Chosen: Lights over London (Part Four)

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They have come....lights fill the skies over London and silver spiders fill the streets sowing chaos wherever they go and massive tank sized scorpions rip apart cars and homes alike in their question to take humans from their homes and while the last world war rages on a young customer service representative must flee for her life from her office...and now the finale...

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As she dodged, her hand carried the steering wheel and the car swerved and slammed into a wall causing the front end to crumple and the airbags exploded out, the spider had landed on the steering wheel a moment before the airbags deployed and as they did, the instant detonation of the airbag casing out of the front of the steering wheel exploded outwards with extreme force sending the spider slamming up into the window of the mini, crushing it and tearing the already cracked window, and showering Martha with tiny pieces of glass but at the same time the passenger airbag exploded and protected her face from harm.

The remaining spiders were sent forward with such speed that they flew into the nearby bushes. Martha breathed out with panic and fear as the airbags deflated as she pulled herself upright.

The airbags hissed as they deflated and filled her lap with a white balloon like bag which she ignored as she shakily took the steering wheel and reversed the car casually driving away as fast as she could.

Her heart was drumming in her chest and her arms and legs were cut with glass and she could feel the glass grind around her as she moved in on her seat. But she ignored it all and was thankful to be alive as she drove.

The cool summer night air filled the car as she looked up periodically and watched the skies, heading further into the countryside away from the city. Tears welled up in her eyes as she thought about her mother and all the people in her office who she had abandoned and were all dead by now.

She thought of the fact that she had survived the terrifying alien who had reminded her of the nightmare she had so often, and as she wept, her vision became blurry but she did not wipe her eyes in fear that some glass on her hands might get into her eyes.

The suddenly something silvery metal moved in through the open window and she swerved and gasped in fear but then saw it was one of the spiders arms that had been embedded in the ceiling when the airbag deployed.


With her heart pounding and fearing another spider attack, she got out of the car and checked everywhere for any signs of spiders and sighed with relief to find that there was none.

She then saw something odd happen, the front lights of her car flickered and turned off and on as she looked around in panic, she then heard the radio turn on and whine and crackle something she could not understand.

Then as she got into the car she looked up and saw a massive tube shaped craft fly overhead towards her while she slammed her foot on the acceleration as the car took off and flew forwards narrowly missing a red energy beam that slammed into the ground behind her tearing up the road and turning it into a molten tarmac that hissed and crackled.


The nightmare from her youth flashed before her eyes, the light, the little grey people…their big black eyes and…the thing in the stomach…

She swerved the car left and right as the beam followed causing a zigzag energy beam cut into the road behind her. Then as she flew faster and faster, the alien seemed to be relishing her torment as she knew it could kill her at any moment.

Her heart was pounding and her head was clouding with fear as she drove faster and faster, her foot pressing the accelerator to the ground until she was sure that the car could give no more and yet she willed it on as though her mind could make it go faster.

The car roared as it was pushed to the limit and she could see that it had well bypassed its speed limit but still she wanted more, but her car against a craft that can travel across space was no match at all, it was like trying a turtle to race against a rocket.

Then suddenly she went cold and her heart almost stopped as a massive shining white craft came towards her from the road in front of her and she knew that against these two craft she could never outrun them.

She then saw a white mean come down and shine at her as the massive craft sent two energy bursts of green and white into the tube craft, she felt its concussive roar of explosion from above her.

Metal and cloth like metal sheets rained around her letting out a charred body that flew past her but nothing touched her car as the beam seemed to protect her.

Then the car came to a halt slowly and as the fiery rear of the tube slammed into the ground behind her, she saw the massive shining craft descend towards the ground and she remembered the nightmare.

The Memory

her old memory which stirred in her, something she had forgotten but at the same time always remembered like a hidden memory.
She remembered the grey people…their smile…they told her that the thing in her stomach would keep her safe, it would tell them when she was in danger and would warn her if something bad would happen. The memory flashed before her eyes and she understood why her gut had told her to escape, why the bad alien was drawn to her and why the tube followed her. The same thing signalled the good aliens.

That moment she felt calm as the car doors unlocked, and while the craft settled down its shining light flickered out and revealed a metal disk with spinning rings around its outside. It was so huge that it easily filled the road with its light shimmering and filling the woods.

Then a door opened up from the bottom of the craft where an alien figure and a tall woman who emerged, the woman was eight feet tall and the alien was only four feet tall grey alien.

Martha we will protect you, you are the chosen, a voice in her mind said as she nodded approaching the aliens.

‘Why are there bad aliens attacking me?’ she asked as she approached the aliens.

We are the Twelve, we seek unity with all life but the Mar’a they seek only to dominate, the alien said into her mind as she approached and she could see more of them inside the craft watching her, she saw people of whom someone waved to her as she approached.

She had no fear as she approached the taller alien who reached out its hand, and she reached out her hand as well, she felt its hand was cold but she did not fear as she stepped onto the craft which pulsed with light as the doors got closed and she was surrounded by light.

‘Where to now?’ she asked,

The Moon...

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author avatar Mariah
30th Aug 2013 (#)

Very well written overall Karim

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author avatar Karim Giblett
30th Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks, well the complete series is published, its called The Saga of the Chosen
here is the link

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