Chapter one - Squeaky Tails - Crusaders of Golanthia

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This is the first chapter of the Squeaky Tails series "Crusaders of Golanthia" It introduces that theme on which the story is written. Carrying through with the idea that we are all part and play our roles in the same world.


With all things in life, everything must come to an end. Therefore, as winter ends, it makes way for springtime’s warmth. Slowly reawakening and looking out upon the sleeping yard, Golantha masterfully broadcasts its presence. This squeaky old house, throughout the cold of winter, is a haven for countless different forms of hidden life. These various forms of life, oddly combining over time, have created a union with those living in the wilds of the yard.
Existence for those of the yard is seemingly as it always has been, as they uniquely build a world or home of their own. Each new generation, believing that they are the first, seldom notice the changes those longer living may experience. Perhaps this is nature’s design. To let modification filter in and to inadvertently continue predicting, perfecting, and managing its unending creation.
Following their own rites of reawakening and springtime purification, the rituals of Golantha show little difference from those of the wilds. Outwardly, this squeaky old house may appear a solid impenetrable fortress. However, its porous interior teems with life that is beginning its own time-tested version of the dance of life.
While the inhabitants of Golantha and those of the yard continue in their inter- connected springtime rituals, an early morning rain begins to clear. This departing shower brings with it refreshingly cool and moist air. The inhabitants of the squeaky old house and those of the wilds, appear to exist in different worlds. Yet, they are dancing different steps to the same old tune. This day begins, much as spring follows winter, with the world of Golanthia proceeding along a path that began in the dim recesses of time and continues onward with the same forgotten song.
Encircling the wilderness, strangely denying the passage of time, there stands an old fence. Only slight traces of this once illustrious barrier remain seen through an overgrowth of natural flora. Shrouded in a coating of flowering growth, this en- closure stretches from the silvery waters of the shallow pond, all the way back to Golantha standing opposite the expanse of yard.
It is between these two settings of Golantha and the encircling fence line, that those in the wilds begin their springtime ceremony. Nature, through its mysterious ways, manages intricacies that may be seen only upon closer inspection. Beginning afresh its ever-continuing struggle of survival, winter’s barren slumber and spring- time’s rebirth renews this course.
The rite for those having successfully survived the winter brings on the singular and powerful collision of procreation. Collision is the proper term when describing nature’s seemingly random cycles. These cycles, more often than not misunderstood, may seem brutal to the uninitiated. They are however, very effective in continuing the advancement of this world’s system.
The sun finally sets, and with its passing are those many glimmering lights refracting through the darkening clouds, announcing that night has arrived. The edges of Golantha, up on the distant hill, dance with a bright aurora of colors, distinguishing it from the last of the day’s radiance.
Golantha is at home in the deep of night, as well as in the bright of day. Tonight, as with most nights, with only the moonlight lighting the yard, its many gables loom in the shadows. Gradually, as twilight envelopes the wilds, a low illumination coming from this squeaky old structure lets it be-known that there is life within its aged walls. Yet, as those creatures of the night begin making their presence known, they spend their evening much as creatures of the light spend their day.
However, for those living under the starlight, there is the never resting image of Golantha closely watching. Moving through the shadows, bathed in the comforting dimness of the shining moonlight, these creatures in some strange way pay homage to this illustrious structure. Amazingly alive in the throes of this lightlessness, those thriving under its cover wish nothing other than to continue in their natural ways. Regardless, to all striving in the wilds of the yard, whether known or unknown, the presence of this looming structure is stamped upon their hidden minds and plays within their heads.
A well-known landmark projecting itself over the yard, Golantha signifies many different things to those of the wilds, not the least of which is mystery. Within this nightly progression, life in the darkness has its way in the yard. Signaled by the bright orange and yellow glow reflecting from those many eyes of Golantha, they know that their reign is ending and soon it will be time to make way for those creatures of the light. Begrudging the coming day, each of these nightly beings scurry in their own distinctive ways to find shelter and prepare to spend the day, much as those of the light spend their night.
Standing now at the crossroad between light and darkness, presiding between these two worlds, Golantha radiates with the twilight glow of transition. It is in this middle ground, that for a brief moment both worlds of day and night intersect. It is this one place, this one majestic landmark, which reflects the law of the yard and the mitigation of the wilds. Though none dare approach this imposing old structure, they feel its influence spreading like water rushing downstream.
Golantha may preside over the yard, yet within its aged walls resides another world. This other world, separated from the wilds, is also split into day and night time principals. Nevertheless, combined into one steadfast relationship, it is regulated and managed by its self-proclaimed ruler. It is from her throne in the squeaky old house, that she not only accepts her rightful place, as all empowering empress, but also revels in the pleasure of it.
With Golantha steadily watching out over the yard, while creatures of night and those of day replace each other in the constant struggle of life, there is yet another set of eyes watching. Looking out through the opening eyes of her palace, The Duchess quietly takes in her realm. Inspecting the coming day battling with the looming


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