Climate threatening butterflies

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Radical changes in the climate are a threat to many living creatures on the earth. Butterflies, perhaps, are the most hit species. At one point, their number is lowered due to wet summer, at another due to dry summer.

Butterflies threatened

Three years ago, the news agencies have screamed all over the internet as well as the offline, reporting that the “two cool and wet summers in a row have left butterfly numbers at their lowest for more than a quarter of a century”, particularly in UK and the neighboring countries (Macrae Fiona, 2009; Gray Louise, 2009). Three years passed and now, in Central Asia and neighboring countries, butterflies are yet again threatened, this time not by a wet summer but a dry hot summer, according to the local news published at Sherafat newsletter.

The butterflies, or any insect for that matter, have the natural tendency to survive. As put by the, “the adjust rapidly in response to changes in the environment. ” But the question here is, once the butterflies have adjusted to the one type of climate, would they successfully adjust back to another climate change?


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author avatar Jerry Walch
8th Jul 2012 (#)


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
8th Jul 2012 (#)

With natural beauty of life disappearing around and the hardships of materialism playing an important role, we do tend to lose out on these beautiful creatures until we go on and create a Butterfly Park just to have them fluttering around in the breeze with no other creature to harm them. Its more to keep them healthy. If the winds were to blow hard all they would need to do is hide amidst the trees, green and flowers to survive until the storm has passed.
Its the beauty of life that comes in rescue packages.

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author avatar Bizning Vakil
8th Jul 2012 (#)

well said, Lady Aiyanna. But what you propose requires a tremendous amount of investment and a deep level of commitment. I just hope there is enough number of people out there who would commit to doing precisely what you have discussed. Thanks for the comment.

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author avatar MyShoh
14th Jul 2012 (#)

While these butterflies may be threated, it is hard to imagine them to completely disappear from the surface of the earth

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3rd Aug 2013 (#)

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