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Well for a while now I've been trying to find the time to clean the piano in Lordly House, that the rats have gotten into and not only played, but all but destroyed.

So, it being Saturday, I decided I'm going to act like a normal person for whom the weekend means time away from work, and take the time to clean up the mess.

Starting the cleaning job

At first I thought I would just open a few panels and vacuum clean as much as I can inside the piano, but eventually I took it apart as much as possible, and took out each and ever note, and vacuum clean years of dust, dirt, and these funny wormlike things that seem to nest in the dust.

Every note may look clean, but if I blow through its holes, I see this cloud of dust puffing out, and these little dead prehistoric worm thingies fly out of it.

Note by note I clean and make sure the note can move smoothly. These piano keys actually did start to get stuck when played, some of them anyway.

Lots of mouse droppings and felt crumbs need to be sucked up with the vacuum cleaner of course.

Clean piano insides

After a lot of hard work cleaning every nook and cranny of the inside of the piano, it is as good as new! Ok maybe not. But the keys no longer stick one bit, and the piano is fun to play again.

I guess all has turned out for the best after all, and I can relax somewhat. I must say, lately I've been feeling so extremely stressed, because first I had the flood here in Lordly House, then came the fire the other day that threatened to burn down everything I know, and then it seems rats infested the place and destroyed the clothes and the piano. I feel better about it now.

One problem still remains: It seems whoever built Lordly House originally, didn't use those black plastic things in the wall that you put down on your building's foundation a foot or so above the ground, and then build on that. This black plastic thing then stops any moisture from coming up out of the ground and going into the wall.

So, guess what: In many places on the outside, the wall seems to be crumbling. The moisture seems to have lifted the paint, and the plaster and the bricks simply fall away when you touch it.

So there's another problem I'm not sure how to fix. I hope Waldorf can give the matter his attention some time, or I will be worried about that too.

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