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"Close Your Eyes" was born out of a food writing exercise where I was challenged to write about food, using all five senses.

Close Your Eyes, Open Your Mouth

“Close your eyes. Open your mouth,” she commanded, gently in the dark of her blue room. “Trust me,” she reassured, playfully.

Unclothed, my limbs draped lazily over her lap, I hesitated. Not exactly for lack of trust. I had already opened the more worried, frightened parts of my heart up to her, and my tedious, persistent defenses started to loosen their grip on me. Not only had I granted my lover access to tender parts of my psyche, I had given her carte blanche with my body, a responsibility and a privilege she delighted in. She handled me skillfully, lovingly, and fiercely. Always.

So why my hesitation? My lover, you see, was a known practical joker, one who loved to see people jump, scream, squirm. I’d no idea what might end up in my mouth at that moment; a plastic bug, perhaps, or something squishy or slippery.

Love and life do not reward those who recoil in fear or fret, however, so I trusted.

I closed my eyes. I opened my mouth.

She placed a smooth square in my mouth. I pressed it up to the roof of my mouth, and it softened ever so slightly…chocolate. It was chocolate. I smiled, my eyes still closed. I am quite a fan of chocolate. I sucked on it, detecting a slight bitterness, recognizing it to be a square of dark chocolate, my favorite. And then…a slight crackle. As this square of chocolate melted I could hear soft pops exploding on my tongue, sending shots of pure sugar into my taste buds. I opened my eyes.

“Pop rocks! In chocolate! This is genius! Yes?” She laughed, nodding her head, revealing the blue metallic wrapper of the gourmet chocolate with all of the flourish of a magician.

I fell forward into the sanctuary of her arms, and we shared the remainder of this exotic candy, piece by piece, pop and crackle, together.


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