Christmas Trees

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Christmas trees have changed so much over the years and some of the changes are great while others are not so great.

Christmas Trees

When I was growing up on the farm it was always understood that our Christmas tree had to be a real tree. We knew there were plenty of fake Christmas trees, but that was not what we were to have in our home. My parents had grown up having a real Christmas tree and there was no debate as to our family having a real Christmas tree. It was difficult getting a real Christmas tree in the Christmas tree stand. Branches had to be cut off, the Christmas tree had to be watered daily, the pine needles had to be picked up by hand so they would not clog up the cleaner. When ornaments were put on the needles would scratch and cut our arms and hands. Despite all of the problems with a real Christmas tree we still enjoyed bringing a little bit of nature and when Christmas was over we would put it outside for other animals to use and enjoy.
Now that time has passed and Christmas trees have changed our thinking about Christmas trees have changed too. I see all the different sizes, colors and shapes of the fake Christmas trees in the different stores. People who have small places can now buy short Christmas trees and people with big places can buy tall Christmas trees. Some of the trees do not have any lights or decorations on them and people can choose which lights or decorations they want. Other people do not want to bother with decorating or with the lights and will buy a Christmas tree that is already done for them. Some Christmas trees have the fake snow on the leaves, however by the time a person gets the Christmas tree out of the box most of the snow has fallen off onto the floor.
No matter which Christmas tree a person or family decides to invest in the main thing is to enjoy Christmas time with your family and friends and be willing to make necessary changes when it comes to Christmas trees.


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