Chosen: Hiding Place (Part Two)

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They have come...aliens are outside the house and banging on the doors to get in, but as little Susan hides in the corner praying for the aliens to leave her alone she realises a truth which will shock her to her very core

Part One

For part one of this story about Susan Williamston and her tale of how she came to be hiding next to a fridge see Chosen: Hiding Place (Part One)


As I sat there between the fridge and the wall I started to remember more of what had happened and then without realising it I had started tho think of the events of the past again.

One Hour Ago

We had watched in fear for a while before daddy had spotted the odd men walking across the desert towards our home. He had been using binoculars and he got really excited and scared when he saw them.

Mummy looked out at them using the binoculars and she screamed and dropped them on the floor. I picked them up and looked outside and at first the image was odd and blurry but I had fumbled with the rings on the front of the binoculars and then when it was not blurry I saw them, just for a moment.

I thought they were men at first but their heads were big and they had huge black eyes and then daddy had snatched away the binoculars and he took me by the hand and we were running.

We ran through the house in the darkness using only the flashlight to see where we were going, so we reached to the main corridor which lead to the main assembly hall and into the huge dining room area. But we ran past that and headed towards the back of the house.

Daddy took the lead, so when we reached the back of the house he fumbled for the locks and told us to wait inside.

Then he ran out into the darkness. I and mummy stayed close, I had hugged her and watched through the crack in the door as daddy ran for the garage. I saw him fling open the garage doors and jumped into the jeep and he tried the engines but the car would not turn on and then…my blood ran cold.

I saw it, the creepy grey man, he was wearing a black jogging suite as he walked towards the garage holding a strange white stick weapon. It was only a moment later when I realised it was a rifle.

‘DADDY!’ I had screamed when I saw the odd man walking towards the garage and when I screamed the grey man turned and looked at me, his eyes were so cold and during that moment, I thought I would die from his look.

Then the crack in the door went black and I could not understand why until I looked at the grey humongous head that glowered down at me from above. One of the grey men was standing in the doorway and that was why it seemed to have gone black.

I screamed as mummy cursed something and then she took my hand and we were running again. My heart was beating so fast, I thought I was going to die but we still ran.

Then the door creaked open behind us and I saw two grey men appear at the door. The next minute later, I saw daddy appear behind one, swinging a fire extinguisher like a bat and then he cracked one of the grey men on the top of his head causing grey blood to splatter across his short grey beard.


‘Run girls’, he screamed at us, so we ran faster and entered the main hall which had a huge dining room next to it. It was then that I saw the ball of white light in the garden bobbing up and down and shone brightly which the dining room overlooked. Mummy screamed when she saw the ball of light vanishing.

Then she swung the flashlight around and in the corridor from where we had just run down, we saw a grey man standing there, he pointed his rifle at us and fired a shot which flew past us, the shot was like a red laser beam.

Mommy pulled me and we ran towards the kitchen where she barged her way into the kitchen and then turned and locked the door behind us.

Then we ran down the small hallway that the kitchen had which led to the main kitchen and then she closed that door too and locked it. Mom then ordered me to help her move some of the cabinets and stoves which toppled and fell in front of the door barricading it from one side. We then heaved and pushed a heavy stove in front of the door and a metal pan clattered to the ground making us both jump in shock.

Then when everything was complete she looked out at the outer kitchen door. The inner door had a window and she could see something but I was too low to see it but I did see a flash and then there was a creek of a door opening.

She had rushed me into the corner behind the refrigerator handing me a chocolate candy which she took out of the refrigerator and she kneeled down to me and she said…..

‘Now hide and be a good girl, eat your candy and don’t make any noise, can you do so for mommy?’ she asked and glanced at the window as her face went pale.

‘Yes mommy’ I had said,

‘Good girl and remember I love…’ she said, and then there was a laser beam that shot through the room and it hit mommy in the shoulder and she spun around spraying blood everywhere and then she fell and hit her head on the edge of the table and landed with a loud thud on the ground and that was when I started crying.

They are here...

She lay there still, for an hour she had not moved and I could not take my eyes off of her.
‘Mommy…’ I sobbed as I watched her, the candy was still gripped in my fingers, I could feel it melting but I did not want to eat it, I felt a ball of grief in my throat that threatened to choke me.
I wanted to escape and go back to sleep. I wished this was all a dream but then I heard it…
There was a silent click from the other part of the kitchen and it was then that I remembered that the kitchen had another entrance around the back. My body turned cold with fear so I immediately pushed myself back to the wall behind the refrigerator and hoped that they would never see me. I wished that they would forget me and leave me alone. I wished this was a bad dream and that I would wake up or maybe the next door boys were playing some elaborate prank.
But when my eyes saw my mommy, I knew it was not, I knew I was going to die too here…alone… behind the refrigerator. My breathing quickened until I was breathing so fast, it felt like I would soon black out.
Then I heard the footsteps and with every step my heartbeat started to get louder and louder in my ears until I was sure that the odd man would be able to hear my heart beat and then…
I saw the black leg appear before the odd grey man who stepped into the kitchen, his black eyes reflected the chrome metal kitchen and he looked down at mommy and then looked around as I watched him. My eyes were transfixed on him as he looked around the kitchen. For a moment I thought he would not see me.
Then as I thought about him not seeing I his head snapped around and he was glaring right at me. He then walked towards me and placed a grey hand on the refrigerator and pushed it aside and then he examined me for a moment.
I heard myself whimper something when he pointed the rifle at me and I expected him to say something before he killed me but the grey man was silent. I then sobbed and rocked back and forth.
‘Pl…please don…don’t…’ I wept, but the man simply came closer until the barrel of the gun was just inches from me. I closed my eyes and wished that my mommy and daddy were here to save me and then…


I heard the sound of something squelch as if someone had crushed a tomato or something, so I looked up only to see that the grey man had a blade sticking out of his chest. I screamed in surprise as his arms dangled by his sides and his rifle clattered to the ground.

Grey blood seized from his chest and when the blade was pulled out of him, he slumped to the ground at my feet.

Then I looked up only to see a woman standing there, she had brown hair which half covered her face and she held a blade that shimmered in the darkness, so she held out a hand to me.

‘Come with me if you want to live’ she said, she had a strange accent that I had never heard before so I nodded and took her hand and she helped me up off the ground.
I then stepped over the dead grey man and ran towards my mum and started crying.

Then the strange woman walked over to me and put away her sword and took out a small black stone which emitted a blue laser that scanned mommy. Then the woman looked at the stone which seemed to light up as if it was a touchscreen cell phone.

‘Your mother is alive…barely,’ the woman said pushing me aside and kneeling down over to my mommy and placed her hands over her, closing her eyes and then the most magical thing happened, her hands glowed golden light and all mommy’s cuts healed and I could see her breathing. I then hugged my mommy tightly and I still could not stop crying.

‘Come on we do not have much time, the Mar’a are coming and your daddy is waiting for you in our ship’, the strange woman said to us.

‘Ship, a boat in the desert?’ I asked.

‘No a space ship, come we have a journey to go on, to the moon’, the strange woman said and pulled my mommy to her feet.

‘Come’ the woman said and walked out of the back kitchen door. I then saw a shining bright light from outside while mommy followed her but mommy moved oddly as if she had no control of her body.

Then I ran after them both and went towards the shining white light outside the house…

The End

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Brilliant storyline and compelling
read..very well done

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