Chosen: The Grey Man in the Garden

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The battle for the earth has been waged, darkness had come out victorious and now is posed to make their final strike against earth, one which we will not survive, and yet there is but one glimmer of hope as the sacred chosen may still hold a key to saving the world as as the battle rages on across the planet an elite band of aliens gather together to save the sacred chosen.

The grey man

“mummy there is a grey man in the garden!’ little Billy said as he stared out of the window as he sat on the couch that had its back facing the huge window looking out at the back garden

Little Billy was still in panama’s and was ready for bead when he saw it, the strange four foot thing in the garden, he had kneeled on the couch and used it to look out of the window

‘Billy get ready for bed there is no messing around’ his mother warned but he was transfixed, the grey man looked unnatural and strange

‘mummy…’ he murmured this time his voice was little more then a whisper as he stared into those eyes, the eyes of the grey man was not normal, they were large, nearly half a foot across and slanted and the eyes were black, they bore into his soul and brought about some chilling unearthly dread like staring into the void of darkness.

These were eyes meant to see in the darkness of nights, they were eyes that were designed to see when hunting in the twilight world of Astria’manu…

‘Billy!’ his mother said body Billy’s body was stiff and rigged as though it was made of ice and as his mother pulled his shoulder he felt his icy cold body being pulled backwards, he saw the world tilt and shift around him as his body slammed into the floor of the living room.

His pulse throbbing in his ears as his mother kneeled down to him and shook him vigorously but he felt as though she was trying to shake life out of a rock, his body was stiff and all the sounds of the world were numbed into the constant throbbing of his pulse in his ears.

His breathing was so shallow it was scantly noticeable except the wisps’ of icy cold air which formed around his frost bitten mouth. He could see his mother look into his unblinking eyes as she spoke but her words were numb and slurred.

Then something flashed outside and she stopped and stood up and stared out of the window and he watched as her mouth opened and there was a moment of silence and then he heard it, the most terrifying and bone chilling sound he would ever hear, it was the sound of his mother screaming, it was so loud it cut right through him and into his soul and immediately it snapped him out of his trance and with a gasp of air.

He came back into full consciousness, his father appeared in the doorway shouting something but little Billy did not have time to hear as his body flailed for a moment and then he was pulling himself to his feet, his limbs seemed to work on their own accord while his still dazed mind seemed to send the commands a moment after doing them.


His mind still throbbed and he glanced outside just long enough to see that the creature was next to the window now, and on the window around it was metallic spiders, each one with long spindly legs that supported a spall metallic body from which a red energy beam cut through the glass.

His mother had stopped screaming and had turned to him and she almost collided with him as she was still expecting him to be on the ground but she grasped him in her arms and picked him up and started to run.

She was a tall elegant woman with long blond hair and he was only five years old and easily picked up in her arms. As she ran his dad who was a larger man and still wearing his fire fighter uniform was shouting something and signalling them to run for the door.

He held it open and she ran out into the corridor, as they rounded the corner he just about managed to look back towards the living room and then he saw the window explode in a shower of light and glass and the spiders erupted into the living room and scurried towards them.

His dad took a pillow and hurled it at the spider and sent it hurling through the air before slamming the door shut behind them and running after them.

The hallway of this house was small and he could feel his legs and head scraping against the walls of the corridor on either side and by now his heart was pounding in his chest so hard it was actually hearting from fear and panic.

They reached the front door where their shoes were carefully arranged and his mother put him down and gripped some shoes before the door behind them exploded outwards and there was the grey man standing their, an icy chill crept up Billy’s spine as he saw the man and some primal urge told him to look away and never look into those eyes…

His mother shrieked and dropped the shoes and fumbled with the door and pushed it open and his dropped the shoes as his father gripped a nearby umbrella from the umbrella stand and hurled it at the grey man.

The umbrella partially opened in the air and slammed into the grey mans face and it staggered back for a moment and almost stepped onto a spider but the grey man seemed almost unaffected by the umbrella and let it fall the ground and continued walking.

‘RUN RUN RUN!’ their father screamed and his mother opened the door just as Billy was able to grab his shoes and they all surged outside and suddenly the hot air outside swept over them and before Billy took two steps outside the dry Australian night air made him sweat.

They were printing outside now, Billy could feel his feet rub against the dirt road outside and he felt sharp pains in his bare feet where he stepped on jagged stones but fear kept him silent as they ran.

Billy held his small shoes in one hand and his mothers hand in the other as they ran into the darkness outside. The sky around them being lit up by flashes of energy spheres exploding in mid air and red energy beams sliced through lightly armoured disks in the sky and cut them in two where they fell apart and then exploded in the air in a dazzling shower of light.


‘I still have the car keys in my pocket’ his dad shouted, his voice loud from fear more then anything else and he pulled out his car keys and pointed it at the car and clicked and the car flashed its lights as the doors unlocked and in that flash of light they saw them, in the darkness around the car there must have been ten metallic spiders which were scurrying towards them in the darkness.

Then as the car’s headlights faded the spiders vanished into the darkness, glints of their metallic form barely visible in the flashes in the night sky above. It was then that they realised they were surrounded. For a moment the entire family faltered and came to a stop.

Billy glanced over his shoulder and saw the grey man ten metres behind them and it was surrounded by more spiders which were now pouring out of the open front door behind them, there was a flash that lit up the land around them for a moment as a massive craft in the sky several miles across exploded in a blinding flash of light and Billy’s heart stopped as he saw more of the evil spider things crawling across the roof and walls of his house and some primal instinct told him without even counting that there was more then a hundred spiders.

‘erm…RUN!’ his father shouted and pulled his mothers free hand and they printed for the car, Billy looked around and saw his father pulled in them forwards in one great motion towards the car, spiders leapt up towards them and he caught one in mid air and grabbed two of its feet and swing it around like a ball and chain and swatted away any spiders that got too close.

Within seconds they were at the car and Billy screamed as a spider caught his leg and pulled but before it could his mother brought her foot crashing down into the spider and with a crack of force it was sent hurling away into the night.

She then pulled open the car door and literally hurled him inside and then she slammed the door shut.

His father opened the passenger side door and in one fluid motion slid across towards the drivers seat and slammed the key in the ignition and turned just as his mother got into the car.

Billy’s heart was drumming now and as he got up and looked out of the window he saw the grey man running towards them now, its actions odd as if its limbs were animated by some external force and forced to run.

Billy heard his mother scream as a spider attempted to crawl through the still open door and Billy saw his father lean across and pull the door shut in one fluid motion that cut the spiders leg clean off and then his mother screamed as the metallic spider leg fell in her lap and she pulled it and threw it in the back seat and it landed just behind his fathers seat.

Billy was behind his mothers seat and he pulled on his seat belt as his father put the car in reverse and the motion of the car was almost unfelt by Billy as the throbbing in his ears increased and was getting louder and louder until that was all he could hear and feel was the throbbing of his heartbeat and then almost instinctively he turned his head and saw it, the grey man was sprinting towards them and it hurled itself at the car towards Billy.

It slammed into car, its head now inches from Billy’s head and as he stared into those large black eyes he saw a flash of the grey man being stabbed in the back. He felt his body become icy cold as though he was becoming like the grey man, cold, dead and…

The car jerked sideways for a moment but his father simply spat a curse and turned the car and accelerated forwards as fast as possible.


Billy felt his breath go icy cold and frost bite covered his lips, his body went stiff again and he felt himself slide across the seat sideways until he was almost lying on the seat. His vision blurred and sounds became numb as the icy cold took over him, he heard the loudest of noises, he felt motion around them as they struggled to escape his mothers estate.

Billy felt the icy tendrils of cold grip him for some time and he was not sure how long he lay there, it could have been minutes or hours before his body started to warm up, slowly but surely the throbbing in his ears faded and he felt his mind slowly return to focus.

The images of the grey man still lingered at the edges of his thoughts but as he pulled himself up off the seat he realised that they were driving along the quite country road which was all by empty this time of night.

His parents words involved aliens, invasion and some strange words which he did not understand yet, Billy had heard the word alien before at school, it meant people from Mars and places like that but that grey man…could he be an alien or just one of those strange people born differently that he sometimes saw on TV.

Billy shook his head and pushed aside these thoughts, whatever Aliens were he wanted no part in it, they were scary and…

Something stopped his train of thought and then as he looked around he saw it, it was a large disk shaped object in the sky, a UFO his friend would say, it was huge and it looked like it was made of golden white light that shone as it flew towards them.
It flew behind the mountain and vanished into the darkness just as his father looked into the mirror but as soon as he looked at the road again the craft reappeared from behind the mountain and flew overhead and went high into the sky so that it was little more then a star in the night.

Billy we are here to protect you, a voice said in his mind and Billy froze for a moment but then he realised this voice was a kind voice, it rememinded him of the way his mother spoke when reading a bedtime story.

‘ok’ Billy said

Let us speak through you, they said and Billy felt entranced by that soothing voice and he nodded

‘mummy daddy someone wants to talk to you’ Billy said and at once he felt his mind flood with a warm calm glow and he felt and saw his body move on its own accord

‘Billy we need to concentrate on driving and…’ his mother said and gasped in shock as she looked at him

‘we are coming to collect you, you and your son are the chosen, we will take your husband as well’ Billy said but his voice was not his own, it was deeper and somehow…not human

‘what what is it!’ his father said and glanced in the mirror and screamed as well as he saw it, Billy’s eyes had turned white, a cloudy white

‘we do not seek to bring harm to you, the Mar’a were hunting you because your son and wife are the chosen Mr. Vernan’ Billy said with unnatural calm

‘get out of my son’ his father screamed and stopped the car and unbuckled his seatbelt and turned to him

‘I am not in your son, he offered his voice to us freely’ Billy said as the car lit up and in front of the car the shining white light of the craft appeared in front of the car and slowly lowered itself onto the ground where its shining light shifted and a door opened and a landing ramp came down and touched the ground.

‘mummy…daddy they will not harm us…we need to go’ Billy said and his seatbelt unbuckled by itself and the door’s unlocked themselves and his father reached out and tried to grasp him but a hand reached out and gripped his fathers hand, it was his mother, her eyes were white and she looked him in the eyes

‘we are the chosen Mr Vernan and we must go’ she said with the same voice that once spoke through their son and Billy opened the car door and stepped outside as the shining light craft started to hum and vibrate with power

‘husband we must go’ her mother said with her own voice and opened the car door and as she stepped out a being appeared silhouetted in the shining interior light of the craft in front of them, it was tall and not human with large black eyes

You are the chosen…come with us, a voice vibrated in the air, the voices origins were a mystery

Mr Vernan watched as his son and wife approached the craft and for a moment they turned towards him and looked at him urging him to come towards them, he had a sense that if he did not go now then he would never see them again and reluctantly he unbuckled the seatbelt and got out of the car and they each held hands as they approached the craft and it started to vibrate loudly and then as they approached as one there was a flash of white light and they all vanished as one…

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author avatar jkalwaye
16th Aug 2012 (#)

wonderful fantasy .you can keep the flow from the beginning to end .thank you for sharing .jk

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author avatar Nitul anand
16th Aug 2012 (#)

I love it ...
Thanks For sharing ...
please Share emotions about my pages...
Love Pays risk ...!
Life pays sorrow ...!!
I Will pay for love ...!!!
Will You pray for me ...???
The God ...The Most WANTED ...

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author avatar Retired
23rd Aug 2012 (#)

How rotten of someone to advertise on someones page.Shame on you!

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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
17th Aug 2012 (#)

An amazing story and you are able tell it so vividly. You held my attention all the way through.
Thank you, Kalegan.

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author avatar Allison Jae
17th Aug 2012 (#)

Terrific piece of work. I enjoyed every line.

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author avatar Karim Giblett
17th Aug 2012 (#)

Thanks is from the same world as the invasion story

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author avatar Retired
23rd Aug 2012 (#)

I loved reading this! I hope there is a part 2!

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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
18th Apr 2014 (#)

Good evening, Karim, look forward to the next installments. Nicely done. ~Marilyn

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