Cobra at my feet!

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Ah, snakes... they move so gracefully and well controlled, just the way a good cgi snake does. People love the many horror movies about killer snakes, but what happens when such a fatal monster finds itself at your feet, and you're like "WHAAAAAA!!!! Snake at my feet!"

Cobra at my feet!

I'm working at my office computer as usual. The usual clickety-clack on the computer. Time really flies when you're on the internet.

My office computer is in the corner, with a wall on my left. The computer I'm working on is open so it can get ventilation, so the black steel plate that came off its computer case is leaning against the wall right to my left hand side.

After a while, I sigh and look away from the screen. Something catches my eye on the floor just left of me, right against the wall.

It takes me only a split second to register what I see. It's a snake's body fleeing to hide behind the small black plate.

It's in such a hurry. But even more shocking than that, it must have been under the table all this time! Either that or just next to it, between the wall and the table. Which is really the same thing.

This is the second time something like this has happened. Way back in 2000, I was working in this room and that time the previous Majesty was under the table by my feet, with a big poisonous snake hiding under the table too. Now it's happened again with a different kind of snake, though it's also very poisonous.

I get up and go out the door to look for a shovel, but where might one be now? Then I whistle for Duggles. Duggles sees me and I shout to him to come over with the shovel.

I wait for him for he seems to take a while. Fortunately the snake is hiding behind the plate now and won't come out. I can still see it in my mind's eye; how it shot in S-shapes so darn quickly from the table to behind the metal plate. Rather shocking how fast snakes can move when they want to. It was of course fleeing from under the table to go find itself a new hiding space.

After a short while, Duggles arrives and I tell him to get the yellow snake behind the black plate out of here. He kills it with the shovel and takes it outside.

Afterwards I see there's blood on the table's leg and on the carpet from the short struggle the snake had with the shovel. The whole thing of the cobra at my feet is sinking in now and I feel cold and almost weak. Somewhat angry too. I mean what in blazes is this?? So now poisonous snakes have the audacity to invade my space? I feel violated and glad the friggin' cobra is dead and gone now. Wrong place for it. This is MY territory! Certainly reptiles understand the concept of territorialness, so I don't feel too bad about it having had to die.

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