it. We had hoped to get a propane tank when we got to the campground, but unfortunately it was too late when we arrived, so we spent the night freezing! It wasn't fun.
Early the next morning Mark left for work. I felt it was unfair for him to spend all day in a warm place, and I had to struggle here in the freezing cold with two little boys! We just bundled ourselves up and stayed wrapped in blankets. It was especially tough when the kids had to go to the bathroom as we had to venture out into the snow and cold to the restrooms.
We muddled through the day, attempting to be warm, reading and trying to have a good time. I always endeavored to keep my courage up by smiling and singing and being cheerful. The boys and Fixy did not seem to mind it at all. They were happy enough. Mark came home around 5:00 P.M. purchased the much needed tank, and we were warm at last!

Our Little Bus Boys, and One More on the Way!

We stayed at the campground for about three months which was long enough for Aaron to find plenty of trouble to get into. One day he managed to shut off all the electricity in the camp! That did not go over well with the manager.Then he had the bright idea of taking all the stone fireplaces apart. Mark had to buy some stone and set out to rebuild the fireplaces Aaron had torn down. You can be sure little Aaron had to accompany him all night, being eaten alive by black flies. I would like to think he learned a big lesson, but I am sorry to say Aaron was still enjoying whatever his little hands and feet could find to do.
Around the middle of May we decided to move to another campground which was more pleasant. It was on a lake. The air was starting to warm up. The flowers were blooming everywhere. This new campground was a sweet place for us to be in the summer. We went on picnics in the woods and loved swimming in the lake. The boys had fun with their bikes, riding all around. Aaron was still finding things to get into and Tim was always following him, copying whatever he would do. Mark was occupied fixing his old Mustang and we settled down to enjoy our summer, having many happy Sabbaths there.
Then I found myself pregnant again. Oh no! What would we do now? The bus was not fixed for a new baby. Not much space in a school bus for raising two kids. Now we would have to figure a way to squeeze in one more!


Challenges In Life, Changes, Test Of Faith

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Nancy Berthiaume LaPierre is living in Newport News, Virginia with her husband Mark. She had decided to tell her life story to leave a legacy for anyone that can be encouraged by it.

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