Chosen: Lights over London (Part One)

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They have come....lights fill the skies over London and silver spiders fill the streets sowing chaos wherever they go and massive tank sized scorpions rip apart cars and homes alike in their question to take humans from their homes and while the last world war rages on a young customer service representative must flee for her life from her office.

The War for Earrth

While the earth sleeps they come, slowly and surely the forces of the Mar’a approach the earth. The Mar’a are a collection of aliens who swore allegiance to a dark entity called Mara, whose followers name themselves after him.

Tube shaped craft appear over the cities of the earth and one by one metal spiders appear in the streets crawling into people’s homes.

The first abductions occur within the first few minutes and anyone who sees this soon starts fighting back.

But then the power cuts out across the vast sections of the earth. Military bases come under attack and communications short out as the earth is not alone from its struggle and from the secret bases underground.

From under the oceans and from the hidden places in mountains and on the deserts they came. The guardians of earth. The Twelve, an alliance of Twelve aliens species dedicated to protecting earth and so the battle for earth begins and caught in the cross fire are the chosen…

Very few know what the chosen truly are and few can guess their true path in the war to come, but there are an elite few amongst the Twelve who have been chosen to collect and guard these special humans with their lives, and so the search begins, the search to save the chosen and hopefully to survive the battle to come…


Sussex, England

Martha was working the graveyard shift again! She hated it and especially she hated the lull between 3am and 7am when no one would ever call, but it was here job to be here if someone did.

For you see she worked at a call centre and in that large call centre with hundreds of work cubicles which was eerily deserted at this time in the morning as almost everyone had gone home leaving only three staff in such a massive room.

Half the lights had been switched off casting an eerie wall of darkness that consumed large sections of the massive call centre and it always made Martha feel as though there was a curtain of darkness as she always hated darkness being behind her as if she suspected something is always watching over her shoulder.

Jane and Sue chatted idly passing the time while Martha, a more solitary type person idled the many hours away until seven am when she could go home. It was strange about what would happen that night as the black skinned and brown haired Martha sat watching her computer screen waiting for the next call.

Ring! Ring, the headset rang and she almost jumped with a start, it had been unusually silent but today she answered the phone while staring at the clock which read 6:28am.

‘Hi this is Martha from…’ she started but was cut off by an elderly woman.

‘Are your machine?’ an older woman asked, her voice sounded like a witches croak on the phone and Martha had to suppress the urge to giggle at the stupidity of the question which she heard all too often.

‘As far as I know, I am a real person but I can double check that for you if you would like’, Martha said at the hope of making the woman laugh with some sarcasm but the woman on the phone was clearly not interested and continued to talk.

‘I am calling regarding bill number…’ the woman said, then suddenly there was a concussive boom over the phone and a crackle as the line became distorted, funnily enough Martha heard the boom from some twenty miles away with her feet.


‘Mam are you alright?’ she asked,

‘I…what the’ the woman said and there was a screech and whine as the line was filled with static and cracklings, Martha went cold as she heard a thud on the line and the waving pulsating sounds through the headset as she heard screams outside.

‘Hello! Hello!’ Martha said as panic raised in her chair, she knew something terrible had happened.

‘Mam! Mam! Are you…’ she asked, but there was a loud whining screech that made the phone line go silent.

Her heart was racing now as she slammed the headset down from her head and stood up staring at the headset as though it had been the evidence to some ghastly crime. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest.

‘Martha!’ one of her co-workers called out, and then she almost jumped in shock

‘that…that woman I think is murdered’, Martha said still in panic as the nearby woman laughed and chuckled clearly thinking it was some kind of joke.

‘Murdered? No one gets murdered over the phone they always hang up first’, the rather chubby pale skinned lady nearby said.

‘NOT Funny Sue!’ Martha exclaimed and the larger lady went silent.

‘Karen I…err need to use the toilet give me a sec’, she shouted to her half asleep manager who agreed and nodded, then Martha punched the phone digits to put herself on break.

She rushed out of the office to the hallway which was half lit as the bust light flickered halfway down the corridor. She rushed down the corridor and turned to her right rushing past the pictures with promotional sayings on.

She rushed into the ladies bathroom and pulled out her back and rummaged through it to find her mobile phone.

As she did she became aware of the odd music in the background which she at first thought was the radio playing on the system like in a mall, but she soon realised that no radio ever plays in the speaker system so she listened harder and assumed it was someone playing a radio too loud outside or maybe a party…but she listened again more intently as her blood ran cold as she realised it was not music but shouts and screams from some place distance away.


‘Damn it!’ she shouted as she could not find her phone, she then realised it was in her car so she decided to go outside and get it, she rushed down the corridor and as she did, the light flickered and went dark permanently. At first she did not think it was important until she heard screams from the office and the security guard turned on his flash light and waved it down the hallway causing her to jump.

‘Good evening Martha…strange night isn’t it’, the old security guard said with a laugh and she nodded clearly terrified.

‘I left my phone in the car buzz me through so I can get it’ she said.

‘it’s a power cut mam, the doors will all be open, probably we will be sent home soon too’, he said opening the inner glass door and then rushed out into the lobby then down through a set of stairs. Some internal power pushed her forward as though she knew instinctively how to get out.

She then ran across the marble floor of the lobby where she saw the ajar glass doors.

She pushed her way through them and ran towards her car which was parked nearby.

She fumbled in her bag for her keys and pressed them and the blue mini bleeped and opened.

She rushed towards it and opened the door throwing her bag inside, reaching for the phone which lay idly on her seat and flipped it which illuminated her face and then she dialled the number for home.

The phone rang one…twice.

‘Hello’ her mother’s voice said clearly while sleepy.

‘Mum! Good you’re alright look something is…’ she said but at that instant a noise louder than an aeroplane took off which roared behind her.

To Be Continued...

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author avatar Mariah
22nd Aug 2013 (#)

Still reading..still hooked
this would also be a fantastic movie, as well as being a very compelling read in book form.
Well done

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author avatar Karim Giblett
23rd Aug 2013 (#)

The Book's will be completed by Early September 2013, The Invasion is the main book which is about 10 times better where as these are short stories which will be compiled into a book called the Saga of the Chosen which contains all these stories but the stories on wiki wikinut make up only a quarter of the Saga of the Chosen

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author avatar Mariah
23rd Aug 2013 (#)

I'll Look forward to the publishing

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