Chinease creation mythology and the creation story of Panku

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Today Chinese people and their culture is very different to the rest of the world. And this uniqueness goes back along way in history. Even their mythology has it's own unique style, read on to find out a little bit about it.

China's mythology

China now a giant in today's modern industrial world, has a long history and a rich mythology. The Chinese people have a unique culture unlike anything else around, and their history goes back along way. But it is thought that we are missing a lot of ancient Chinese texts and books. This is put down to the many Emperors who burned the old work, and replaced it with new work. The new work they replaced it with, would be more in line with the reigning Emperors religious ideas and beliefs.

Panku, Yin and Yang and Chinease creation myth

The most common Chinese creation myth says that in the start of time, the universe was just a simple egg. This egg was said to contain a mass of chaos. From the chaos inside this egg, it is said that Panku was formed. Panku is described as a dwarf like creature. It is said that when he cracked open the egg, the chaos turned into a mass of heavy earth as well as a light mass of sky.

This mythology runs deep into Chinese culture, and this is where the well known Yin and Yang idea comes from. The mythology goes that Yin is the female and negative force and Yang is the positive, male force of the sky. Even today this theology stands strong, as many in China and beyond still believe that everything in the universe has the force of at least one of these masses in it.

The story goes on and Panku kept on growing everyday for 18,000 years, as he grew he pushed the earth and sky far away from each other. The world itself was said to have come from Panku's own body. This happened when one day he fell to sleep and died, the world then being born from his body. There are other version of Panku story though. One has it that he actually didn't die and stayed alive. In this myth he carved the world with the help of some magical friend including a unicorn and a dragon.

More Chinease legends and myths

Panku is not the only creation myth from China. The ancient Chinese writing called the Shu Ching, tell of the eight rulers who created the universe. These eight were said to be five Emperors and three sovereigns. Many Chinese myths say that it was the Emperor's duty, to keep China in order and in balance with the great universe. They had to do this by setting up governments and systems on not only earth, but in the heavens as well.

Although we have lost a lot of ancient Chinese mythology, we do still have plenty left. There are even other Chinese myths. Like the one that says humans were created out of clay, molded by a mother goddess who was named Nugua

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