Chosen: Lights over London (Part Two)

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They have come....lights fill the skies over London and silver spiders fill the streets sowing chaos wherever they go and massive tank sized scorpions rip apart cars and homes alike in their question to take humans from their homes and while the last world war rages on a young customer service representative must flee for her life from her office.

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She rushed towards it and opened the door throwing her bag inside, reaching for the phone which lay idly on her seat and flipped it which illuminated her face and then she dialled the number for home.

The phone rang one…twice.

‘Hello’ her mother’s voice said clearly while sleepy.

‘Mum! Good you’re alright look something is…’ she said but at that instant a noise louder than an aeroplane took off which roared behind her.

She turned just in time to see a massive Boeing 474 come hurtling down from the sky which made a massive hole in its side from some fiery slice across it from where the pilot was, at the wing.

It came down like some massive flying beast. It descended and screamed as though angered by those who hurt it and then screamed again for life as it slammed its nose first just behind the office and then slid forward tarring through the massive office sending metal sand bricks aside with ease, fire erupted as its own internal fuel finally caught on fire, erupting from its rear lighting up to the sky with fire and grinding it further into her office.

She could see her office heave forward as through made of cloth as the plane pushed through from behind and then suddenly from its front the structure of the building gave way and then flattened and wrecked the front of the plane which pushed through as more of the fuel set on fire and exploded out sending bricks and bent metal into the air.

The concussive wave sent Martha hurling back through the air with such force that it knocked the wind out of her as she landed on her back and then she cringed in agony as her back and arm slammed into the ground hard. The phone went spinning which got lost in the debris.

She then heard a window smash in her car as though something round and hard flew through the air which slammed down onto her head… and then there was only darkness…


She groaned in agony as she awoke, her head was pounding and throbbing and as she moved her right arm which was stung with stiff pain and her entire lower back as well.

As her head was pounding she thought that the flickering dots of light in front of her eyes were caused by some injury to her head as she fell, but then she saw them flicker and dart across the sky, she realised that they were not in her head but really in the sky.

She saw vast spheres and tubes flying across the sky, some the size of cars others as big as ships. They flew with such speed and were able to make fast lightning turns and they seemed to dance and circle around each other.

Massive tube ships flew and smaller spheres and discs darted around them. And then she saw it, one of the tubes let loose a red beam of energy that slammed into a nearby disk and sliced through the lightly armoured disk with ease and it was sent hurling sideways, as its from was only half sliced which spun wildly in the air before spinning sideways as through rolling out of the sky and slamming into some house nearby.

She heard more screams in the distance. She suddenly realised what was happening was real and she forced herself to her feet and staggered forwards wincing in pain as her lower back and arm were in agony.

Her head swam and she did not even realise that one of her high healed black shoes was missing until she got to her car, the door was still wide open and the lights from inside her car was pulsing on and off. She saw her bag on the seat of the car and she pulled it out and rummaged through it to find her car keys.

She then looked and realised that her precious blue mini was not in a good shape at all as its top had been dented inwards by a large metal pole from the building while the front of her car had been dented by two bricks that had slammed into it.

The Grey thing in the Parkinglot

The right hand side mirror was torn off and luckily the front window of the car had survived with only tiny pieces of metal embedded in the glass causing cracks across the glass but she knew she could still drive the car.

She found the keys and got into the car and turned the engine on, the car engine roared into life but the lights and electronics in the car seems to pulsate and flicker and then they turned on, the lights of the car illuminated the driving lot as she turned the fog lights on illuminating more to the parking lot, and as she did she saw something grey out of the corner of her eye and it seemed to be walking towards her.

It was four foot tall, it walked slowly towards her from the edge of the parking lot, she thought it to be a man at first and her first thought was to help them, maybe someone from her office, a janitor or a survivor.

She turned the car around and started to drive towards them, her headlights illuminating far in front of her as she peered more and more, then she realised something, but it was too late as she slammed on the brakes.

She was unsure at first thinking her head was playing tricks, but now it was twenty metres away and she knew for sure what it was, well more specifically that it was not a human as this…thing had ling slender arms and legs that looked frail. Its head was massive and twice the width of a humans head at the top and yet its jaw was smaller than a human’s jaw making it have a reversed triangular face. But that was not what terrified her, it was the eyes, big and black easily twice the length of a small hand and nearly five inches wide at their largest point.

This creature was well adapted for the night vision and right now it saw her in the flickering fire light as clearly as day and she knew, her instincts screamed out to her that this thing wanted to kill her.

To Be Continued...

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Well done karim....great reading as always

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