City of Storm (Book 1), Chapter 1

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Hey there guys! I know it's been a long time since I was here, but I'm back with something new. After trying my luck with manga and partially succeeded, I figured that my true calling was writing. Especially mystery. And if everything goes well, I'll do a few for publishing. So here is the first chapter from the first book. Introducing the NYPD detective Alexander Storm.

A bloody sunset

It was getting late in the city of New York. But as usual, the streets are full with people, most of them on their way home, tired after a long and hard day of work. Unfortunately crime never sleeps or gets tired.
Meanwhile on Lexington Ave., in one of those apartments, we see a young couple having dinner. Suddenly a phone rings. As the men gets up we notice his athletic constitution, medium length brow hair and his dark brown eyes. He goes to his leather jacket and searches for his phone. After a moment, he finds it and he answer with a deep vice.
- This is Storm. His face turn grim and after a minute he hangs up. And as he turns to his wife he takes a deep breath. I'm sorry Alice, but it seems that there has been a murder and I have to go.
- I understand Alex. Just make sure you catch the bad guy.
- I always do love. And he bends down and kisses Alice. She has beautiful green eyes and red hair. And after a few years of swimming, her body is almost perfect. As he finished kissing her, he takes his jacket and runs off. As he runs down the stairs he searches for the keys to his car. He finds them just as he exits the building, and deactivates the alarm to a black Audi. He gets in and starts driving. After 30 minutes he reaches Washington Square Park. He steps out and walks towards a crowd.
- Make a way! he yells as he passes the yellow tape. What do we know about our victim?
An officer steps up.
- Well, according to her ID her name is, or rather was, Melinda Connelly, age 26, lives in New York, just a few streets from here.
- What did the coroner say?
- Time of death was between 9-9:30 PM, cause of death was, as you can see, multiple stab wounds. But he won't know more until he gets her to the lab.
- I see. Any suspects or witnesses?
- Just one. But he won't be any good. It's a homeless man and he's totally wasted. And the woman who found the body just got out to run a bit before going to sleep and says she didn't see anything.
- Thanks. Get the homeless man to interrogation. I'll deal with him myself. And as he finishes talking he turns around and leaves. As he walks towards his car, he notices a man staring from a car on the other side of the road. Hey! You there! NYPD! I'd like to ask you a few questions! But as crosses the street the man storms off. Officer!
A short man in uniform runs towards him
- Yes sir!
- Get all the footage from the video cams here. I want to know who that man was. Let me know the second you have something.
- Got it!
Alexander get's in his car and drives home. He gently opens the door to his apartment and enters. He changes and goes to bed without waking up his wife. After he finished going through everything that happened he turns on the side and falls asleep.
The next morning, he wakes up to the smell of fresh coffee. He get's out of the bed and starts dressing. He walks in the kitchen and finds his wife preparing the table. Good morning hon! And he reaches to kiss her. Smells good. Pancakes?
- Yes. I just thought that after the night you had they might come in handy.
- know me so well. I can't wait to eat. And he starts laughing. A few moments later, just as he was ready to eat, his phone rings. And there goes my breakfast. He answers the phone. The is Storm. His expression in unchanged during the phone call. I see. I'm on my way. And hangs up. Love, I'll have some on the go.
- I figured that out so here they are.
- You are the best! He kisses her and runs off. After a while he reaches the station. He gets to his desk just in time to see the captain calling him. The captain is an old man, but gives the vibe that you don't want to mess up with him. His hair is gray and when he talks he always keeps him back straight and has a deep voice.
- Close the door and take a seat.
- Yes sir. Alexander closes the door and seats on the chair closest to the desk, right in from of the captain.
- Storm, as you know we have an open position as chief detective. That mean you get to have your own team and a bigger pay check. And since you are the rising star of this department, I'm offering you this position. What do you say?
- I would be honored sir!
- Very well. One more thing. Today we have two new detectives here, detective Ryan Sterk and detective Jason Bannon. They transferred here from L.A. and they shall be on your team. They will be waiting at you desk and they have been sped up with this latest case you're on. You're free to go.
- But sir...
- There are no buts in this room. You're free to go.
- Yes sir! Alexander gets up and exists the office in a rush. Standing next to his desk there are two men. Detective Sterk, a skinny man with medium length hair and blue eyes, he wears a suit and looks quite respectful, and detective Bannon, a tall and well built man, short black hair and dark eyes, he wears some jeans and a t-shirt. You guys must be det. Sterk and det. Bannon. I'm Alexander Storm, chief detective. Welcome to NYPD the 12th precinct.
- Thank you sir! We just got the report from the coroner. The victim was stabbed 8 times but it wasn't fatal. Seems like the actual cause of death was poisoning. It seems like she ingested a large quantity of phosphorus a few hours before her death.
- Ok. Do we know anything more about her?
- No sir. We just found her parents and we're bringing them in to see if they know something about it.
- Good. Let me know the second they arrive. Do we have anything about the guy at the crime scene? Or from the homeless man?
- We just got the footage and we can clearly see the plates. The car belongs to Justin Moore. And the homeless dude woke up just a few minutes ago so we weren't able to question him.
- I see. Sterk, Bannon, you go check out the guy from the car and I'll question the bum. Be carefull.
- Yes sir! And that said they leave.
In the interrogation room Alexander seats quietly waiting for the bum. A few minutes and the door opens and he enters escorted by an officer.
- That's ok. I'll take it from here. The officer leaves. Please, take a seat. As soon as he seats, Alexander starts talking. My name is Alexander Storm, and I would like to ask you a few questions. Starting with your name.
- Ammm...Craig...
- Ok...Craig. What do you remember about last night?
- Well...the woman died.
- Can you be more specific?
- Well...yes...she was walking in the park, kept looking back like she was followed, tahn I saw it. It was purple fog coming out of her mouth. It was her spirit leaving her body because just seconds after that a guy jumped at her and stabbed her.
- Can you describe the guy to a sketch artist?
- I think so...
- Good. Please wait here until he comes. And he get's out of the interrogation room. The captain walks to him.
- What was that about purple fog? He's crazy.
- Captain Morison. I didn't know you were in the back room.
- I just wanted to see how you're handling it.
- I see, sir. About the purple fog, it's not uncommon. We got the report from the coroner and she was poisoned with phosphorus. That's why her breath was purple.
- I see. Good work there detective. And the captain leaves.
- I wonder what was that all about. And he heads down to his computer. He accesses his e-mail and checks what the CSI found. It seems that there were no usable prints but if they have a suspect they can compare his prints with a partial one found on the victims scarf. No trace of DNA found, but it was an imprint of a show in the ground near the victim. It was from a male army boots model.
- Hey! Storm! Storm lifts his head to see det. Sterk. The girls family is here.
- On my way. Storm walks in a conference room where the girls family was with det. Sterk. I'm sorry for your loss. My name is Alexander Storm. Do you know who might want to harm your daughter?
- No...She was such a nice girl, said her mom while crying. She had a lot of friends and she was kind to everyone.
- I see. Did she see anyone?
- She had a boyfriend. Brad Newman. They were dating for about 7 months.
- Do you know where we can find him?
- Yes. He works a coffee shop on W79th str. near the Museum of Natural History.
- Thank you ma'am. And as he exits the conference room, det. Bannon enters the precinct. Any luck?
- No. He's not our guy. He reported his car missing 2 week ago and he doesn't look like the guy in the picture. We ran it through the facial recognition software and we got nothing. But the guy is the same one that the bum described.
- Ok. Try running it in the international software and see what you get. Until than, me and Sterk are gonna go get a coffee and question our vic's boyfriend.
- Got it.

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9th Feb 2015 (#)

You seem to have a good story, but why did you select the present tense? I think it needs editing.

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