Childish adult children do come to family gathering after all, despite oath to the contrary

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Although Harrison and Mary have vowed on their word of honor, however dishonorable their word is, that they would never, ever, ever, ever, ever come to any family event again where Marzeus is present, because they don't like Marzeus for being who he is, somehow Father did manage to get them to come.

Childish adult children do come to family gathering after all, despite oath to the contrary

Although Harrison had sworn to Elmarie that he wasn't going to come to this weekend's family get together on Tower Hills, by Saturday evening, I'm on my way to the West Wing when I see through the window a BMW station wagon that looks all too much like Harrison's car.

Surely Harrison wouldn't have come here, after making such a fuss, and especially after his attempt on my life had failed and kind of blown up in his face, and he had sworn so seriously never to come anywhere I am?

Well, once I come on the West Wing patio, sure enough, there in the dark on a chair sits Harrison with his sober little face.

"Hey.", I greet him without much enthusiasm.

"Hey.", he greets with even less enthusiasm.

Father meanwhile is busy at the pizza oven. He's making the Doctor Oetker pizzas that I bought earlier in the day.

So, later Mother and Elmarie come and join us too, while Harrison's children and Elmarie's children are playing and creating chaos in Father and Mother's chambers, out of our way.

Harrison and I don't talk much to each other, but sometimes he forgets he's vowed to hate me, and seem to try and speak a few words. What a damn twoface. But whatever, I just talk to him when he talks to me. I'll just leave any and all childishness to him and that cheap twofaced bitch of his. Being evil is hard work anyway, and I certainly don't have the strength. I'll leave it to the experts like them.

On Sunday, lo and behold, even Mary comes for lunch. So, I guess their stupid vows and sworn oaths of never coming anywhere near the family when Marzeus is present, was too much for them to uphold. I knew they were weaklings. It was a stupid oath anyway.

Later on I ask Father how he got Harrison to leave his childishness behind. I don't get much of a straight answer, but Elmarie talks of little moral preachings that Father had with Harrison and Mary. I guess it worked.

I guess I don't even want to know the details. Let them who practise evil, be burdened with it.

I don't think it's over though. Mother later tells me that whenever I was absent for short whiles from the company of everybody, there were again more gossip and indications of hatred.

But whatever, as I said I'm tired of trying to keep track of it with everybody being too scared to talk to me to my face if they have a problem. I guess it's because they know they are being stupid and I'll just call their b/s.

Elmarie says it's probably Mary who poisons Harrison's head with a lot of "things".

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