Chosen: Unity (Part One)

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Lights fill the sky in the holy city, metal spiders fill the streets & bad aliens seek to take humans from their homes, but we are not alone in our plight and in our darkest hour they came good aliens dedicated to protecting humanity but as the war rages on a racist jewish man called Ezekiel must escape the holy city with his life, but in doing so he must accept the aid of a Muslim, can Ezekiel put aside his hatred of others to survive or will his racism get them both killed?


Jerusalem, Israel

Ezekiel Bachar arrived back to the hotel room so early in the morning while it was still dark outside. He was exhausted and tired and as he stood in the hallway outside the room and took out the hotel card key and placed it into the slot, he felt a moment’s relief at being away from it all. His boss had forced him to partake in late night meetings and he felt exhausted by now.

The door card reader bleeped and flashed a green light signalling he could enter the room. He shouldered the door open and walked into the junior suite of the King David hotel.

Ezekiel was a tall and slender man, he did not have a real muscle to his form and in a way he liked it like that way, he was an accountant and everything about him oozed efficiency and tidiness. He was prim and proper and above all he was a devout Jewish man.

Now this may seem a strange turn of words but in his heart he was an ever would be, a devout and upstart Jewish man. He knew the torah well and believed firmly, and anyone who was of a faith should know their faith in and out. But most importantly to Ezekiel he was a man who lived well raised and would prefer to always be around other Jewish people.

And that was the one cause for his current state of exhaustion and revolution, for you see Ezekiel had been in the holy city of Jerusalem for ten days and now everything about this holy city irked him to the bone. It was not so much that the city itself, for he truly loved this city just like a man would love his own father.
No, it was most defiantly that it was not the city which irked him but it was the people, for you see Jerusalem was the home of infidels, Christians the fowl lovers of Jesus.

Then there were the Muslims who had taken the degradation of the Jewish faith even further. Then there were the blacks…and he had even seen a Chinese man who upon seeing him made Ezekiel scream in shock, he had to hold his tongue against the violation of such people infesting this holy city.

For you see if Ezekiel had been raised in let’s say a white man in America, he might have been considered as a racist but in this holy land he was simply considered a devout and eccentric Jewish man.

Now Ezekiel personally harbored no ill will against those of the “lesser” races, it was just that they simply had no way of becoming Jewish and as such they were in his mind utterly condemned, they were simply dirty and sinful to even be around.

And that was why he had felt so dirty for you see despite all Ezekiel’s quirks and misunderstandings, as he had always been an accountant from a town where there were almost no non-Jewish people, and as such being here at an accounting symposium he had to shake hands with non-other than Muslims and Christians and other non-traditional Jews such that he had to spend the entire day feeling dirty and shameful for being around such people.

But now he could relax at last. He walked into the room and pulled off the heavy bag from around his shoulder and tossed it onto the bed where it promptly slid off the bed and tumbled across the floor which hit the curtain and then fell to one side pulling the curtain slightly open.

But Ezekiel was tired and exhausted to care, so he pulled off his tie and pulled it up over his curved nose and unbuttoned his shirt revealing a scrawny boney chest. He then tossed all of his cloths onto the bed as he removed them one by one and walked naked into the shower.

But little did he know that as he showered and spent the next hour scrubbing himself clean that at the outside, strange things were beginning to happen. For you see one by one lights appeared in the skies above Jerusalem where people stopped and began to look up.

At first it was a few lights akin to more stars appearing overhead and then the lights started to get bigger and bigger as if the stars were expanding and then the first of them came in close and hovered for a few moments above the city.

Soon a small crowd had gathered and their cellphones were being pointed up in the air. There were silent clicks as photos were taken.

It only took five minutes before the first YouTube videos were uploaded. And it was only a matter of a few more minutes until the tube shaped craft seemed to jump away and vanish into the night sky.

Lights in the Holy City

It was an hour later when Ezekiel had finished showering. While walking out of the shower he rubbed his brown hair with a bathrobe and removed the water from his ears.

He then walked over to the cabinet and put on his pants and pajamas and then removed the cloths from the bed and neatly folded them, placing them aside to be washed the next day, so with care he put his wallet and keys aside.

He then looked at the clock and it said 4:20am.
He yawned and realised that he needed to sleep because he had to wake up early for the last day of the summit and so he switched off the lights and climbed on the bed and closed his eyes. His exhaustion took the better of him and within moments he fell asleep.

One by one appeared from the tubular craft beams. At first people did not know what these were. But then one by one they came…small metallic spiders started to crawl along the streets as they climbed into people houses.

The spiders moved swiftly and silently as they approached their victims, injecting their victims with poison in the chest, causing them complete paralysis in case they woke up during the transport. Within the next few hours, hundreds of people were being removed from their houses and taken outside where the beam of light engulfed the people the spiders held, and one by one of the victims vanished.

But it was only a few of the people who noticed the abductions and were able to fight against it, some used batons, wooden sticks and even kitchen knives. The local police were even involved. In the civilian districts where the majority of the craft were abducting people, there was a small battle being raged between the civilians who fought back and the metallic spider creatures taking them.

But still Ezekiel slept through this, for his hotel was quite some distance away from the heart of this action.

As he slept on, it soon became worse and then from above. Streaks of fire could be seen plummeting from the sky like a rain of meteors. The rain of fire had truly begun as the earths satellites were being destroyed, but still Ezekiel slept. Then one by one man awoke while still being in their hotel room, the had feared and murmured, waking up the others who also looked outside in fear.

By now the other craft could be seen in the skies and for the last few hours it had been fighting with the tube shaped craft who clearly outnumbered the disk shaped craft.

But still the fight went on as the civilians and the disk shaped craft fought against the mass numbers of tube shaped craft. Even as the people in the hotel watched in horror, war erupted over their holy city, they could see the military get involved. Explosions could be heard by now and the sky above Jerusalem was alive with the activity from the skies above.

But still Ezekiel slept on and as he did sleep the fire fight got closer and closer to the hotel. One of the tube shaped craft engaged a two disk shaped craft in a close range fire fight as they tore a trail of red light and fired across the city.

It was not until one of the craft successful unleashed an energy blast into the side of the tube shaped craft that something exploded within the craft as if its starlight was shining out from the inside of the tube shaped craft, and then as it exploded on one side from within, the sheer force of the internal explosion shattered the windows of all nearby houses.

But by some miracle the pilot of the tube craft was still fighting and flying and with the last of the crafts strength, it struggled to keep aloft as the two disk’s fired constantly on it.


Then as they came zooming in close to the King David hotel, the two disk craft shot a decisive blow that sent the tube craft spinning into the air, and then slamming into the edge of the Hotel, tearing a large chunk out of the corner of the building and then it cartwheeled and slammed into a nearby home which had all its residents abducted. Then there was an almighty boom and a flash of starlight as the tube craft exploded and shuttered the hotel.

The sheer force of the hit into the hotel caused it to shudder and then exploded a moment later. It also shattered all the windows on one side of the building and it was then, when Ezekiel awoke with a start.

To him he felt like he had been asleep for a moment and then the only thing which told him otherwise was the faint blue lit up clock which said 10:34am. He was about to go back to sleep and rest his head on the pillow but then he heard screams from down the hallway.

So he turned his head and looked out of the curtain which had been slightly opened by a hidden bag. It was then that he saw it, the lights. At first he did not realise what he was seeing and then he thought, it was simply a light on the building, but then he realised with horror that the light was moving, which terrified him.

He could see lights flashing outside with explosions in the air, it was only then that he realised that every now and again that the ground itself shook.

As explosions rippled across the city like fireworks, the double glazed windows shook in their frames with each explosion, it was as if some great machine was hitting the earth and causing it to rumble. Ezekiel knew that if it had not been for the soundproofing in the room then he surely would have been awakened hours before hand.

He got up slowly from the bed and let the blanket fall and drape across the ground as he walked transfixed to the window and pulled the curtain open and gasped in horror at what he saw outside, it was a scene of pure chaos.

The sky was filled with tube shaped craft that exchanged energy weapons fire with disk shaped vehicles. At the same time in the civilian sectors of the city where the majority of the people lived, the tube shaped craft hovered over the houses and shone down beams of white light.

He heard the rumble of fighter jets roar and then he saw the three F7 fighter jets rush by overhead, they caused the most sound. They sounded like the rumbling of some ancient beast roaring into life in the clouds above as three F7 fighter jets, which flew in formation as each one was firing at the tube shaped craft. Ripples of fire exploded across the sides of the craft as the F7’s rotatory cannons fired.

But the tube craft had stronger armour and simply shrugged off the majority of the hits but then the F7’s unleashed their missiles at one of the closer and larger tube craft but some of the missiles exploded in mid-air as they hit a force field while only three missiles hit the house.

There was a series of eye watering explosions as the missiles tore through the side of the impossibly large craft but it seemed to be able to withstand such hits and simply turned in the air as it hovered and unleashed a red laser like beam that slice through one of the F7’s and cut it clean in two, sending the F7 hurling through the air and tumbling to the ground where it exploded a moment later.

The other two F7’s curved out of the way of more incoming fire from the tube craft and as it was about to unleash another red beam of energy, a disk shaped craft curved into position between it and the F7, and then took the full brunt of the hit. Its energy shield barely able to deflect the force of the red beam and failed half way through the hit, but the beam tore a massive red gouge into the top of the saucer craft. And at once it became abundantly clear to Ezekiel that the disks were fighting alongside the local military against the tube craft.

As he watched transfixed, he saw that below there were strange beings in black body suite with large heads and huge black curved eyes with no irises visible. They had grey skin and walked in a manner not naturally seen on earth. Suddenly a flash of memory triggered in Ezekiel’s mind as he remembered his father, who once watching a western program about the beings from other worlds. So he remembered a part of the TV show which he had seen that the strange beings who had abducted the humans, this caused a shiver to run down his spine.

As he watched them it became apparent that the grey people in black clothes were fighting the humans, he then saw a strange set of the other beings who also had grey skin but they were fighting to protect the humans.

War in the Sacred Lands

Then there was a moment when the idea dawned on him that there were good aliens and bad aliens each fighting and then he heard…

KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! There was a large pounding on the door and he visibly jumped in shock. For a moment he thought that one of them had gotten into the building, his heart started to race as he looked across the bedroom to the light outside the door and then a shadow appeared, he could see something moving in the hallway outside.

‘Hay. You need to wake up as we are under attack!’ a voice shouted from outside the door, it was a sound of a human voice, so he sighed deeply and felt relieved. Then he rushed towards the door as he wore on his sandals. He took a bath robe and placed it over his back as he opened the door, only to see a dark skinned middle eastern man with half shaven stubble on his face and a cut from where he had been interrupted during shaving as he become so scared by what was happening outside, so he did not bother to finish shaving.

The man was sweating due to heat and fear. There were screams as people rushed from one side of the hotel to the other.

Some, like this man had taken to knock on other doors to wake people up and warn them.

‘H…have you seen outside?’ the man asked,

‘Yes I have, w…what is going on’, Ezekiel asked, clearly shaken by what he had seen.

‘UFO’s are attacking us come have a look’, the man replied while pointing down the corridor towards the hotels lounge which had once been reserved for the VIP guests but now the doors had been flung open with reckless abandon.

Ezekiel stepped outside into the warm corridor and made his way towards the lounge leaving the man to continue knocking on other doors.

As Ezekiel made his way down the corridor there was an almighty explosion outside.

It felt like the ground shook under his feet and Ezekiel heard women scream in shock nearby, he staggered and had to place a hand on a wall to stabilise himself and as he did the lights in the hotel flickered and went out for a moment causing more screams of terror to reverberate across the hotel and then for a moment there was silence as everyone turned their attention to the light display outside. The air was filled with energy beams and energy blaster fire, while the ground shook with bombardments as the judder of machine gun fire.

Ezekiel staggered forward and made his way to the VIP lounge which was lightly illuminated by the lights from outside and in the darkness he could barely make out the pulsing and flashing lights that shone from the open double doors of the lounge.

As he approached the lounge the lights cycled back into life. He heard someone say something about the power generator, so someone suggested that it might not last long.

He reached the doorway and walked into the lounge which was filled with people looking terrified at the panoramic view of Jerusalem. He watched transfixed with everyone else, he could feel himself start to shake in fear as he walked across to the VIP bar where someone had left a few unopened bottles of water so he took one and drank down a few gulps of water as he watched outside.

He then saw that there was a huge disk UFO floating about half a kilometre away from the hotel, around it were smaller tube craft that were unleashing a volley of energy beam fire that caused the massive disk craft to shiver and shake and then there were ripples of explosions from within as something within the massive craft gave way under the barrage of fire and then something exploded within, for a moment it looked like a white starlight and then it started to fall slowly out of the sky gracefully, turning and falling sideways into the deep abyss in to the water.

But as it fell out of the sky in its death fall the smaller tube craft were relentless in their assault and they continued to bombard the craft as it fell out of the sky and came closer to the hotel. Then there was a spasm from within the massive disk as if it was confusing and its metal armour seemed to move like liquid as a chain reaction of explosions ripped up the craft sending white ruptures of explosive plasma to erupt out of the side of the disk and then it exploded in one mighty explosion, which is a massive chunk of metal, the size of ten houses, which flew towards the hotel.

Ezekiel realised what was coming, so he dropped the bottle and ran out of the VIP lounge and then he sprinted back down through the corridor going towards the direction of his room and ran past his room. As he sprinted down the corridor, every television in the world activated and an image of the president came on the screen, then as he ran, there was an almighty crash and rumble as the huge chunk of the alien craft slammed into the King David’s hotel slicing it clean in two, demolishing one half of the building.

The metal craft sliced through just behind Ezekiel and if it had been a little bit slower it would have crushed him too. But as he ran there was an ear deafening roar from behind him as the object ripped into the hotel. The force of the impact sent a shockwave that slammed into Ezekiel’s back which sent him hurling to the ground, where he slammed his head on the ground then suddenly everything went black…

To Be Continued...

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