Chopped-off finger

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Way over in good ol' Cape Town, Elmarie's son Tinley is having a friend over. Oh the pleasures young children can have, playing together, so innocent, and noisy, and uninhibited.

Little did they know that today was going to turn into the nightmare of the chopped-off finger.

Chopped-off finger

Meanwhile, Mother and I have just arrived in Voortrekkerdorp with Father's car. We're going to buy more trees for the orchard.

About two or three years ago, our fruit orchard trees that are many, many decades old, had by then become so scrawny and bonky and bulky and like these monstrous things from a horror movie. They didn't really resemble trees anymore. They were also by now so high, that nobody could reach the very little low quality fruit they produced anymore. Not that they were really carrying good quality fruit anymore.

So anyway, Mother and Father thought that perhaps if Mr. Specter cuts them down about a foot or two above ground level, they might sprout new branches and grow out again and carry fruit at a reachable height, and probably carry better quality fruit.

Only some of the younger trees that father planted in the later 1980's did indeed grow out again. The others which were probably 50 years old or more or less, did not.

So recently Mr. Specter asked that I buy new trees again. So I have, for the past time or two that I've been going to town. Lovely orange trees, naartjies, limes, peaches, and today hopefully we'll also find pecan nut trees, as father have been wanting me to get really badly.

Mother's cellphone rings.

It's Elmarie, in tears. Tinley's friend slammed a door shut, with Tinley's finger caught on the inside of the door where the hinges are. It cut off a part of Tinley's little finger.

Elmarie, in a total panic, did pick up the piece of finger, but she accidentally washed it down the drain while washing her hands after handling Tinley's bleeding hand.

Anyway, Elmarie rushed Tinley to the hospital and a doctor cleaned what's left of his finger.

The bone of the finger sticks out the front now. The doctor says one of two things will happen: Either the skin will grow forward and cover the piece of bone, or the skin will pull backward, leaving the bone exposed.

They'll have to leave it for a few days to see what is going to happen.

Anyway, Elmarie just had to call and tell us about it. Mother is also in tears.

Mother tells me afterwards that now Tinley won't be able to play the piano.

But I'm not worried about that; he probably will still be able to play the piano in his own way. Let's not fetch baboons from behind the mountain.

Stingley also calls Father later tonight. He says the door cut off Tinley's finger so neat and straight, it looks like somebody cut it off with a knife.



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