Chapter Thirty-Five The Long, Awaited for Answer

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While taking care of mom, away from my husband for months, I tried to be brave and give her as much of me as I could. Those days were not easy. Would I ever be able to go back home? All I could do was pray and wait. An answer was needed, for her and for me. Would it ever come?

The Job


It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear. Isaiah 65:24

By the middle of March things were still not changing. I was doing the same routine with mom, praying every day God would show me what to do next. Then Mark called me and said there was a job opening in Virginia! Northrop Grumman was looking for a ship designer. He was very interested, and after we prayed about it, he applied on-line. The shipyard called him, and said they would fly him out for an interview. When he arrived it was seventy-seven degrees! That was enough for Mark! He called me and said he was hired, and we would be moving by the end of the month! I talked with mom, and told her she'd have to live with us until she was able to be on her own again. She understood, but oh my, now I had to figure out what to do with her because I needed to go back home to get ready to move. It seemed like just one big challenge after another. Everything was overwhelming, but I knew God would take care of it all. Mark got that job for a reason, and I just had to trust in Him to take care of the rest.

A Big Prayer Answered

I made phone calls to my brother in North Carolina, and asked him if he could take mom while I went home to pack. It would involve traveling sixteen hours for him to come and get her. He said he'd have to talk with his wife because they had a little one to take care of at home, and it might end up being too much to deal with mom as well. After discussing it together, they said they could have her for a month. This would give us time to go and get settled in Virginia before we brought her to live with us.
I was getting excited now, knowing I'd finally be going home to my husband! Thank You God, for such a big answer to my prayers! I was counting the days when my brother and his family would be arriving. Mom was walking with just a cane now, but she hated that cane. She'd put it over her head and go too fast. Her mind couldn't tell her feet to slow down, and she'd almost walk into the walls! We would both find ourselves laughing at how funny she looked! In a little while she was able to go slower.

A Time for Goodbyes and Hello's

Then came the day my brother was to arrive. We packed mom's things. It was hard for her to let go of her independence because she knew in her heart there might not be a coming back, but for now, we were taking one step at a time. First, we had to get her somewhere safe, which would enable me to go home to Mark and face what was happening there. Thank God for family.
Everyone arrived around the same time. It was terrific to see them all, especially my Mark! We had a joyful visit, then said our “goodbyes,” assuring mom we would come and get her as soon as we got settled in Virginia. The Lord had met the needs of each one of us.


Answers, Anticipation, Praying, Thankfulness, Trusting, Waiting On God

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Nancy Berthiaume LaPierre is living in Newport News, Virginia with her husband Mark. She had decided to tell her life story to leave a legacy for anyone that can be encouraged by it.

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You can find this book on Amazon in kindle form and Audio form at: and Check out my newest audio book, Courage for the Soul of the Caregiver. A 3 CD Audio to give hope and courage to all the caregivers in the world.

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29th Sep 2014 (#)

Awesome recommendation, cheers!

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5th Feb 2015 (#)

Thank you for sharing a part of your life. Blessings to you!

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thank you! Blessings to you too, have a wonderful day.

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