Chosen: Unity (Part Six)

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Lights fill the sky in the holy city, metal spiders fill the streets & bad aliens seek to take humans from their homes, but we are not alone in our plight and in our darkest hour they came good aliens dedicated to protecting humanity but as the war rages on a racist jewish man called Ezekiel must escape the holy city with his life, but in doing so he must accept the aid of a Muslim, can Ezekiel put aside his hatred of others to survive or will his racism get them both killed?

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‘They…they are back,’ Ezekiel said as his voice shook with fear.

‘Who…what…,’ the Muslim asked and trailed off as he caught sight of the tube in the mirror. His face went pale as fear gripped him too.

‘Oh Allah save me…’, the man muttered as the tube shaped craft shot down a red energy beam that slammed into the dirt road throwing up dust and stones that bounced off the back end of the car. Just as the beam was about to hit the back of the car, a massive white light appeared as if it had just materialised to one side of them and from it a hundreds of tiny energy blasts streaked across the sky and slammed into the tube shaped craft resulting into a series of ear splitting explosions which sent down shockwaves through the air and slamming into the back of their car, so they were suddenly sent sideways as their car slide on sideways across the road.

Ezekiel looked up just long enough to see that the explosions were ripped apart. The sides of the craft was sent towards the front of the tube shaped craft spinning through the air.

By the time the bright explosion had died down, the car had spun a full three hundred and sixty degree’s around and was now facing forward again. With luck they were able to get the car back into control.

They swerved as they fought to drive it forward but then as the tube craft completed its death throes and was propelled by its forward motion, the back end of the craft spun and slammed into the back of their car which hit it with such a force that it sent the car into a backflip into the air.


The car’s forward motion meant that when they came crashing down to the ground they hit ten metres from where it had previously been and slammed once again into the ground upside down. Ezekiel heard a resounding crunch as the Muslim man’s neck hit the roof the car.

The Muslim man lay limp, his neck at an odd angle. Ezekiel started to scream as the car slowly stopped spinning and came to a slow grinding halt on the road.

During that moment, Ezekiel screamed not out of shock or panic or even fear, he screamed at the horror of what his eyes could not be taken off of, the Muslim man who he had once internally called a friend, now lay limp, his neck and head was twisted in an odd angle and in a most horrific way.

Out of all of this was the fact that the man’s eyes were blinking, he had tears in them. Ezekiel knew that the man was still alive and that horror chilled in him more than anything else he would ever experience in his life.


Without a moment’s hesitation, he unbuckled his seat belt and went to the roof and turned himself around in the tight confines, his heart racing as he slammed his fist into cracked window and after a few slams of his fist and elbow, the already cracked window shattered and he pulled himself out.

By now he was shaking, tears were streaming down his cheeks. He felt as though no matter how hard he breathed he would never have enough air in his lunges.

He could smell smoke from the wreckage behind him and he could feel the heat roasting him even from the distance. He wiped the tears from his eyes and crawled around the back of the car and sat with his back against the upside down car and then he cried for a minute.

As he cried, he felt like everything he had ever been taught including his judgement and hate of other cultures was now shattered.

Seeing this man who had helped him and saved his life, he then realised how wrong he had been and that even in life and death they were all the same.

He also realised with horror that he was wrong to leave the man who saved his life all the time inside the car to die, so reluctantly he wiped away his tears and took a few deep calming breaths and returned smashing the window at the driver’s side.


He then went inside and carefully heaved and pulled his friend out of the car and he leaned the Muslim man against the car. The man’s eyes followed him as he carefully made sure that he would not fall and sat him back on the car as he shook his head.

‘I am sorry’, Ezekiel said through his tears.

‘I am sorry that I have always hated your kind, I hated all except the Jews…’ Ezekiel continued.

‘I am sorry that I should not have….,’ Ezekiel kept saying and then he started sobbing as he pulled himself up to his knees to nearly his friends face and then he simply sat there and berried his hands in his knees and cried as his mind filled up with regret, sorrow and guilt.


As he did so, Mohammad’s eye’s glazed over and started to shiver slightly as his mind lost control of his body and his head moved. It then came upright as if some unnatural force controlled his body and then he turned and looked at Ezekiel.

‘My child, why do you cry?’ Mohammad asked with a voice which was not his own even though it sounded like a male’s voice, there was a psychic undertone which made his mind hear a female voice. Ezekiel visibly jumped sideways and gasped in fear and awe as he saw a light shining from Mohammad’s eyes and mouth. For the first time he felt a true shockwave in him.

‘What…what are you,’ he asked in shock.

‘I am a mind controlling your friend’s body, I have been studying your movements for the last day and I believe now that you are ready to join us’, Mohammad said.

‘Join you…you mean aliens…you will kill me,’ Ezekiel exclaimed.

‘You are one of the sacred chosen, we are here to rescue you, do not fear, you will be safe, come my child and do not fear’, Mohammad said as he turned to look at the massive disk shaped craft which was settling down on the road in front of them. The craft was huge and easily filled the road, it was over a hundred metres across and seemed to be made out of a shining white and a golden light.

As it settled down on the ground on its several silver legs, the light seemed to fade away and he could see that it was a silver disk which had several rings surrounding it, as if the rings within was rotating in a different fashion. It also had two large armoured sections which rotated around the main craft that seemed to hum with power.


As the craft settled down, the rings slowed down as a white line appeared on the side of the craft which had a second line that could be seen. The lines moved and got larger and reformed making a door from which a wall slid down while the metal reshaped itself and formed steps and then from within the craft, came out an unnaturally tall woman with eyes that seemed to shine white like that of Mohammad’s eyes. Then a light black skinned woman in a tattered business suite, a strange grey alien and a teenager followed Mother outside.

‘Come we are family, we will not harm you’, Mohammad said as the light in his eyes flickered as if whatever was controlling him was fading away.

‘But…you…you are aliens and I am scared of you,’ Ezekiel said as his fears and prejudices were getting the better out of him and for a moment he realised that in one day he would have gone far away from hatting the other cultures and to being invited on a ship surrounded by the aliens.

‘It is alright, we won’t harm you’, Mohammad said.

‘But…what about my friend Mohammad, he will surely die if I leave him’, Ezekiel said as Mohammad smiled.

‘We can heal his injuries…now…come’, Mohammad said as his head slowly went slack and all light faded away from his eyes as he took a deep breath while Ezekiel got up and brushed himself off and knelt down to scoop up the body of his friend. Ezekiel then walked unsteadily towards the disk while all the people smiled and welcomed him inside.

‘Welcome my friend’, a grey alien said. Ezekiel stepped away from it for a moment before biting down his fear and nodding, he then came closer and stepped inside.

‘Welcome to our family’, a white teenager said as Ezekiel stepped up on the stairs and went up into the ship and then there he saw more aliens of whom one of the alien approached him. He was a large reptile like alien with a snake like head and had large multi spectral eyes who offered to take Mohammad but Ezekiel hesitated.

‘We are healers, we can heal him friend,’ the alien said. So Ezekiel hesitantly nodded and handed Mohammad over to the alien and kept a keen watch as the alien took him and rushed him in to a room where the other aliens placed him on the table and started to prepare to heal Mohammad.

Ezekiel watched keenly through the transparent wall as the grey aliens, who were large, short and lizard like alien as well a human who was inside, were working together to save his friend. Ezekiel felt a disorientated feeling as though his entire world had just been lurched sideways and now everything he had once known was all shaken to its very core.

‘Your friend will be fine, come with us upstairs’, a woman said and so Ezekiel turned to see who it was, it was that black woman.

‘Erm…yes…yes I will, what is your name?’ he asked.

‘I am Martha, they saved me in England’, she said as he followed her upstairs.

‘England? But where did you learn to speak Hebrew?’ he asked.

‘Hebrew? No I am speaking English but this ship has a psychic translation field which makes us understand each other’, she said as they reached to the top of the stairs where Ezekiel gasped as he saw the control room which was really massive and in the center of it, he saw aliens, humans and beings of which he had never expected to see.

The beings were made from shadow and light and as he walked passed them, he was shocked awe into their midst as he realised for the first time that there was in fact a true deeper truth to this Universe and that truth could only be realised in unity…

The End

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Karim Giblett was born in the Hounslow Middlesex. He is a young author who battled Dyslexia for years before overcoming it at the age of twelve and within two years he started writing his first book.

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author avatar Mariah
17th Aug 2013 (#)

Absolutely Fantastic Story Karim made me cry when Ezekiel was so distressed by his friend's injuries.
I've followed your story from start to finish and it is imaginative, exciting moving
and 'brilliantly written'
Very well done my friend, and my thanks for such a great share
Mariah x

Reply to this comment

author avatar Karim Giblett
17th Aug 2013 (#)

Thank you that means alot to me, I will have another story out called Hiding Place in a few days, By the way I am attending a book fair on september 23rd in Toronto.

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author avatar Mariah
17th Aug 2013 (#)

I'll look forward to Hiding Place Karim
I'm just sorry that more people haven't picked up on your story, it's far too good to have missed.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Karim Giblett
17th Aug 2013 (#)

Thank You, well just for you I will publish part one of Hiding Place today

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author avatar Mariah
17th Aug 2013 (#)

Thank you my friend

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
18th Aug 2013 (#)

Mariah, I am currently editing Karim's book "The Invasion" which is the the first book in the saga of the twelve; we hope will become a blockbuster success and will be premièred at a Toronto Book Fair in September.

Reply to this comment

author avatar Mariah
18th Aug 2013 (#)

That's excellent news Peter
I think it has the potential to be very successful.
Wish you all the very best
at premier Karim.
I will definitely be buying the
finished product when it goes on sale.

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