Chosen: Unity (Part Two)

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Lights fill the sky in the holy city, metal spiders fill the streets & bad aliens seek to take humans from their homes, but we are not alone in our plight and in our darkest hour they came good aliens dedicated to protecting humanity but as the war rages on a racist jewish man called Ezekiel must escape the holy city with his life, but in doing so he must accept the aid of a Muslim, can Ezekiel put aside his hatred of others to survive or will his racism get them both killed?

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A world of Pain

Jerusalem, Israel

Ezekiel awoke into a world of pain and confusion. Somewhere nearby there, were screams of terror muffled out by the shouts of alarms and the distant faint explosions that caused the ground to shudder.

Somewhere nearby there, were the sounds of a girl crying. The cry seemed unnaturally and more potent than any other sound for a few moments. Ezekiel groaned in pain as he got up, he felt a sharp pang of pain from his neck where he had slammed his head first into the ground, his neck had bent only a fraction less then what was enough to brake his neck. He would never know how close he had come to becoming paralysed from the neck down.

But it was as if some guiding hand had spared him such a terrible fate at this hour.

As he pushed himself to his feet, he realised that he was covered in dust and it was only then that he realised how dark the hallway was.

The only scant amount of the afternoon sunlight filtered in through the open doors of the bedrooms, suites and down to the hallway. The ground shook violently for a moment as he had to place his hands on the ground to steady himself.

When the shaking stopped he got to his feet cuffing as he brushed the layer of dust that had gathered on top of him. He hobbled forward still feeling dizzy and with every step he could feel the pain in his neck which seemed to grow.

He walked to an open doorway and looked out only to see that the rooms windows were smashed in completely and the form of some metallic spider could be seen smashed into one corner of the room and then he saw it…..

The bloodied remnants of a human who lay prowled on the bed, the white sheets were long been stained dark red by the corpse and it was clear that this person had been dead for hours.

Ezekiel gasped in horror when he saw the body in the room so he instantly held back his gaging reflex and leaned back out into the hallway. He tried to force himself not to throw up at what he had just seen.

Then just as he was about to walk away from the room, he realised that he had been laying on the ground for quite some time. He had no sense of what the time was, but he remembered that he had seen the man who had been wearing a golden watch and it probably had the time on it and so reluctantly, Ezekiel decided to take a few steps into the room.


He cautiously walked into the room, his eyes flitting between the metal spider in the corner which looked like it had been smashed in and there was a broken chaise nearby which indicated that someone else had been in this room with the victim who had attacked the spider and then during the chaos they must have fled many hours ago.

As he approached the bed he leaned down and looked at the watch and he read the time. 2:35pm and it was then that he gasped in shock as he realised how long he had been unconscious, he had been unconscious for two hours.

Then there was a flash of light that filtered in through the white curtains which fluttered lazily in the wind. Ezekiel looked up and he saw it. A set of explosions that detonated the starlight on a massive disk shaped craft nearly ten miles away.

The disk was huge and silver and in some places it crackled with starlight as the lasts of its shields faded under the barrage which it had received from many other smaller craft. There was a moment when he saw the craft shudder in the mid-air, then it slowly started to fall at once as if the skin was the liquid. The entire craft convulsed and exploded into a blinding flash of white light that seared a shocking after image of whiteness into his eyes.

Then a moment later he heard the ear splitting roar like thunder as a shockwave which slammed into the hotel causing him to stagger and fall back over the other side of the bed and then there was a moment when he was blinded and deafen as he lay there covering his eyes and trying to scramble around for something, anything he could hold onto as he tried to pull himself up.

His ears were ringing and all he could hear was a sharp whine in his ears. The world was still white for a moment and for the briefest of instances, he thought that he would never see again and that he would remain blind and trapped in a world of sharp whine that sounded like hell in his head.

Then slowly and surely the fluttering curtains calmed the flurry wind from the explosion which then returned to normal as he felt his hearing return. At first it was these little things he heard, the flutter of curtains and then the sounds of weapons and then lastly, the shouts of fear.


As he looked around still blinded, his vision slowly started to return and as it did he pulled himself up and looked outside and then the scene truly struck him.

Outside the holy city was covered in a blanket of black ships. These were different than before and were not exactly tubular in form but now resembled a jagged dagger shape form.

From them, beams of white light erupted and where the light hit the ground he could see grey men in black body suites appearing in the streets. Many held strange energy weapons that fired red energy balls at the remaining military who had now taken position around the main plaza of the city while there were a scant few disk shape craft that hovered above the few remaining defensive positions.

Then as he watched his mind calculated what he was seeing and it did not take long for him to work out that the defensive forces were massively outnumbered by the attacking aliens and he knew it was only a matter of hours before they were overrun.

He then turned in fear and ran out of the room and into the dark hallway beyond. His mind was racing as he rushed down the corridor filled with the terror of those things, those grey things coming after him. His imagination conjured up images of them taking him and their cold skin touching him as they dragged him onto an operating table and disembowelled him.

As he ran all the fear of being contaminated by touching the other lesser races of humanity, like the blacks, the yellows and the browns filled him now more than ever.

But these grey skinned men, these abominations on gods will these…these aliens…the mere thought of them being so close to this hotel made him shudder in fear.

Disgust filled him as he ran down the corridor and in to the elevators nearby which he closed in on them. He then foolishly pressed the buttons repeatedly before he realised that the red ringed light was not turning on and then he remembered that there was no power in this room so he looked around for another exit and when he did, the door from an abandoned room flung open in the wind and a shaft of light filtered in, illuminating the silver metal emergency door that led to the stairwell. He at once sprinted for the door and pushed it open and started to sprint down the stairs.

Luckily there were windows in the stairwell which was illuminated. Although the top windows were dark for some reason and little did he know that it was because of a large black craft that hovered over one side of the hotel…


As he sprinted down the steps, the side of his neck started throbbing where he had nearly broken it hours before. So he had to stop just a few flights from the bottom floor to catch his breath. Then he heard the distinctive creak and whine of a door opening, so he looked down to the bottom floor, which was just two floors below him where he saw shadows that cast across the floor.

He could see the oddly moving shadows and then he saw the first of them. It was a large abnormal grey crown of an alien head that appeared at the base of the stairwell.

He then saw the others, so he gasped in horror at their closeness to him, they were less than ten metres below him of whom one of them looked up at him. It had large jet black eyes that pierced into his soul and sent a chill down his spine. For a moment, the alien and he, locked eyes at each other like a hunter and the hunted sizing each other up before the killing pounce. He felt a wave of dizzying control push into his mind as if some force was trying to push its way into his mind and at once he felt his limbs become sluggish and heavy. As fear filled him he managed to push through his mind to control and force himself to turn around and run.

As he moved, every of his muscle protested against him. It was only the fear of being caught, of being touched by those…those things that gave him the strength to move.

In the end no matter what the mental strength of the aliens the human instinct were, that told them to run when something scary approached was all that he needed to make it to the door.

The further he got away from them, the more he felt his mind take control again. He could move faster and faster. Soon he was out into the half lit hallway of the third floor of the hotel where he was still sprinting with all his might down the corridors to get away from “them”.

He then saw the alien disk that had slammed into the hotel crushing it in two which formed a wall of burnt silver that sliced halfway across the corridor and through a room where the craft and the door had been blasted clean off its hinges and now it lay half down the corridor on its side.

As he peered into the room for a moment, he heard the thud of a door opening down the corridor, so he turned just in time to see that the aliens had come out onto the landing. Fear gripped him as he saw the three aliens and at once his blood ran icy cold in his veins as his imminent demise stood down the hallway from him and instinctively he ran towards the only cover he could find, it was the half torn apart room in front of him.

Death From Within

He ran into the room which was cut in half where the two beds lay snapped and now were angled oddly, held in place by the massive chunk of UFO in the side of the building.

The room was large and had been one of the junior suites that had offered a panoramic view of Jerusalem. The windows had been completely shattered as he ran towards them, his mind calculating the chances that he might survive the jump. There was a moment when his mind went calm and calculated all the figures.

It was as if someone had activated some hidden computer in his mind and in an instant he knew the exact distance from the smashed open window to the ground which was 9.46 Metres onto a solid concrete floor with nothing between him and the ground to brake the fall.

Somehow in an instant, his mind calculated variables of falling patterns. He knew that 94.139% of any jump would result in serious enough injury, this would mean that his life would be prolonged only by matter of hours if the aliens did not reach him first.

Then as he looked up, his mind recalculated every variable as it postulated theories of escape and attack. There was a moment when he looked back into the room and calculated the time that would take for him to take a weapon before the aliens arrived and the likelihood is that he could kill one or even all of them before they killed him.

There was virtually no possibility of success. In an instant he knew his fate was sealed…he would die…his mind calculated faster with every heartbeat possibilities about the outcomes. His range to any weapon was from the large shard of glass that lay 2.9 feet from his left foot to the loose wooden bed leg that dangled from the half broken bed 5.2 feet away. But he knew all too well that these figures were useless, for he would only bide his doom more time and so…he decided to give in and make his doom be quick.

About time, when his doom came, he felt a wall of pressure slam into him. It was not so much of a physical pressure, it was a mental one. Every muscle and sinew in his body went tense. He was barely able to control his fall. So instead of falling like a stiff rod to the ground he was able to fall onto his knees.

His eyes became bloodshot instantly and bulged as if threatening to be squeezed from their sockets. His hands spammed, as every muscle tensed. His head throbbed with pain as his heart thrashed around in his chest like a caged beast fighting for life…his life.

They were killing him from within and strangling him to death, but there was something far more intimate in this death…as this was not a simple killing of one filled with rage… this was methodical…purposeful and intended to cause the most amount of pain…so as to turn one’s body against itself and force every organ to shut down.

This was the embracers death of the Astia’mani and in such a way he should have been honoured to be killed like this.


But as it was Ezekiel, he simply sat on his knees with one of his hand held out to the side, his fingers tensed and twisted as he spammed in seizure. A thin trickle of drupe slide out of his mouth as the aliens appeared at the doorway.

They glared at him as his hands outstretched while each one had their eyes focused on him. They then approached him as he felt his thought tense up. He then started to gag and choke as they stood in front of him, but one of them kneeled and came eye level with him.

It breathed on his face. The breath smelled of gone off cinnamon, but he gaged even more at the stench of the breath. The breath was so…so alien.

You are dying Chosen and soon we will take this world and along with it you and your blood kind will die, the voice whispered into his mind, it seemed neither male nor female as it somehow filled him with terror

He felt so much terror that it started to flow through him. Somehow the fear started to fill him with desires of fire into his soul as if it had some ancient long forgotten part of him.

He could feel a resistance deep within his soul. The alien staggered back in shock and then it stared at him with its large black eyes which bore into his soul and as it did, it started to crush him from within. He felt a battle rage within him as the wrath of the alien bore into his mind and soul threatening to rip him apart.

How dare you resist us! The alien said into his mind, every word was strained as if it was spoken through its gritted teeth.

Now I will kill you the simple way, the alien said into his mind and raised its gun to his head.

He could sense how close the alien was to pulling the trigger and then something truly amazing happened, it was like all the energy realigned within Ezekiel and for one second he felt his heart, mind and soul work as one. A great surge of energy flowed into him from within and then…

He swung up his arm which suddenly came under his control. He felt a surge of energy flow through him like never before. It was a wave of energy that erupted from his hand which came out as a white arc of power that slammed into the aliens and sent them hurling back across the suite.

They crashed into the tables and walls where one of them cracked the legs off, of one of the beds nearby.

Leap of Faith

There were cracks and thumbs as their bodies struck the hard ground and all at once Ezekiel felt his body come back into his control.

It was as if someone had suddenly removed a great weight from his body and for a moment he simply stayed there shocked at how good it felt to have all his pressure released.

Then as he stood up, he looked back at the aliens. He saw one of them groaning as it got up.

He then felt a voice whisper in his mind, it was not like these alien’s voices, it was a feminine soft voice that gave him great comfort as if a mother whispering words of comfort to a child.

"Jump!" The voice said, and without a moment’s hesitation, he turned and leapt out of the hotel window.

The action was so fast that his brain had barely any time to comprehend what he had just done. During that moment, he saw the ground rush up towards him, he felt terror grip him as he saw his death approach...

To Be Continued...

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