Chosen: Hiding Place (Part One)

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They have come...aliens are outside the house and banging on the doors to get in, but as little Susan hides in the corner praying for the aliens to leave her alone she realises a truth which will shock her to her very core

The Hiding Place

Navasota, United States of America

M…my name is Susan Williamston and I am about to die…

Boom, there it is again! They are trying to get in, they want to kill me, and they want to take me.

Boom! Again the doors are now banging so hard. I can feel everything in this kitchen shake. I start to sob and soon my cheeks are wet with tears. They want to kill me I know it, they want to get me like they got my parents…

Boom!, I cry out uncontrollably in fear and panic, they cannot find me, they cannot…bu…but I know they will, I know they will find me and as I sit in the corner of the kitchen, my small body pressed into the gap between the refrigerator and the wall I know they are coming for me…but…there is silence now.

Have they stopped! Or is it some kind of trick, I do not know. Instinctively I pull my knees up and wrap my arms around them and I begin to weep uncontrollably into my knees. I am scared, I don’t want to die…not here…not like this! I am only eight years old and I don’t deserve to die like this!

I sobbed for a few minutes letting my blond hair roll across my face. Slowly I calmed down but I did not wipe the tears from my eyes and instead I tasted the salty tang of tears in my mouth as I rested my forehead on my knees and closed my eyes and then I started to remember how it all began…

Three Hours Ago

I remembered how I had been awakened by my mommy and daddy, how they had looked concerned and how I had seen fireworks outside. I remember the view from the window of the mansion which had amazed me and how it had terrified my daddy.

He told me about strange things being reported on the TV, so he took me downstairs to the large common room where the children used to watch TV and play games when the boarding school was open.

But now the huge mansion located an hour from Huston was quiet and it was creepy. My daddy was a teacher and ran the school as a boarding house master but I never was taught there, my daddy had a special lady who came every day to teach me in private while he was in the class teaching all the other boys and girls.

But now it was so quiet and as I walked into the large living room I saw my mummy crouching near the back window looking out across the garden which had a desert view straight out into the local town in the distance.

I heard her say that the UFO’s were closer now, so I looked outside only to see strange disks in the sky. At first I thought it was one of those blimps which we usually see during the football games.

‘Mummy what is a UOF?’ I had asked, but my mommy had looked at me oddly for a moment and she almost laughed at my question, the fear on her face cracked into a smile and then she laughed. She held out her arms for a hug and I ran over to her and hugged her and felt her warm body against me which made me feel so warm and safe

‘Not UOF Susan, they are called UFO’s and they…are well aliens control them’, she said.

‘Or the government’, daddy grumbled as he sat behind us for a few moments as we watched the strange disk and tube craft release flashes of fireworks and laser beams into the sky.

We sat there for an hour in silence as my dad went to get us some snacks as we watched…

To Be Continued

Two Hours Ago

It was an hour later that the explosions happened that made mummy and daddy scared, so they started arguing as I continued to watch. I could not take my eyes of the strange lights in the sky and that was when the meteors came.

‘Mummy look at shooting stars!’ I exclaimed, so mummy and daddy went silent as they watched in horror as the sky became filled with the flames of shooting stars only…, somehow I knew deep down that they were not stars at all but something else, as I looked at them again, I had felt scared for the first time…

To Be Continued...

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Karim Giblett was born in the Hounslow Middlesex. He is a young author who battled Dyslexia for years before overcoming it at the age of twelve and within two years he started writing his first book.

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author avatar Mariah
18th Aug 2013 (#)

Got me hooked again Karim looks like another great story about to unfold, looking forward to reading it.
Thank you Mariah

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author avatar Mariah
18th Aug 2013 (#)

For anybody reading this I thoroughly recommend reading 'Chosen Unity' as linked. I've read the whole story. It's a fantastic storyline and well worth reading.

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