Chosen: Unity (Part Four)

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Lights fill the sky in the holy city, metal spiders fill the streets & bad aliens seek to take humans from their homes, but we are not alone in our plight and in our darkest hour they came good aliens dedicated to protecting humanity but as the war rages on a racist jewish man called Ezekiel must escape the holy city with his life, but in doing so he must accept the aid of a Muslim, can Ezekiel put aside his hatred of others to survive or will his racism get them both killed?

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Ezekiel turned as he heard something from below, by now the aliens had stopped firing at them and he could hear all the locks in the house click as they all unlocked at once and then there was a creek as the back door opened and suddenly his blood ran cold. They are here! He thought in horror.

The Muslim had finally managed to make his way out onto the railing and he was now crawling on all fours towards the flat roof nearby which had a cloth line that dangled in the wind, somehow it had been unaffected by the battle in the city.
Ezekiel thrust himself through the gap and squirmed as he pushed himself through the window.

There was a moment when he was half way through but got stuck around the waist and his legs flailed wildly as he struggled to push against anything that might get him out of the window. For a moment an image flashed through his mind of being trapped there when the aliens come, who would drag him out of the room.

This thought gave him strength to pull himself out of the window. So he pushed his fingers into the railings so as to pull himself out. As he did that, he felt the presence of the Muslim man turning around and griping his arms, pulling him out as well and within a moment he was out on the metal railings.


The metal railings was a collection of thick metal guarders which acted as a small balcony for the plants. As Ezekiel pulled himself up, he looked down only to notice that the scorpion was prowling around at the front entrance of the building, clearly it had not noticed them.

Ezekiel’s heart leapt at the thought so he scampered across on the flat roof and looked out across the city for a moment and gasped at the sight of the city, it had become still and quiet and only the occasional shudder of gunfire interrupted the quiet atmosphere. Since the invasion, the locals had either been taken, fled or joined forces with the police and the military who now stood the last ground against the aliens.

As Ezekiel stood there, he could see the sky fill up with black ships which was slowly descending on the ground, unleashing beams of light and disgorging squads of aliens.

‘The Mara have come’, the Muslim said, his voice was faint as if he was muttering an afterthought.

‘The what?’ Ezekiel asked but the Muslim looked at him puzzled as if he had not spoken any word.

‘What do you mean the Mara?’ he asked again.

‘what are you talking about, I don’t know anyone called Mara,’ the Muslim replied as two fighter jets flew overhead, they fired onto one of the smaller craft which was not that heavily armoured, exploding it in two and as it did, one half of it slammed into the side of a house which was two houses away from this one that then bucked instinctively as a cover.

The buildings shook and trembled while some of the cloths on the lines came off their pegs and fluttered to the ground around Ezekiel who was surprised by the touch of it as it flew into his face. He stepped back precariously close to the edge of the flat roof.

The back of his leg hit a flower pot and fell to the ground which smashed in a shower of pottery and soil and when it did, the scorpion turned and looked up.

Then just as Ezekiel and the Muslim stood up, the building shuddered again as the scorpion fired its tail cannon at them. Its tail cannon unleashed a large green energy sphere which flew like a missile through the air and slammed into the wall of the house that exploded and tore up the walls.

Ezekiel felt himself falling backwards but a hand flew out of the dust and gripped his arm and pulled him forward back onto the ledge and out of the dust and debris of the explosion.

Braking In

Before he knew it, he was running forward. The Muslim man was pulling him across the rooftop onto the other side. The Muslim jumped the one foot gap between this houses to the next house.

Ezekiel hesitated for a moment until he heard the whine of energy cannon load up for another blast that would surely destroy what was left of this house. So he also leapt forward and landed roughly on top of the other rooftop of the next house.

As he got up, he ran after the Muslim who had glanced back only to see that the aliens had appeared at the window of the house of which they had just crawled out from. Seconds later, the aliens vanished in a plume of dust as another energy blast ripped through the house of which they once stood on.

Ezekiel was running again. He leapt over the gap between this roof and the another and this time the gap was two feet wide of which he jumped without a mere thought of it.

He followed the Muslim man who had stopped and teetered on the edge of the third house which had a large chunk of roof ripped off from the fallen alien fighter. The hole in the side of the house revealed a bedroom below that had a mattress which had been broken in two by a fallen chunk of roof. Everything in the room was covered in debris and dust. The Muslim then turned towards Ezekiel and said….

‘We need to jump’. So the Muslim jumped down into the room below landing on the edge of the mattress with a thud and then rolled off the mattress who then waved at Ezekiel to jump too.

Ezekiel paused for a moment, his mind calculating the variables and distances and within a heartbeat he knew he would easily survive the jump unscathed. So he jumped and for a moment there was a calm serenity before he hit the mattress with a thud and fell onto one side.


The Muslim pulled him up from under his arms. Ezekiel then dusted himself off before they both scurried down the stairs to the living room and through to combined kitchen downstairs. Ezekiel’s heart was racing but it was then that he realised how dry his mouth was and despite that, the Muslim was still running to the door. Ezekiel stopped when he saw a case of ten unopened bottles of water.

‘Wait we need to drink before we continue’, Ezekiel said panting as he took one of the bottles and handed it to the Muslim who took it reluctantly, he was thirsty too but his fear told him to run and not stop running until he was safe.

Ezekiel took a bottle and opened it and drunk the water in deep gulps. He could feel the warm water washing away all the dust that had grit in his mouth. He then immediately felt his thirst become quenched.

He finished one bottle in a moment and took another bottle and handed it to the Muslim who had finished drinking the water from his first water bottle already. The Muslim man then placed the other unopened bottle of water in the pocket of his Thawb while Ezekiel took another bottle and placed it in the pocket of his bath robe which was now caked in mud and was also tattered around the edges, staining what was once a light blue mix of browns and blue.

‘We should better start running, my friend has a car and I have been watching the house, the aliens have walked by it many times but the car is still in the garage and I know where my friend kept the key’, the man said.

‘That sounds good, I am keen to get away from these…these infidels’, Ezekiel said as the Muslim looked at him oddly for a moment before turning to unlock the back door.

‘By the way my name is Al Jabeith Mohammad’, the Muslim man said without looking at Ezekiel but Ezekiel did not know whether his first name was Mohammad or if that was his last name, but he assumed it was his first name and so he labelled the Muslim as Mohammad.


Mohammad walked low as he walked outside while Ezekiel followed him who also he walked low to the ground as if trying not to be seen. They headed into the back garden and towards the low wire fence around the back of the small house. Mohammad then climbed over the fence and Ezekiel did the same.

They were in the back garden of another house which backed onto the one they just came from and so they walked up to the house which had a small alleyway that led down the side of the house to the front.

Mohammad slowly opened the gate that led to the main street and started running again while Ezekiel followed after him who then saw something grey out of the corner of his eye. So he then stopped long enough only to see that an alien who was dressed in a grey body suit looked at him in surprise.

‘Ezekiel Bachar! Wait the Twelve are coming to rescue you’, the alien exclaimed and so he stopped confused for a moment, his fear told him to run but a strange part of him urged him to listen as if his instinct told him that the alien was speaking the truth.

‘I will signal them to collect you…’, the alien stopped mid-sentence as his entire body was ripped apart by the twin energy bursts of the scorpion that had just rounded the corner of the street nearby. It shredded the alien. Ezekiel gasped in horror as the aliens body was simply shredded into a pulp of grey mist and chunks of organic matter that splattered to the ground.

It was all he could do not to throw up at the sight of the shredded alien. So he turned around and held a hand over his mouth and clutched his stomach with the other hand and then staggered back. His mind swimming with the horror of having watched someone being destroyed like that. So he staggered away from the end of the street where the alien had once stood.

To Be Continued...

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