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Omnibus was the old name for a bus. When city buses were newly introduced in the London streets, they were uniformly coloured chocolate. Robert Lynd disliked them for their colour which was dull and non interesting to the eyes and also because they deprived him of the delights of walking. Like A.G.Gardiner’s Bus Conductor, Lynd’s Chocolate Bus reminds us of the many virtues which are leaving us one by one. And buses too may say farewell to us just as row boats did when bridges came into being.

The delight of walking is meeting persons on the way, spending a few minutes with them in small talk and having enough psychological delights for the day.

Suppose we are used to walk long distances and we are used also to like walking those distances. We shall meet so many persons of our acquaintance and not, shall spend a few minutes with them indulging in small talk and serious talk, and before we reach our destination, have enough psychological delights for the day. But when buses begin to ply the route we begin to become lonely on the road. Moreover it would be embarrassing for us to see a person whom we passed on the way walking in front of us at another place after alighting from a bus. In no time we will begin to hate buses. That was exactly what happened to Robert Lynd. He began to hate buses. Lynd’s essays are deep in thought but lucid in style. His essays enriched English language and literature much like his counter part Gardiner. Chocolate Bus is included in his collection of essays ‘Solomon In All His Glory.’

Birds of the least brilliant colour may sing the most brilliant songs.

Do not anyone think that Lynd is blind in his observations, due to his prejudice against the dull coloured Chocolate Buses. He makes several strange observations in spite of these buses denying him vibrant colour patterns pleasing to his eyes and deprives him of the delights of walking. Chocolate which is dull and boring to the eyes of course is charming to the palate. Their delicious taste is savoured by all. Birds of the least brilliant colour would most probably sing the most brilliant songs. Sweets of the poorest favour may sometimes have the richest flavour. In this way perhaps the dull coloured Chocolate Buses also could be of the most beneficial use to mankind.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
4th Jan 2012 (#)

Astounding presentation.

I think every section could have been published as a separate page, because the section titles are so attention-grabbing and wonderfully phrased.

Hats off!

Happy New year.

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
4th Jan 2012 (#)

What people feared would happen is now actually happening in the London streets. These very buses are now being withdrawn from service as part of economizing public transport so that tickets could be issued from automated ticket issuing machines and the bus could be manned by one single driver instead of a conductor and a driver. There has been uproar and protest from people but authorities are going on with their move. A few such double decker buses which were brought to Trivandrum also were withdrawn from service but considering the people's wish to see them again on roads, the public transport authorities have again ordered for a few of those buses. We preserve ancient heritage buildings at great cost. Then why not retain in service a few double decker buses endeared to people?

New Year Greetings Rathnashikamani. And thanks for going through the article.

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author avatar Aileen Tecson
30th Aug 2012 (#)

Wonderful information and good photograph. Nice write up. Keep it up!

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
19th Jul 2018 (#)

I am deleting a few paragraphs from this post. If you read this post after July 2018, you will not be viewing the earlier original version. The full post can be read in my blog Sahyadri Books Trivandrum in Blogspot Dot Com.

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