Churchill's paranoia creates War Crime

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Churchill was a war criminal and never prosecuted.

Churchill's paranoia creates War Crime

Most people do not know this, but Winston Churchill the Prime Minister of Britain was, and still is a war criminal, with more than just a couple of charges. Today we will be looking into one of the worse to his credit. Some people would say it is a lie (However it is well documented), or it is to old to worry about, but it remains a crime that has not been fully brought to light nor a court of law.

In his early days as Prime Minister, Churchill had been asking Franklin D Roosevelt for help by joining the war but FDR would have no part of it, yet. Churchill had also asked FDR for the use of 50 older battleships, but FDR was afraid if England gave in and surrendered to the Germans then the Germans would have possession of the ships and worried they might be used against the United States, if that was Hitlers true plan to conquer the world, so he told Churchill no again.

During this time Churchill had also been in contact with the French about their fleet. After the French had surrendered to the Germany on June 17, 1940 the only thing the French had left was their naval fleet and a small air force. At the time when Germany invaded France the French fleet was the fourth largest navy in the world, Britain, the United States and Japan were the top three at that time. The French Navy included 7 battleships, 19 cruisers, 71 destroyers and 76 submarines. Churchill tried to persuade the French to bring their ships to Britain where he felt it would be safe for them, but the French refused. This made Churchill even more worried and paranoid that the ships would fall into German or Italian hands.

Operation Catapult: On July, 3 1940, after many weeks of trying to convince the French to turn over their ships, and begging FDR to loan them the 50 battleships, Churchill made a desperate and fatal decision to activate Operation Catapult. It was an operation to destroy the French fleet, a fleet of a allied nation. At 5:25 pm in the port of Mers-el-Kebir the British ships opened fired on 4 French vessels sinking them and killing 1,297 sailors. Within days the French retaliated with a small bombing raid on Britain which caused very little damage and then France severed all negotiation ties with England.

Many around the world hailed this atrocity as a brilliant move by Churchill showing England’s resolve at not backing down in the war. FDR, instead of condemning this action against an Allie, applauded him and then gave into Churchill’s request for the 50 battleships. This is a war crime that will fade into history and never, I am sure, be brought to justice, but hopefully it will prove to some that the leaders of this world are not what they seem to be, behind that great big curtain of lies.

Within the next two years, FDR and Churchill will sign a pact and become allies with one of, if not the most evil man in history, Joseph Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union. Churchill also knew of Stalin's purges against humanity, and chose to use him as an allie to defeat Germany.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
30th May 2015 (#)

History is never a complete, finite, tale; lots of facts lie hidden as they spoil the story of the victorious - siva

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
30th May 2015 (#)

Wow! Jimmy, great history lesson. I never learned this in school or anywhere else for that matter. Thanks for sharing this article.

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