Chosen: Lights over London (Part Three)

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They have come....lights fill the skies over London and silver spiders fill the streets sowing chaos wherever they go and massive tank sized scorpions rip apart cars and homes alike in their question to take humans from their homes and while the last world war rages on a young customer service representative must flee for her life from her office.

Earlier Parts

For the first part of this series see Chosen: Lights over London (Part One) and Chosen: Lights over London (Part Two)

The Grey Man

She was unsure at first thinking her head was playing tricks, but now it was twenty metres away and she knew for sure what it was, well more specifically that it was not a human as this…thing had ling slender arms and legs that looked frail.

Its head was massive and twice the width of a humans head at the top and yet its jaw was smaller than a human’s jaw making it have a reversed triangular face. But that was not what terrified her, it was the eyes, big and black easily twice the length of a small hand and nearly five inches wide at their largest point.

This creature was well adapted for the night vision and right now it saw her in the flickering fire light as clearly as day and she knew, her instincts screamed out to her that this thing wanted to kill her.

She slammed the car into reverse and hit the accelerator and her car screeched as it moved back with tremendous speed and the creature all at once lunged forwards.

She screamed in fear as the nightmares of her childhood were creeping back to her. The creature lunged forward with its slender limbs and frail looking body having much more power than they look to have and in one bounding jump it cleared ten metres and was at the front of her car.

She could see that its back had something metal implanted in its spine and as it clawed up towards her she screamed as she looked into those black…dead eyes.

It made no noise as it crawled up toward her and she could see the speedometer and the radio flicker which then turn on and off as the creature came closer to her. She felt as though the thin glass that kept her from the alien was not enough as it gripped the front of the car bonnet raising its hand to punch into the glass.

Suddenly Martha’s head slammed back and then was suddenly thrust forward as the rear of her car slammed into a lamp post and then she heard the crumple of her car as her seatbelt was barley holding her face an inch away from the steering wheel.

The aliens head had slammed into the glass leaving a massive cracked area where its head had hit and its body had rolled forward. She saw its body slum across the front of her car and she thought for a moment that it was dead.

She saw it’s back had something metal like a massive metre long spider that had embedded itself around the alien’s spine and its skin was dark grey that was covered in black vanes which made it look more dead than anything.


She froze as she suddenly realised there was more things than the alien around her, approaching from all sides were silver long legged spiders each one metre wide, though their bodies were mostly legs as their inner body was only a foot long with a silver lining. Their six legs were coming out of its body which were long and weary.

The spiders slowly walked towards her as she slammed the car into the drive way, but the alien seemed to activate themselves, coming to life, then crawled towards her but their loose grip made them fall and slide under her car, she felt the car bump as she must have ran over someone’s body part as she drove forward into approaching the horde of the spider things.

The spiders charged her and did not attempt to run when she ran over them, she looked at the rear and saw the alien stagger to its feet with one of its arms bent in the wrong direction with black blood seeping out of the wound.

It seemed to not notice the pain and started to run towards her, but she was a lot faster in moving forward, and as she drove she felt the car grind over spiders but some managed to crawl onto her car with their hands ending in tiny three bladed claws that pushed into the car with ease as they clambered up.

She swerved attempting to push some off and a few lost their grip and flew out across the road. She swerved and barely turned to make the road out of the parking lot and picked up speed as she drove.

She worked in an area close to the countryside nearby the city which seemed to be alive with lights filling the sky. As she drove the spiders made their way across her car with clinking noises.

She accelerated and saw a nearby van which drove too close to her, grinding the side of her mini into the van sending sparks into the air and crushing spiders on one side of her car, she did the same on the other side with a low wall and had to drive onto the pavement in order to brush them.


Then one of the spiders clambered in through the back window that was broken and it clambered towards the back of her head. Its silver form glinting in the lamp light that flashed through the window and then she saw it at the last moment and dodged to the side as it lunged.

As she dodged, her hand carried the steering wheel and the car swerved and slammed into a wall causing the front end to crumple and the airbags exploded out, the spider had landed on the steering wheel a moment before the airbags deployed and as they did.

The instant detonation of the airbag casing out of the front of the steering wheel exploded outwards with extreme force sending the spider slamming up into the window of the mini, crushing it and tearing the already cracked window, and showering Martha with tiny pieces of glass but at the same time the passenger airbag exploded and protected her face from harm.

Martha Lay there stunned for a moment, her face resting in the air bags as if they were a pillow and she could feel her heart racing.

To Be Continued...

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