Chosen: Unity (Part Three)

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Lights fill the sky in the holy city, metal spiders fill the streets & bad aliens seek to take humans from their homes, but we are not alone in our plight and in our darkest hour they came good aliens dedicated to protecting humanity but as the war rages on a racist jewish man called Ezekiel must escape the holy city with his life, but in doing so he must accept the aid of a Muslim, can Ezekiel put aside his hatred of others to survive or will his racism get them both killed?

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Leap of Faith

He then felt a voice whisper in his mind, it was not like these alien’s voices, it was a feminine soft voice that gave him great comfort as if a mother whispering words of comfort to a child.

The voice said, and without a moment’s hesitation, he turned and leapt out of the hotel window.

The action was so fast that his brain had barely any time to comprehend what he had just done. During that moment, he saw the ground rush up towards him, he felt terror grip him as he saw his death approach.

But then there was a flash of silver, in which he slammed into, it was something metallic and hard. It was so smooth that he could barely grip onto it. The shock of this objects appearance caught him off guard and for a moment he did not know what had happened.

He scrambled for purchase but his fingers could barely grip the smooth cylindrical hull of the craft which he was on. It only took him a second to realise that the craft must have been flying by just as he had jumped and had landed on its front.

The craft jerked sideways for a moment as the pilot fought to bring the craft under control.

This was not a large craft like the ones he had always seen, it was just simply a small fighter craft. Its hull was black and silver and as he looked up he could see a small window where he saw a strange creature with a lizard like head and had strange grey scales that changed colour into green as it looked at him with insectiod multi spectral eyes that shocked him.

But he had clearly been shocked as the aliens craft swerved and started to spin. The back end of the craft slammed into the wall and grinded, showering sparks everywhere.

As the ship juddered, his grip loosened and he slid and fell off, but luckily the drop was only two meter so he landed and fell back on his back. The tube fighter craft flew overhead while tiring to correct its flight path but the tail end of it, hit a lamp post and started to spin. So it lost control and crashed onto the street beyond.


Ezekiel pulled himself off the ground and dusted himself and then he looked around only to realise that he was a few meters away from the hotel which he could see, it had been half demolished by the chunk of UFO.

As he gazed up, he saw one of the aliens several floors above, looking out of the window which he had jumped from. So the alien raised its gun and started to fire red energy blasts at him but he had already started to run while the energy blasts struck the ground behind him and exploded.

Ezekiel sprinted towards the nearby street and as he ran, energy shots rained around him, but because of his distance and speed, the shots pinged off the walls of the nearby buildings and lamp posts.

He ducked behind the corner of the building as energy shots slammed into the wall where he had once been, shattering the stone and the bricks to the ground. Ezekiel was panting now and he could feel his heart race with terror as he cowered there.

There was a part of him that wished to curl up into a ball and wished everything would go away, but there was another part of him that compelled him to run on, so he stood there torn between the two conflicting parts of himself, then he heard something large crunch its way into the end of the street which he stood in.

He turned and looked at the end of the street where he saw a large metallic scorpion creature. It was huge, towering over most cars. It had two rotatory cannons under its belly and it did not have pincers like a scorpion but instead it had six metal legs that ended in its own created blades that dug into the road beneath it.

Its tail harbored a massive cannon while its mouth had rows of grinding metal blades which was much like a massive grinding drill.

The machine had green glowing eyes which seemed to scan him but it was not its size. This machine had the most terrifying feature, which was its blood red colour. It was the same colour like that of a human blood. It was clearly that this scorpion like was designed to terrify him.

It had just wondered into the street when he saw it. It had not yet turned fully to face him but as it did, its rotatory cannons spun and started to spit multi streams of energy fire across the street which sprayed chunks of debris into the air.

Ezekiel sprinted down the street and leapt for cover as the scorpion sent a volley of fire that demolished a lamp post in a hail of sparks and tore it into a nearby car igniting the gas tank that ended up in exploding the car in a flash of fiery red.

The explosion nearly caused him to stagger as he ran and fell on the ground. A plume of smoke flew into the air from where the car had been.

He lay there for a moment feeling the throbbing pain in his knees as a result of him slamming onto the ground. For a moment he stayed there, with his arms outstretched as he paced himself, trying to reduce the pain from his legs.

He staggered as he forced himself to his feet and for a moment he threatened to fall onto his hands and knees again, but by the sheer force of his fear made him on the run.


He was sprinting now, his fear blinding him as he sprinted down the street. Then he heard the whirr and whine of the scorpion’s rotatory cannons that came online.

Ezekiel was running blind with fear and barely noticed the twin noises behind him. He did not even think of taking the streets that led off to the right and left every now and then.

Left! The same whisper came into his head and without even thinking, he turned left and ran down the street. There was a strange moment where his body moved before he had even intended to move, then he staggered for a moment while entering the street as his mind tried to catch up with his actions.

A split second later, energy blasts ripped up the street where he had been a moment before. He turned and saw that the weapons fire tore up the ground. As he ran with his head turned back, he did not notice the dark skinned man in a light brown thaw.

The man had come out of a hiding place from a nearby house and had been just as scared of the sounds of weapons fire. Ezekiel and the man collided, they bounced off of each other and Ezekiel landed on his bum with a hard thud and groaned in pain.

He froze in surprise and pain when he looked up and saw the brown skinned Muslim man get to his feet, the man had a small black beard and his face was covered in dark black spots which seemed to blend in with the dark features of his face.

Unlikely Allies

He wore a tattered thawb which had stains of dirt and mud on it and it had been clear that this man had been trying to survive too since morning. The man quickly got to his feet and held out his hand to Ezekiel who in return reached out his hand to take the Muslims hand when he had stopped just centimeters away from the Muslim man’s hand.

Before he touched the Muslim, he suddenly realised that if it had been any other circumstance then he would never have taken a Muslims hand in his, the mere thought of doing so was bordering on heresy and he felt dirty as he took the offered hand.

The Muslim grunted as he pulled him up to his feet and opened its mouth as if he was about to say something but his words quickly vanished as the man saw the scorpion appear at the street behind them with it green eyes that glowed, preparing to fire on them.

Without a word, the Muslim pulled his arm hard into the open doorway of the building from where he had just ran out of. As they ran inside, Ezekiel looked around just in time to see that the scorpion had fired on one side and a moment later he was inside the darkness within the house.

As the door swung open and swayed in the wind behind them, it exploded out and shattered in splinters of wood and metal as the scorpion still fired at them.

Suddenly he was running inside a house which smelled of old incense and had clearly not been occupied by anyone of the refinement.

But he had no way of protesting, for it was far better than the beast outside. Then as they ran through the house the Muslim stopped just at the base of the stars. Ezekiel had seen the reason why he had run out to the front. It was due to the back garden which had a squad of five grey aliens and one large reptilian alien who was covered with grey scales, glared at them. The aliens had been in the back garden and clearly had scared the Muslim out of the house only to find a scorpion out to the front. The larger reptilian alien bellowed and ordered in its alien language.

But they did not stop for long as they started to sprint up the stairs. The aliens raised their weapons and fired at them with their energy bolts ripping through the back wall of the house, shattering the windows below them. As shards of glass flew everywhere, Ezekiel covered his eyes with his arm as he ran and within moments he was upstairs and relatively safe but the windows on the back of the house soon exploded as the aliens aimed upstairs as well.

The Muslim knew this house well, so he gripped Ezekiel’s hand tighter as if a father holding was a sons hand as they ran from a raging beast.

The Muslim headed for the rooms at the front of the house and kicked the door open with a crash. Ezekiel saw a small room with a thin rug on the floor which had been used as a bed.

The Muslim rushed inside and crouched as if trying not to be seen inside the room as he made his way over to the window.

Ezekiel did the same and crouched down and looked around as the Muslim released his hand and unlocked the window and swung it open, turning back at him.

‘We need to go outside now, there is a railing that can be taken to the roof of the house next door’, the Muslim said with his voice shaking with fear

‘Y…yes’, Ezekiel said, he was surprised by his own voice which shook with fear too. He felt like he had not talked in such a long time.

The Muslim nodded as he crawled through the open window. The window was barely large enough for him to squeeze his body through but there was a moment when he looked like he might topple over the edge of the railing and crash below.

Ezekiel turned as he heard something from below, by now the aliens had stopped firing at them and he could hear all the locks in the house click as they all unlocked at once and then there was a creek as the back door opened and suddenly his blood ran cold.
They are here! He thought in horror.

To Be Continued...

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