Chosen: Unity (Part Five)

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Lights fill the sky in the holy city, metal spiders fill the streets & bad aliens seek to take humans from their homes, but we are not alone in our plight and in our darkest hour they came good aliens dedicated to protecting humanity but as the war rages on a racist jewish man called Ezekiel must escape the holy city with his life, but in doing so he must accept the aid of a Muslim, can Ezekiel put aside his hatred of others to survive or will his racism get them both killed?

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Mohammad slowly opened the gate that led to the main street and started running again while Ezekiel followed after him who then saw something grey out of the corner of his eye. So he then stopped long enough only to see that an alien who was dressed in a grey body suit looked at him in surprise.

‘Ezekiel Bachar! Wait the Twelve are coming to rescue you’, the alien exclaimed and so he stopped confused for a moment, his fear told him to run but a strange part of him urged him to listen as if his instinct told him that the alien was speaking the truth.

‘I will signal them to collect you…’, the alien stopped mid-sentence as his entire body was ripped apart by the twin energy bursts of the scorpion that had just rounded the corner of the street nearby. It shredded the alien. Ezekiel gasped in horror as the aliens body was simply shredded into a pulp of grey mist and chunks of organic matter that splattered to the ground.

It was all he could do not to throw up at the sight of the shredded alien. So he turned around and held a hand over his mouth and clutched his stomach with the other hand and then staggered back. His mind swimming with the horror of having watched someone being destroyed like that. So he staggered away from the end of the street where the alien had once stood.

The air was now smelling strange from the blood of the alien. Ezekiel now tried to run away from where the blood was splattered across the ground. He then saw

Mohammad braking into a garage nearby who went inside but he was too overwhelmed with shock and was barely able to run towards the garage. He felt his stomach heave as he staggered towards the fence in front of a house nearby. He then heaved and threw up bile across the grass of someone’s garden and then immediately felt better.

He took out the bottle of water and wiped the spittle and vomit from his lips with the sleeve of his tattered dressing gown and then he took a long swig of the warm water that made him feel clean and then he heard the hum of a car’s engine revving into life, so when he turned, he saw Mohammed driving out of the garage.

Mohammed drove the car out and stopped halfway down the street and signalled him to come.

So Ezekiel started to run towards the car and pulled the door open, jumped into the seat just as a red scorpion appeared at the other end of the street with its cannons, spinning as it aimed at them.


Mohammed put the car in gear and sped off down the street. As they drove, the scorpion fired its shots which went wide while one or two flew over their heads and shattered at the back of window of the car and tore a chunk out of the side of Ezekiel’s head rest.

The shot punched through the front window of the car as the air hissed and sizzled next to Ezekiel’s ear. The shot had passed so close to him. He felt his ear burning so he gripped it to feel less heat as they sped off down the street and turned around the corner while more energy blasts slammed into the road just behind them. The car was far faster than the scorpion and soon they were heading towards the outer walls of the city.

The Muslim man was driving as fast as he could and they made their way down the back routes out of the city and within an hour, after a heart pounding hour of racing through streets which had broken cars, dead bodies and some streets that had been barricaded, they finally managed to get out of the city safely.

Mohammad knew this city and the route so well that he drove through a longer route which led them more safely out of the city. Ezekiel looked in the side mirror of the car twice only to see a huge disk shaped craft following them out of the city, he only saw it for a moment before the disk vanished.


The sun was starting to set and they were by now on a desert road which was more desert than road. Ezekiel started to recline in his chair as he took a long deep drink from his water bottle which was now empty and the last few drops of water seemed to skip his tongue and go directly down his throat, making him still feel thirsty.

He eyed the water bottle next to the Muslim hungrily but he forced himself to look away as he would not stoop so low to ask the Muslim man for water or to even drink the same water from the same contaminated bottle as the one the Muslim had drunk from.

It had been bad enough escaping with the Muslim and having had his life saved more than once by him. He felt like admitting his thirst which for him meant an admittance of defeat. The insanity of the day’s events had finally bested him and he felt as if he was to admit now, then he was starting to like the Muslim and that he was actually grateful.

No, he could not admit that even to himself as he would never admit how much he had changed in the last day and no matter what, he could never admit that, deep down he was starting to change his views.

As he sat there, he realised that his seat belt was too tight and for the fifth time since entering this car he had to remove the belt and pull it back out in a large exaggerated arc that gave him a lot of freedom to move and then later he clipped it back into place.

This was his habit since childhood when his father used to hit him every time he did not wear his seat belt.

‘Why do you wear that?’ Mohammad asked, his voice caught Ezekiel by surprise because in the last three hours of driving, the Muslim had not spoken and now when he did, his voice cut through the silence like a knife and shocked him.

‘Well…erm…seat belts are safe, I notice you don’t wear…’ Ezekiel started speaking to him too and then he caught a glimpse of something that made him turn cold in fear.

He saw it for a moment, a glimpse of something black and tube shaped and then it moved and he did not see it again. At once he felt his heart pound in his chest he started to shake.

‘Are you alright?’ the Muslim asked Ezekiel who turned and looked at him.

‘They…they are back,’ Ezekiel said as his voice shook with fear.

‘Who…what…,’ the Muslim asked and trailed off as he caught sight of the tube in the mirror. His face went pale as fear gripped him too.

‘Oh Allah save me…’, the man muttered as the tube shaped craft shot down a red energy beam that slammed into the dirt road throwing up dust and stones that bounced off the back end of the car.

To Be Continued...

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